The Corpse Collector In Conan Chapter 1: Don’t think too much


Jiang Xia gently kicked away the dead leaves and stared at a half-dry mud shoe print on the ground.

The owner of the shoe print has a foot of about 43 yards, and the number of yards commonly used in island countries is 265. The print is a non-slip thread, and the edges are worn.

There are other similar footprints ahead.

Jiang Xia knew that this was actually stepped on by a bag thief.

Today, Jiang Xia went out fully prepared and wanted to do his own big business.

Who would have thought that halfway through, he was suddenly called away by his boss—an important researcher in the organization had his bag stolen, and Jiang Xia’s boss, the model worker codenamed “Ginjiu”, remembered Jiang Xia’s response to this The area is relatively familiar, so I temporarily transferred him to look for a bag.

Jiang Xia stopped the motorcycle he was riding, and followed the mud mark all the way forward.

A woman’s cold voice came from the earphones on the cheek: “The robber is half a head taller than me, the hair on the edge is highlighted red, and there is a burn scar on the back of the right hand near the thumb.”

Miyano Shiho was very detailed, and his tone was calm and unwavering…not like a hapless man who was just robbed of his bag and pushed to the ground.

“I see.” Jiang Xia knew all about the people in this area. As soon as he heard that his red hair was scalded, he had already identified a scoundrel candidate.

He estimated the distance: “The bag should be back, it won’t take too long, give me 5 minutes.”

Miyano Shiho hummed “yes”.

After hesitating for a moment, she wanted to add “pay attention to safety”.

But when he opened his mouth again, the phone had been hung up, and there was a short “beep” sound in the receiver, and it was quiet again.

Miyano Shiho silently looked at the darkened phone screen.

Jiang Xia usually waits for the other party to hang up when she picks up Ginjiu or other cadres, but this time…

Although this can also be explained by “time pressure”.

But Miyano Shiho always felt that the truth was that Jiang Xia didn’t want to listen to her voice for a second.

Jiang Xia didn’t understand other people’s complicated feelings. He just wanted to hurry up and finish overtime and then go about his own business.

He took off the earphones and put them in his pockets. He took a few turns along the twisty street and came to an old three-story apartment.

The apartment building is painted green, with a low barbed wire fence and a dilapidated lockable unit door. The security conditions are not bad.

However, you can only defend against legal citizens.

Jiang Xia glanced over a row of mailboxes and confirmed Hong Mao’s room number.

Then he climbed to the top of the thief-friendly thick barbed wire, stepped on the edge of the grid, and flipped lightly into the balcony on the third floor, intending to make a righteous raid on Red Hair.

Jiang Xia is an ordinary traveler. He was called Jiang Xia in his previous life.

After wearing it here, the name of the new body is similar to his, the surname is “Jiang Xia”, but later the people who went to the countryside have a new name, which makes it very island-like, but there seems to be something wrong on closer inspection. “Jiangxia Tongzhi”.

The original owner’s mental state is not very healthy. When Jiang Xia came, he cut off a small half of his wrist and almost didn’t come.

In contrast, Jiang Xia Tongzhi left behind a well-trained physique, with strength and reaction speed far exceeding that of ordinary people.

This gave Jiang Xia some comfort.

Although the movement of his left hand was a little slow, Jiang Xia had Ke Xue’s skill bonus, and in less than five seconds, he landed on the balcony of Bao Bao Hong Mao’s house.

In the house, Hongmao was sitting in front of the TV with his back to Jiang Xia. He was laughing at the funny variety show and counting the money in his hand.

The volume of the TV was loud, Jiang Xia gently pushed open the sliding door, walked behind Hong Mao, and slashed with a knife.

Quack’s laughter came to an abrupt end. Red hair flutters.

The PRADA women’s purse on his lap also fell to the ground.

In the world before Jiangxia, it was a matter of luck to chop people with a knife—good luck can knock people out, but bad luck can send people directly to the crematorium.

But in Ke Xue World, there is no case of death with a knife. It seems that everyone has a switch on the side of their neck, and they can faint with one click.

Jiang Xia bypassed the fainted red hair, picked up the money scattered all over the floor, gathered it up, put it back into Miyano Shiho’s wallet, and left with the bag.

When walking out the door of the apartment, Jiang Xia glanced at the electronic watch on his wrist, 15:49:57.

There are still more than 40 seconds left before the “five minutes” promised by Shi Miyano.

Jiang Xia then licked the stray cats passing by for a while to pass the time. After five minutes, the phone rang.

Gin sent the meeting address.

Jiang Xia had just finished reading the email, and the email was automatically deleted. Like the call log just now, it was elusive.

This villain cadre is obviously strong, but overly cautious…

Jiang Xia identified the location, carried Miyano Shiho’s bag, and rushed all the way to the place Jinjiu said.

The Black Organization, as the boss-level villain organization in the world of Conan, has always left the impression of insiders as mysterious, hidden and vicious.

According to Jiang Xia’s observations during this period, this impression is indeed inseparable from the truth.


The plot mainly follows the Conan comic version

There are magic changes, there are magic changes, there are…


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