The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9176: Smugglers will be killed without amnesty



The fierce battle between Ye Chen and Lei Tianque made Master Wen Tian very worried.


However, he also believes in Lei Tianque’s strength. Although Ye Chen is strong, if Lei Tianque wants to delay a stick of incense, he should still be able to do it.


“Lei Tianque, that’s it.”


But, at this moment, an astonishing scene appeared.


On the left wing of Lei Tianque, a figure suddenly appeared, clenching a fist in his hand, with an inch of strength, and with unparalleled strength, he slammed into the weak spot of its left wing.


“Not good!”


Lei Tianque was shocked, the figure that appeared suddenly was actually Ye Chen!


No, to be precise, it’s Ye Chen’s avatar!


Marven Ye’s body, fortunately, stood opposite it.


It was Ye Chen’s Qinglian clone who attacked it!




Lei Tianque’s left wing suffered a heavy blow, its bones were broken, and with a cry, it fell from the sky on the spot.


Marven Ye defeated Lei Tianque with one punch, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.


He had just fought Lei Tian Que, and he seemed to be doing his best, but it was just a pretense.


When Lei Tianque was unprepared, he had already released Qinglian’s clone and attacked him in one fell swoop, successfully defeating him.


Lei Tianque’s body fell, and his eyes were full of sadness and shock.


It didn’t expect that Ye Chen’s tactics were so powerful that he could sneak attack with his clone.


“Master Wen Tian, ​​don’t try to sneak in, come back.”


After Ye Chen defeated Lei Tianque, his eyes were on Master Wen Tian, ​​his body flew out, and he was about to catch Master Wen Tian back and prevent him from soaring.


Master Wen Tian was terrified, he didn’t expect Lei Tianque to be defeated by Ye Chen so quickly.


He didn’t want to look back, and he swept wildly all the way on the road to heaven, vowing to step into no time and space.




But, at this time, a shock was born.


I saw the end of the road, and suddenly a divine light emerged, and an ancient Taoist book emerged.


This book of Taoism manifests a perfect world, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, without any dark pollution and without any disputes.


It turned out to be the perfect Taoist book.


A sharp figure appeared on the Taoist book of the Perfect World. It was the messenger of the Truth Society, the Great Sage of Perfection!


The Great Sage of Perfection appeared, staring at Master Wen Tian with an indifferent look in his eyes.


Master Wen Tian wanted to step into the infinite time and space, but he slammed into the perfect sage.


“Enough is enough.”


“There is no time and space, not a place you can sneak in.”


“Even if you came from Wuwu, but your cultivation is insufficient and you are not qualified to return!”


With a wave of the Perfect Sage’s hand, a ferocious force burst out and blasted towards Master Wen Tian.




If Master Wen Tian was struck by lightning, he would be blown away on the spot, his chest collapsed, blood spurted wildly, and he was seriously injured.


“Master Wentian!”


Marven Ye was taken aback, hurriedly flew up, caught Master Wen Tian, ​​and then performed the Eight Trigrams Heavenly Elixir and Miaofa Lotus to treat his injuries.


The attack of the Perfect Sage is very ferocious and aimed at killing people.


If Marven Ye didn’t rescue him, Master Wen Tian would definitely die from his injuries.


“The master of reincarnation is you.”


The Great Sage Perfect frowned when he saw Ye Chen’s figure, and when he saw Yin Suzhen next to Ye Chen, the look between his brows became shocked.


“The perfect saint, why do you want to kill?”


Marven Ye’s eyes froze, but he didn’t expect that the perfect sage’s methods would be so cruel.




The Great Sage of Perfection smiled coldly and said, “The mission of my truth society is to maintain the order of time and space. Any strong person who is qualified to ascend to Wuwu will be taken care of by my truth society…”


Ye Chen nodded, that’s true. When Ren Feifei was strong enough to be qualified to ascend, the Great Sage of Perfection landed and wanted to take Ren Feihan away and provide him with shelter, but he was rejected.


“…On the contrary, if you don’t have enough strength, but you want to forcibly soar, and use side-by-side means to smuggle through time and space, you will be chased and killed by my truth society.”


“All stowaways will be killed without amnesty. This is the rule set by the Emperor Yuantian!”


The perfect sage’s eyes flashed with a hint of coldness, staring at Master Wen Tian.


The Emperor Yuantian in his mouth is the president of the Truth Society!


Stowaways, kill without mercy, this is the rule set by Emperor Yuantian!


Master Wen Tian wanted to smuggle in, and he had violated the taboo of the Truth Society, so the Great Sage of Perfection came down and wanted to kill him.


Master Wen Tian’s face was pale, he naturally knew this rule, but he still wanted to hide it from the sky, but unfortunately he failed and was discovered directly by the Perfect Sage.


“Perfect Great Sage, Master Wen Tian is indeed rash, but you are not qualified to kill people indiscriminately, right?”


Marven Ye supported Master Wen Tian with cold eyes.


The truth will claim to be the authentic way and the defender of the truth, but in Ye Chen’s eyes, no one can represent the truth.


If the Great Sage is determined to kill, he will definitely stop him.


“Lord of Reincarnation, please don’t make it difficult for me.”


The Great Sage Perfect’s face sank. He didn’t want to conflict with Ye Chen, because Ye Chen’s power was too powerful. Under the constraints of reality, if he really fought, he would not be Ye Chen’s opponent.


“On a condition, how can you release Master Wen Tian?”


Ye Chen also doesn’t want to fight with the Perfect Sage. After all, behind the Truth Society is the mysterious Yuantian Emperor and the real master of the tomb palace.

完美大圣听着叶辰商量的语气,目光微微闪动,沉吟一会儿,便道:“你如果能给我一万黄金源玉,我就当什么事情都没发生。”  叶辰眉头一皱:“一万?黄金源玉?”

The Perfect Sage listened to Ye Chen’s negotiating tone, his eyes flickered slightly, he pondered for a while, and then said, “If you can give me 10,000 gold source jade, I will pretend that nothing happened.” Ye Chen frowned. Wrinkle: “Ten thousand? Gold Origin Jade?”


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