The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 555: Early launch


The other party asked a stranger to kill Wang Xuan, and now, they are even more provocative to come to the sky-level area to collide. Even the black gold lion clan, the sky hedgehog clan, and the two-headed human clan who defected in the past are shouting, full of provocation.

“Kong Xuan, take care of yourself. Wujie Mountain is like a rotten child under the old house. If you don’t get out now, do you want to rot with them and die with them?”

“I don’t know current affairs!”

Then, those people told the time of the duel, two months later, in the 81st area of ​​​​the sky.

“These grandchildren are so hateful, they deserve to be hacked to death!” Wolverine was so angry that the three feathers on its top exploded, and he cursed.

The outside world is discussing heatedly, and there is a lot of noise, thinking that this is simply unbearable.

Wang Jun disappeared from the 72nd area and disappeared. He started to act directly. It was impossible to follow the opponent’s rhythm. He was ready to attack in advance.

He got an important clue that the Four Great True Sages are operating “materials”.

Because it involves taboo circles, etc., some horrible “old objects” cannot be stored in the storage device.

This is a bit of a vine man, but all such weird artifacts must be extremely terrifying, and there is a high probability that they can be assembled into rare and large killers.

The news is very reliable. It comes from a certain observation station—Xuankong Ridge. Qingkong is recuperating there. The two sides have a very solid foundation of trust.

However, Wang Xuan sneaked around and touched all the way to area 77. He didn’t find the target, but saw some residual traces.

Those Transcendents with important “supplies” have already left ahead of schedule, and their actions and efficiency are very high.

Afterwards, Wang Xuan received a secret report that the observation station near the 77th area helped the four ashrams and transferred the components of those big killers for them!

Wang Jia’s face darkened slightly, and outsiders intervened.

Later, he got specific news that the observation station near area 77 belonged to a Sanji who was 36 days away, and his disciples were here.

Although Wang Xuan was dissatisfied, there was no evidence, and there was nothing he could do. Xuankongling couldn’t stand up and testify.

At the same time, he himself is also cooperating with the observatory.

The true sages of the otherworldly lands and the supreme beings of the 36th layer of heaven have established observation points one after another, which is somewhat subtle.

When he thought of the will of the deceased once came down, remind him not to kill too fast, this is a thousand-year primitive **** battle, now Wang Xuan can’t help but think too much.

The establishment of these observation stations may have other purposes.

Before this, Wang Xuan had never heard of this saint, but it didn’t take long for him to get further news.

“The observatory near No. 77 is Sansheng Luotian behind it?” He frowned. He didn’t know this true saint at all, and the two sides had no intersection.

But this is not surprising. Some people sympathize with the weak Five Tribulations Mountain, and naturally there will be true saints who are optimistic about the Four Great True Saints and stand on the side of the strong.

As for Wang Xuan, in Sansheng Luotian’s eyes, he is just a small heaven-level extraordinary person, even if he is amazing now, it is nothing.

In history, many so-called Gedai wizards died young and never had a chance to grow up.

For example, Chen Mu, the number one genius before the 7th century who reappeared in the world 10 years ago and made a lot of noise, was the ultimate limit breaker when his two bodies merged into one, and he has become a stranger, isn’t he dead? In the end, he did not become a true saint. “

Wang Xuan rushed to the next place non-stop, obviously he missed again, the people in Sansheng Luotian’s observation station took good care of the Four Great True Sage Dojos, gave them convenience, secretly helped to transport the components of the big killer, and the efficiency very high.

At this point, Wang Xuan no longer bothered to find and destroy the opponent’s taboo circle, and just waited for the battle.

“Five Tribulation Mountain’s magic circle that can suppress the ultimate limit breaker is also ready, and it will arrive soon!” Wu Mingxiu secretly told Wang Xuan, telling him not to worry.

All the True Saint Daoist Temples have a strong background, and they have been studying how to check and balance the ultimate and powerful Limit Breaker in the long history.

Therefore, each family has some hole cards, with big killer components and so on.

Wang Xuan shook his head and said: “I’m not worried, if the magic circle arrives, you

Keep it for use, I don’t need the magic circle to cooperate. “

Before, he had seen the ashes of the Paper Temple. In his opinion, it was breakable, not unsolvable.

Besides, this time he will be fully prepared and will not be as passive as last time.

