The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 556: One person crushes the Holy City



The outside world is full of noise.



People call friends and inform acquaintances that the most intense scene in the millennium primitive **** battle is about to appear.



“Brother, where are you? Something happened, go online quickly.”



“Where is the Rainbow Fairy who is chasing me? Don’t bother me even if the sky falls and the earth falls! What, you said that the ultimate limit-breaking battle is about to start? Who is the Rainbow Fairy, so stay cool, I don’t deserve it Her spare tire!”



From the Star Sea, to the Outer Worlds, to the 36th Heaven, many transcendental beings were alarmed.



In the last ten years of the Primal Blood War, there has been no overly violent movement, and now a decisive battle that people have been looking forward to will finally break out, causing a storm immediately.



Ten years have passed, and it is impossible for many people to watch the battle all the time. After all, they have to live, study and practice, etc., but today is different.



From the young generation to the older generation, many people immediately exited.



The number of people watching the live broadcast online on all major platforms has skyrocketed. If the platforms hadn’t been well-prepared, the servers would have been paralyzed.



This time, there were real experts commenting, and even strangers were invited to comment, which shows that the larger platforms attach great importance to this battle.



The heavenly duel was originally not qualified to be so grand, but if the prefix of ultimate limit breaker is added, the meaning is completely different.



Coupled with the fact that Kong Xuan was originally a celebrity, he had once killed the strongest geniuses with 5 breaks in every Daoist field and bowed his head, and he had pierced through hell, it was even more different.



“In the starry sky, the atmosphere is extremely dignified. Kong Xuan is facing a group of strong men, but neither side has moved yet. Even if I am not on the battlefield, I can still feel the suffocating atmosphere. This battle will Decide who is the number one genius of this era and establish his status!”



The narrator of the Kuaiyin platform “warmed up the scene”, but he was telling the truth, which directly mobilized everyone’s emotions.



At this time, countless people logged into their accounts and watched the live broadcast. According to statistics from the platform, the number of people online at this time broke a new high in the past ten years.



In addition, the top executives of several major *** companies raised their glasses to celebrate the good news they just received. There are too many extraordinary people who have made various bets.



After Wang Xuan slowly drew his sword, he didn’t step forward. He let the opponent’s formations intertwine and a strange scene emerged.



It has to be said that the formation prepared by the opponent to check and balance the ultimate limit breaker is quite extraordinary, with a taboo atmosphere that makes the spectators daunted.



A city is materialized. Between the integration of banners and formations, it is real and solid, stretching across the front, like an indestructible mythical pass!



The continuous city walls, the majestic gates and buildings, and the flowing lines, like the mottled years passing by on the city of God, give people an unshakable feeling.



There are 28 celestial masters in the Four Great True Sacred Dojos, as well as special teams such as **** shooters, plus many powerful foreigners. The lineup can be called super luxurious and terrifying.



Just rushing at this group of people, not to mention setting up the taboo magic circle or rushing out of the city, can kill all kinds of famous masters in the heavenly field indiscriminately.



Outside the city, Wang Xuan was walking around the city with a **** sword in his hand, but if he didn’t enter the city, how could he take the initiative to enter the killing array?



I have to say that this city is too real, and there is no problem with it. It exudes the ultimate limit-breaking power fluctuations, which is quite frightening.



A **** city seems to have its own unique life.



Both sides were very cautious. In the end, separated by the void, a more dangerous formation appeared in the city of God, while Wang Xuan held his saber motionless, towering like a sacred mountain, surging out an incomparably oppressive force.



This picture seems to be still.



Standing alone, confronting a large number of masters in a city!



The outside world, even the commentators on the major platforms, stopped talking, waiting for a shocking blow to appear, fearing that it would spoil the atmosphere.



Finally, someone in the city couldn’t bear it anymore, and started to provoke the war. In fact, he was provoking Wang Xuan, wanting him to take the initiative to break the city.



