The Entirety Of Hell Knows That Satan Has A Lover Chapter 1: chapter1

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Chapter 1

“Hey, did you hear that?”

Thin whispers speak in many corners of hell.

In the depths of the Nine Hells, a king-level demon mocked and said to his companions: “In the holy war that just ended, a new seraphim said that the demons are slandering them.” His voice suddenly Come to life, “I have never heard of Seraph Archangel Lucifer!”

“Haha!” His companion immediately laughed out loud, “The glorious morning star of heaven…”

The follow-up words came to an abrupt end.

As if it touched some taboo, even the unscrupulous king-level demon couldn’t help but keep silent.

The same content appears in many places, but most of them focus on places where high-level demons live. For example: the ninth floor of betrayal hell, the eighth floor of deception hell, these two layers of **** have a great sense of demonic energy and space oppression, and only powerful demons can live there for a long time. This includes the king-level demons at the top of the pyramid, and the fallen angels who followed Satan to heaven.

In the royal city of the ninth level of hell, there is a dark enchantment that protects the fallen angels, enabling them to live in safety.

The predecessor of the fallen angel is the angel of heaven.

So is Satan.

Satan used to have a beautiful name: Lucifer.

“Phil” is his title, which symbolizes the morning star at dawn and shines on the world.

If **** is the filthiest place in the world, and demons are the carriers of negative emotions, then Archangel Lucifer is the nemesis of demons and the embodiment of the seven virtues.

Humility, patience, chastity, temperance, tolerance, industry, generosity.

He is perfect for granted.

However, all this ended when Lucifer fell into hell. Now, tens of thousands of years later, Heaven has erased the traces of the Archangel Lucifer, and revised the history books that recorded the events of Heaven.

So the newly born angels in the past thousand years don’t know the existence of Lucifer at all.

All they know is that Satan’s real name is Lucifer.

“I don’t know how His Majesty feels.” The demons speculated about Satan’s heart. Even though they satirized Seraphim’s ignorance on their lips, most demons had a distorted pleasure in their hearts.

Their king belongs only to hell.

Compared to the gloating demons, the fallen angels who always like to hug each other are in a bad mood. It’s just a jihad. After so many years of fighting, winning or losing depends on one’s ability, but this time, the joy of victory can’t dispel their anger!

The fallen angels have grievances, but they are not qualified to complain to Satan. The only seven deadly sins who are qualified to complain, their mouths are tighter than clamshells, wishing this topic had never come up. On the contrary, in the palace of the Lord of Hell, Satan leaned on the throne and said casually: “The Seraphim of today is indeed not as good as the next generation.”

After a long while, he smiled softly under the staring eyes of his subordinates.

“Next time, kill it.”

For tens of thousands of years, there have been constant disputes between heaven and hell, but there are almost no casualties between the high levels of **** and the high levels of heaven.

But only almost.

The newly born Seraphim were not treated so well. Several Seraphs who were winged up by the Cherub class died during the holy war. I forgot to mention that cherubs are ranked second. If you don’t receive divine grace, you will never be able to step into the class of seraphs in your life. From the sixth day of creation to the present, there are eight born seraphs, and five of them have passed away. fall to heaven.

They are now one of the seven deadly sins of hell.

At the meeting, the other seven deadly sins looked at Beelzebub with condemning eyes.

“Your Majesty, the result of the next holy war will definitely satisfy you.” Beelzebub, the prime minister of hell, made a promise without hesitation. Even as long as Lucifer nodded, he would even sign the agreement between heaven and **** Jihad treaties can be torn up!

“Mm.” Lucifer replied irrefutably.

Then he ignored the excited Beelzebub and looked at the other subordinates at the conference table. The fallen angel, who was caught by Satan’s gaze, sat upright, with his ears pricked up, “The celebration banquet is scheduled for seven days later, so don’t be late.”

The faces of several fallen angels became constipated.

Although you do as the Romans do, the celebration banquet with demons has always been a place to refresh the lower limit.

Seeing the fallen angel’s unnatural expression, the Chaos Dragon Leviathan, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, laughed. The appearance of the little girl made her smile very innocently and cutely, and the two little canine teeth were exposed, “I will participate every time, please rest assured, Your Majesty!”

Before Lucifer stepped down from the throne, her enthusiasm was cut off with a light sentence: “Don’t drink, lest you go crazy with alcohol.”

Leviathan burst into tears.

Doesn’t this mean that she has to drink juice or milk at the extravagant banquet in Hell? !

The devil is probably going to laugh at her for a thousand years!

At the celebration banquet seven days later, the situation where fallen angels dislike demons suddenly changed, and the banquet became the home of demons to play freely. The devil despises the fallen angel and can’t let go. After tens of thousands of years, there are still so many virgins! I’m really sorry for the digestion speed inside hell!

The devil is gearing up to “bully” the fallen angels.

The Chaos Dragon is incidental.

Who made this guy drink juice at the banquet! Scorn their hell-brewed wine?

The reason why the devil dared to tease the fallen angels so arrogantly was mostly because Lucifer would rarely indulge them every time they held a banquet. As long as it wasn’t too much, they could play whatever they wanted at the banquet.

Samael shook off a demon who wanted to touch his butt, and with a bang, the drunk demon hit the wall, rolling his eyes. He said with Beelzebub, who likes to hold banquets, “So, I don’t want to come to the banquet.”

Beelzebub shrugged gracefully, and said maliciously: “This is not a paradise, you can play as much as you want.”

