The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9177: Memories



The Tao of Perfection: “Yes, the golden source jade is the most precious source jade. It is even more precious than the top-grade source jade. One piece of gold source jade can be exchanged for ten top-grade source jade.”


“If you don’t have the golden source jade, you can also give me the top-grade source jade, but it needs a hundred thousand.”


Yuanyu is a hard currency in no time and space.


The golden source jade is the purest and most precious existence.


10,000 gold Origin Jade is equivalent to 100,000 top-grade Origin Jade, which is undoubtedly a huge number.


The wealth of Ye Chen’s whole body adds up to only about 10,000 top-grade Yuanyu at most, which is not enough to pay at all.


“Perfect Great Sage, 10,000 gold source jade, I don’t have…”


Marven Ye’s face sank, and he wanted to bargain.


But at this time, Yin Suzhen stepped out, and Tan Ran said to Ye Chen: “Master, we have Yuanyu, just give it to him.”


After all, Yin Suzhen threw a storage bag to the Perfect Sage.


The Great Sage of Perfection took the storage bag, opened it, and saw that there were pieces of golden Origin Jade inside, which happened to be ten thousand.


He laughed loudly, and bowed his hands to Yin Suzhen, saying, “Thunder God, you are really generous, thank you very much.”


He called Yin Suzhen the name of Thor, immediately revealing the secret.


Yin Suzhen’s identity was revealed, but she was not flustered and annoyed, her expression was still calm, and she said: “Say hello to Emperor Yuan Tian for me, you can go.”


The Great Sage of Perfection smiled, took the original jade bag in satisfaction, and said, “Okay, Lord of Reincarnation, God of Thunder, then I will take my leave, and when you come, you can tell me the truth. I’ll make it easy for you.”


After saying that, the Great Sage of Perfection turned around and left.


Yin Suzhen’s celestial secret was exposed, and she no longer concealed it, directly revealing the majesty of Thor.


Her outfit, from an ordinary maid’s outfit, has changed back to an elegant and noble purple dress.


Her skin is radiant, supple and flawless, like a white wall.


A trace of purple lightning burst out from her body, and the thunder was surging into the sky, bringing a huge sense of oppression,


Her figure has also become a lot more proud. Her temperament is noble and extraordinary, like a thunderous skylight, which teaches people not to look directly at her.


“Thunder… Thunder God, you… you are Thor?”


Master Wen Tian stared blankly at Yin Suzhen, never expecting Thor to be by his side.


“Kneel down.”


Yin Su is really indifferent, her voice carries an ancient majesty.


Master Wen Tian knelt down tremblingly, his eyes filled with respect and fear, and kowtowed like garlic: “See the Thunder God!”


Lei Tianque was shocked and ashamed when she saw Yin Suzhen’s identity, and hurriedly bowed her head and saluted:


“Master, it turns out that you are by my side, but I don’t recognize you because I have no eyes.”


Yin Suzhen calmly said: “It’s okay, I hid the cause and effect. It’s normal that you didn’t recognize me.”


Lei Tianque stared at Yin Suzhen, full of admiration, and said, “Master, congratulations on your recovery, your current strength is not as good as when you were at your peak, but it’s almost there.”


Yin Suzhen flicked her fingers, and Dan Mo said, “It’s still a long way off. If I want to get back to my peak, I still need the help of Samsara.”


Speaking of this, she looked at Ye Chen with a hint of tenderness in her eyes.


Master Wen Tian and Lei Tianque were both shocked.


They know that Thor is the most noble existence in the world. At its peak, he dominated an era and established a glorious eternal kingdom.


In their eyes, Thor Tianzun will always look noble and invincible.


Never would they have thought that Thor Tianzun would show such a gentle gaze.


However, thinking about Ye Chen’s identity, they were relieved.


In this world, if anyone is worthy of Thor, it is only Ye Chen.


“Your hair is messy.”


Ye Chen smiled and reached out and stroked Yin Suzhen’s hair that was somewhat messy due to the explosion of lightning.


Yin Su was really calm and accepted Ye Chen’s touch, which made Master Wen Tian and Lei Tianque even more shocked.


“Wen Tian, ​​the Lord of Reincarnation is my ally, do whatever he tells you to do.”


Yin Suzhen looked at Master Wen Tian and said.




Master Wen Tian knelt on the ground, sweating in cold sweat, he didn’t dare to breathe, and nodded in agreement.


“Thank you, Miss Yin.”


Marven Ye clasped his fists and thanked him. In the end, he had to borrow Yin Suzhen’s power to invite Master Wentian out of the mountain.




Yin Suzhen nodded and said to Master Wen Tian, ​​”Get up.”




Master Wen Tian hurriedly stood up and stood respectfully with his hands down.


Ye Chen calmed down and said, “Master Wentian, Chongyang Zhenren entrusted me to take you back to see him, I wonder if it is convenient for you?”


Master Wen Tian hurriedly said: “Convenient, convenient! You can leave immediately!”


When Ye Chen saw that Master Wentian’s attitude changed so quickly, he couldn’t help but laugh a little.


It seems that Yin Su is really majestic and truly terrifying, making Master Wen Tian not dare to resist at all.


At the moment, Ye Chen took Master Wentian back to Tianyang Domain to see the real person in Chongyang.


He, Master Wen Tian, ​​and Yin Suzhen rode on the ridge of Lei Tian Que’s back, breaking through the sky and piercing the clouds all the way, traveling at extreme speed.


“By the way, Master Wen Tian, ​​take the liberty to ask, how did you get the Nine Heavens Fulong Seal?”


Marven Ye looked at Master Wen Tian and asked curiously.


The Nine Heavens Fulong Seal is one of the ten ancient artifacts. It is incredible that such a precious magic weapon was obtained by Master Wentian.


Master Wen Tian shook his head and said, “I forgot.”


Ye Chen was stunned and said, “Forgot?”


Master Wen Tian said: “Yes, I am actually a warrior in the age of the Nine Gods. Later, due to the fall of Thor, I fled to the real world and was active in the prehistoric era. In fact, the days of my existence are farther away than the prehistoric era. “


“It’s just that I’m not the God of Heaven. Under the vicissitudes of life, my memory has worn down too much, and I can’t remember many things.”


The wear and tear of years is fatal to many warriors.


Although in theory, the average strong person has an endless lifespan, but in reality, few people can live forever, because the years are worn out.


The constant accumulation of wear and tear over time is the biggest catastrophe, and even the emperor and the gods are in danger of perishing.


Master Wen Tian has only lost part of his memory, and it is a great luck that people are still alive.




Ye Chen shrugged helplessly. He didn’t expect that Master Wen Tian had lost his memory. He asked Yin Suzhen again, “Miss Yin, do you know the secret of the Nine Heavens Fulong Seal?”


Yin Suzhen shook her head and said, “I am not the first generation of grass gods, and I will never spy on the hearts of my believers and people.”


The implication is that she doesn’t know Master Wen Tian’s past, nor where he got the Nine Heavens Fulong Seal.


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