An old hedgehog of the Skyhog tribe, standing on the city wall with snow-white thorns all over his body, abruptly threw a silver-white spear, which was taken off him.



“Kong Xuan, why don’t you roll over and die? Kill you!”



The silver-white divine light pierced through the void, zooming in extremely fast, reaching tens of hundreds of miles long, like a huge pillar, not like a sharp spear at all, with a strong supernatural factor, full of lethality.



This is the strongest blow from a nearly peerless old hedgehog.



Wang Xuan stood still and let the huge white spear fly towards him. When he approached, a strand of hair on his head floated and flew across the void.



The spear, which was tens of miles long, was immobilized immediately, then broke inch by inch, and then burst into pieces, turning into a cloud of fly ash.



“The battle has begun!” The silence of the major platforms was broken, and many people seemed to take a long breath.



At the next moment, Wang Xuan swung his saber, facing the city wall, the Daheitian Dao suddenly burst into light, and hundreds of millions of saber energy concentrated to one point densely.



“It’s too fast. Kong Xuan urged the knife. At this moment, at least one hundred and eight thousand knives were chopped out!” someone commented.



Then, people saw that a specific area of ​​a city wall in the divine city known as the taboo circle was flooded by the light of swords, and hundreds of thousands of swords were concentrated there.



With a bang, a corner of the gorgeous light curtain on the city wall was chopped off.



The old hedgehog of the Skyhog tribe, although he reacted quickly and immediately retreated, moved sideways, etc., it was still too late.



With so many knives erupting at the same time, it looks like Kong Xuan broke through the city of God with one knife! The old hedgehog let out a shrill scream, and was stabbed in the body, starting from the head and spreading to the soles of the feet, exploding section by section.



Including Yuanshen, there was no way to avoid it. He hid in the taboo magic circle, God City, and all of them died suddenly.


The next moment, a real battle broke out.



That divine city is not immovable, it is disappearing in obscurity, disillusioned, its speed is incomparably frightening, it is teleporting, and it has begun to take the initiative to attack.



With a bang, the void shattered, and the whole city of God suppressed towards Wang Xuan, appearing out of thin air, reaching above his head, trying to envelop him and force him into the formation.



In the battlefield, what the opponent expects is naturally that what Wang Xuan wants to avoid is not the question of whether he dares and whether he has the ability to enter the city, but to control the rhythm by himself and prevent the opponent from entering the comfort zone.



He teleported and disappeared from here, standing in the starry sky far away, looking at Shencheng indifferently with his knife in hand, and when he saw it following up again, he swung his knife and slashed towards Shencheng.



The picture of him opening and closing, alone in the starry sky, blasting towards the forbidden magic circle carried by 28 of the four avenues, really has a frightening aura.



The light of the sword is endless, incomparably majestic, splitting the void of the universe, and the infinitely gorgeous light of the sword drowned the 28 people in thousands of ways.



In the outside world, many people quickly took screenshots at this moment, and after saving the battle scenes, they sent them to colleagues who hadn’t had time to watch the battle in the future.



After the war broke out in an instant, the entire starry sky seemed to be ignited, not only the gorgeous light here, the sword energy soaring into the sky, the **** city that shattered the void and moved extremely fast, but also people’s emotions.



“I’ll buy Kong Xuan to win, and one person will lift the knife and split that **** city!”



“Be careful, there is more than one ultimate magic circle in the Four Great True Sage Dojos. In addition, there is an ultimate limit breaker who was invincible in the old era and has not appeared!”






Between the shadows of swords, lights and swords, in the light that illuminates the sea of ​​stars in the universe, one person and one city are fighting each other. The city is like a huge living body, with its own dao rhyme to fight against Wang Xuan.



“It’s too fast, I can’t see clearly, I need to slow down to keep up with this rhythm. Here, I would like to ask Senior Xu Yan to comment, what kind of taboo magic circle is that? Wait for me Confused.