“Senior Sister Mingxiu, we were attacked while we were transporting the components of the big killer!” The disciples of Wujie Mountain were very anxious and reported.

This made Wu Mingxiu’s head buzz, and his face turned pale. This kind of foundation-level components can’t be accidental, and it can ensure that many people in this battlefield can survive.

Now, on the way to transport it, it was attacked?

Wang Xuan’s face darkened. He didn’t intercept and kill the other party, but was succeeded by them? Could it be that Sansheng Luotian’s monitoring station participated again?

“Senior Sister, the latest news, our people are cautious enough, dangerous and dangerous, resolved the crisis, no accident!”

Recently, a secret report came out, which made Wu Mingxiu’s slightly pale face turn for the better.

But the people in Wujie Mountain have rich experience and have already prepared for it. The components of the big killer can be used directly after a little docking, and the opponent can be bombarded in reverse.

Some of the opponents died, but the most powerful blockers were unharmed. The situation was wrong, and they fled immediately without being surrounded.

This made Wang Xuan also heave a sigh of relief, and then they rushed over to watch and inspect in person.

According to the descriptions of the people present, some of the extraordinary people among them are outrageously powerful, and they are suspected to be extreme limit breakers. If there is no rapid recovery of this magic circle that can check and balance the ultimate limit breakers, the group of people in Wujieshan will die , will be ruthlessly intercepted and killed.

Obviously, the components can be connected quickly, which is beyond the expectations of the other party. The original group of people were determined to win, but they missed it.

“Among the dead, there were masters from the Black Gold Lion Clan, sometimes the **** shooter from Kongtian, and people from Guixu Dojo.” Wu Mingxiu went to check it himself.

“The people who came out of the twilight spectacle made a move.” Fei Yue said with certainty, according to the description, there may be figures of Tian Zhao and Fei Ei in it.

It’s not that Wujieshan’s actions were not secret enough, but it still leaked out.

Wang Xuan guessed that Sansheng Luotian’s monitoring station helped the other party again.

Sure enough, he got the news from the Observatory in Xuankong Ridge, indeed, Luo Tian’s Observatory may even have helped send someone there. Wang Xuan frowned. Even though he was also getting secret reports, he really didn’t dare to let Xuankong Ridge throw him in front of his opponents to hunt him down. Did Luo Tian’s observation station want to end it indirectly?

“Okay, there’s nothing to say about different positions. The current situation is stronger than others, and I will **** you when I have a chance in the future!”

he said to himself.

He remembered people from Sansheng Luotian’s lineage, and made a red cross in his heart.

This kind of transportation of large killer components, as well as the delivery of troops to intercept and kill, both sides concealed their whereabouts, and it was carried out in secret, so the outside world didn’t know it for a while, and the news was seriously delayed.

Wolverine said: “This kind of thing must be mentioned, talk about it, whether it is useful or not, with the help of external public opinion, you can put pressure on the relevant parties.”

Luo Ying nodded, and said: “Otherwise, Luo Tian Sansheng’s observation station may help them deliver experts next time, and intercept and kill us in a targeted manner.”

Jin Ming and Chong Xiao both nodded. If this matter continues, the consequences will be quite serious.

Then, they decisively sent a message to the outside world. They didn’t dare to mention Sheng Luotian’s name directly, but they expressed their dissatisfaction with this matter.

There is no doubt that this incident has caused disturbances in the outside world.

Wang Xuan didn’t say much. This matter will not have any impact on the next decisive battle. In the end, it will still be a big collision based on strength.

There is some commotion outside.

“The Four Great True Sages are ruthless enough to draw their salaries from the bottom of the pot and ask people to help them. They want to destroy the taboo circle in Wujie Mountain and send the ultimate limit breaker to intercept and kill them?”

“Which observatory did it, is it against the rules?”

“I think that the Four Great True Sages are a little afraid of Kong Xuan, afraid of losing this duel, and want to disintegrate his power as much as possible, so that he will lose the cooperation of the Five Tribulations Mountain’s killer weapon.”

People outside are discussing it hotly, but those professional commentators are very cautious, and they don’t dare to dig too deep when it comes to Sansheng and the Four Daochang.

Ordinary people don’t have so many scruples, and they dare to speak out. As the saying goes, the law does not blame the public.

“It’s really despicable and shameless. First send out aliens to hunt and kill sky-level extraordinary people, and then invite people to send masters to intercept and kill them. You should show some face in the four Daochang.”