Samael stomped on his painful feet unceremoniously, “I have touched Lilith and tasted the taste of lust/desire, but you, a man of ten thousand years… are you willing to persuade me?”

Beelzebub instantly crushed the wine glass.

I want you to control!

When Satan’s left and right arms were fighting each other with murderous aura, a demon with a face full of alcohol squeezed forward, unexpectedly broke through the fallen angel’s defense line, and got close to Satan Lucifer. At this time, in order to have fun, Lucifer did not sit on the throne, but stood drinking at one place. The demon wanted to approach intentionally or unintentionally, and the fallen angel kept blocking flies for him.

Hearing a loud belch, Lucifer looked over in surprise.

The drunken demon in front of him, but with dark eyes and bright eyes, is the strongest king-level demon before hell—Baal.

Just like his attitude of plenipotentiary representing the fallen angels, Barr represents the attitude of the demon camp. Seeing that he has behaved a little in recent years, Lucifer gave this defeated subordinate a good face, “Baer, ​​what can you do with me?”

“Your Majesty, we have a gift for you.”

Bar, who had bravely broken through the line of defense just now, rubbed his palms and smiled honestly.

The “we” must refer to the group of king-level demons. The question is, what good things can demons have? Lucifer disapproved from the bottom of his heart, and said calmly, “What gift?”

“…Your Majesty needs to see it in person.” As if guilty, Barr quickly took out a gift box from the storage space, stuffed it into Lucifer’s hand, and quickly retreated. His actions made several fallen angels stomp their feet, wanting to kill this guy who didn’t respect His Majesty.

Lucifer was not angry, looking at the gift box in his hand, he was rarely interested.

So he took it apart in public to have a look.

Is it a magic ball?

Lucifer’s fingers touched the smooth magic ball.

The next second, their eyes widened, and for the first time they saw the indifferent Satan’s expression froze and his pupils constricted.

Countless images of pornographic storms that occurred in **** after the creation of the world flashed through Lucifer’s mind, swiping the screen with an unstoppable momentum! From the most “polluting” point of view, they profoundly narrate the tradition of demons having no morals, no lower limit, and breaking shame. This magic ball is not so much a gift from the devil to Lucifer, as it is a gift from the Nine Hells to Satan!

As we all know, even if Satan fell to heaven, he would keep himself clean and he would not have any lovers.

He is a bitch.

As the Lord of Hell, this is not enough.

Under the gazes of all the dark creatures at the banquet, Lucifer’s ears turned red, the lingering chill in his eyes faded away, and his perfect face bloomed with a momentary charm, as if even the stars were eclipsed by him.

“Boom—” The magic ball made of crystal fell to the ground and fell apart!

The sudden sound awakened the demon and the fallen angel, and they all shook their heads. The only one who couldn’t understand the situation was Leviathan. Leviathan bit his finger and asked in confusion: “Your Majesty, why are you blushing?”

The demon and the fallen angel collectively roared in their hearts: Leviathan, you idiot! How can you say it!

Sure enough, Lucifer said with a half-smile.

“This gift is really nice.”

The demon who knew the inside story couldn’t help taking a step back suddenly, feeling cold all over his body.

Afterwards, Lucifer had no interest in staying any longer and simply left. If you look carefully, you will find that His Majesty the Demon King’s footsteps are a little erratic. Unfortunately, all the guys present can see clearly.

Beelzebub murmured dully: “What happened to Balgan? Your Majesty is blushing?”

Samael quickly woke up, and looked at Beelzebub who was in a daze, Asmodeus who swallowed, Beria who rubbed his eyes in shock, and those who hadn’t figured out the problem yet. Leviathan. In order not to let his companion lower his grade, Samuel walked over, picked up a fragment of the magic ball, and tried to find out the reason, but unfortunately the memory magic stored in it had expired.

There was a trace of regret on Samuel’s face, well, he also wanted to know what His Majesty saw.

Because of this incident, Lucifer’s peaceful life came to an end.

There are too many memories, and Lucifer can’t read them all in a short while. Whenever he falls asleep, the remaining dirty parts will be revealed in the most straightforward way, lively/scented and wonderful. The Three Views were forced to refresh, Lucifer woke up in a cold sweat, and a certain part of his clothes was slightly sticky.

The servants of the fallen angels in the palace suddenly noticed that His Majesty seemed to be going to the bath more often than usual?

Beelzebub learned about Lucifer’s recent situation from his attendants, pondered, and resolutely went to Samael. Two fallen angels at the level of the Seven Deadly Sins beat Barr to death, which made the thick-skinned Barr couldn’t bear the pain, and wailed and told the truth, “Isn’t it just letting Your Majesty see something that normal demons should understand? Do you!”

Beelzebub frowned, “What is it? Tell me clearly.”

A bad premonition appeared in Samuel’s heart, and Baal’s laughing words verified this, “The devil’s **** life.”

Beelzebub: “…”

Samael: “…”

The next day, Beelzebub threw away his face and ran to Lucifer’s palace.

In the name of discussing business matters, Beelzebub said with sparkling eyes: “Your Majesty, do you want to find a lover?” Recommended pillow seats.

God knows how long he has been looking forward to this day!

Lucifer raised his eyes, and said lazily and ruthlessly: “Okay, you choose the devil to sleep in hell.”

Beelzebub was struck by lightning.

In less than half a day, the terrifying news spread throughout **** that His Majesty the Demon King is going to open the harem!


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