The shaking hands platform actually invited a stranger—Xu Yan, and asked him to clear up doubts for the spectators.



“This is the taboo magic circle of the Tattoo Palace, which is specially used to deal with the ultimate limit breaker. It is called the Holy City of Tattoos. The more extraordinary masters there are, the more powerful the magic circle can be. Dao rhymes and spells, etc., are like tattoos, engraved on the city, set fire, and attack the opponent.”



Yiren Xuyan told the origin of the magic circle.



At this time



, everyone exclaimed, Kong Xuan fought against the holy city of tattoos with one knife, and confronted 28 people, but he did not lose the wind.



“Senior Xuyan, how do you think this battle will evolve?”



There is no doubt that Kong Xuan’s bravery is rare in the world, not to mention this era, even if the axis of history is stretched and compared in multiple eras, there are not many people who can fight against him in the same realm. “



Xu Yan spoke highly of Wang Xuan, but soon he came with another “but”.



“There is absolutely more than one taboo magic circle in the four major Daoist temples. Every family has one. Although Kong Xuan is brave, he still has a big killer in the city of God. He may be able to fight against the holy city of tattoos, as the ultimate limit breaker , Hengyong’s confrontation, but you have to be careful of the magic circles of Shiguangtian, Gui and other dojos in the future. In addition, the rumors may come true, and the first limit-breaking wizard Chenmu, the first limit-breaking wizard before the 7th century, may make a move!”



After being commented by Yiren Xuyan, everyone’s expression became serious, he was telling the truth.



Kong Xuan has indeed illuminated the sea of ​​stars powerfully, but there are several taboo magic circles waiting for him, and the dawn and dusk of 7 centuries ago are ready to go, so it is destined to be extremely difficult.



Because, the combination of the tattoo holy city, time magic circle, morning and evening prepared by the opposing camps is equivalent to the combination of several ultimate limit breakers.



Thinking carefully makes people afraid, which is simply incomprehensible!



“Roar!” The roar of the lion was earth-shattering. After being magnified by the holy city of tattoos, a group of black and gold lions appeared, and they opened their **** mouths to Wang Xuan in the starry sky. It crashed for a while.






The **** archer of Guangguang stood on the city wall, constantly bending his bow and shooting arrows. After being blessed by the holy city of tattoos, the power of the arrow feathers skyrocketed, increasing by an unknown number of times.



The murderous spirit of the 28 ministries was boiling, and they each performed secret methods, waved their weapons, and bombarded the outside of the city together.



Normally speaking, this kind of impact is almost impossible for a heavenly master to resist, and it will be crushed



“Kong Xuan, die!” With the help of the black gold lion clan’s lion roar magic skill, the 28 people released their killing intent at Wang Xuan, roaring out the strongest killing intent in their hearts.



At this moment, Wang Xuan was still killing the holy city one by one, but his aura changed.



He is using the 14-style origin sword scripture, even though he is now a body of Hunyuan Shenmu, not in the 6-break domain. But he has practiced this sword scripture all the year round, and through his real body comprehension, he is now also able to strike the light of the 15th sword!



This kind of sword light can’t be cut without breaking through!



Of course, he didn’t really cut out but brought part of the Dao Yun now.



In one breath, he swung countless swords, all of which were stained with a frightening sword light dao rhyme. With a bang, he cast a spell with the knife, and he blasted away a section of the city wall of Shencheng.



There, the city body cracked, earth and rocks splashed, and streaks intertwined, like a real holy city, a large area collapsed.



Everyone was gasping for air, Kong Xuan’s bravery was truly intimidating!



Puff puff puff……



The light of the sword soared, and the walls of the tattooed holy city burst into pieces of extraordinary people.



The figure of Wang Xuan appeared in front of the city wall and swung his knife at the city, giving people a sense of invincibility and an unparalleled impact.



A large group of extraordinary people, including the Black Gold Lion Clan, the Bloody Archer, and the 28 tribes, were beheaded by him one after another!


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