“Can you have an upright duel and don’t use these out-of-the-market tricks? Let me ask, did your **** companies also participate and want to intervene in the gamble?”

Fu Daoniu posted a video, saying: “I, Fu Sheng, officially announce that the ultimate limit-breaker on the opposite side, Chen Mu, is number one in the 7th era? There are also extreme limit-breakers Tian Zhao and Fei Ei, both of whom are spicy chickens.” !”

“What interception, asking someone to send it, this is slander! Kong Xuan, are you afraid? What’s the use of asking someone to say these unnutritious words? A really strong person only shines in the battle and speaks with strength. “

Someone from the Black Gold Lion Clan stood up, as if they were going to engage in a public opinion war, to refute and counterattack.

“And that cow, what nonsense are you talking about, don’t you want to live? Stupidity blinds your eyes, you can’t see the general trend, and you walk with the doomed to decay, and stand in the right direction of history Confrontation in the four avenues? Do you want to die? Or do you want to die!”

Even Fu Dao Niu was named, and Fu Sheng responded immediately: “Poodle, you have the face to stand up…”

In the outside world, all kinds of discussions and days of quarrels are completely chaotic. “That cow, just wait, there are too many people offended, don’t think that only Kong Xuan is the ultimate limit breaker, there are people who are more amazing than him in history, more brilliant and strong, there are many people, this time To blow him up and make him a thing of the past.”

The Black Gold Lion Clan is born good at “Lion’s Roar” magical skill, and has a super ability to scold and fight, which is not the same as Niubu’s “Bull Roar”.

In fact, it didn’t take two months at all, only half a month, the two sides in the heavenly battlefield began to approach, ready to fight.

“You don’t need to follow up, just stay in the magic circle that can check and balance the ultimate limit breaker, and wait in the distance, so that I can let go more!!” Wang Xuan said to Wu Mingxiu and others.

Everyone opened their mouths, but finally nodded in agreement.

“Be careful, Tianzhao, Fei’e, and Chenmu are indeed very strong. In addition, Yuandao has disappeared, which is strange. Pai Yue and Cheng Hai reminded him not to face the masters in the dusk wonderland. To the effect.

The two of them walked forward with Wang Lan, looking at the situation in Area 81 together. The starry sky ahead was full of murderous aura. A large number of experts had been waiting there for a long time.

Wang Xuan turned his head and said, “Don’t move forward, I’ll just go there by myself. In case there is an ultimate limit breaker, or a taboo magic circle, come and strangle you, and leave immediately.”

The universe is vast and bright, but this deep space is lifeless.

On the opposite side, a lot of transcendents from the four avenues came, all wearing armor, no matter whether they were humanoid or monsters, they all had a cold metallic luster.

“You dare to come here alone.”

Undoubtedly, the opponent has been preparing for a long time, and each of them is very particular about their positions. Group after group of people set up a big banner in front of are formations and so on.

Now, the taboo magic circle is revived, and textures are intertwined in this starry sky, creating a wonderful scene, and everyone will be bathed in a layer of divine brilliance.

Then, an ancient city was faintly visible.

This is indeed a magic circle that can check and balance the ultimate limit breaker!

Wang Xuan didn’t go there, walked around here, said: “Kill you, do I still need to bring someone over to help?”

“Hehe, just be stubborn!” an old black and golden lion said.

The big banner is flying, the **** shooter from Shi Guangtian, the black dragon knight from the Tattoo Palace, the green armor hunter from the Guixu Dojo…these special teams are also here.

There are twenty-eight tribes, each of which has sent a group of masters, with a large number of people. Coupled with the external forces such as the black gold lion, the hedgehog tribe, and the two-headed tribe, behind the banner, there are shadows and shadows, and the murderous aura has materialized.

As for the master after the spectacle at dusk, someone really came. Wang Xuan had already seen Tianzhao, who was behind the crowd.

“Kong Xuan, since you choose to stand on the opposite side,

If you are an enemy of the general trend, you are doomed to decay today! “Someone in the big formation spoke coldly.

Looking at them, Wang Xuan slowly drew his knife and said, “It’s just a pile of bones! Group

When the outside world heard the news, it was a complete sensation. It was agreed that it would take two months to prepare for the decisive battle. As a result, the duel began in less than half a month.


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