The Corpse Collector In Conan: Book related


The plot follows the Conan comic version, the details, the order of the cases, and the setting of some passers-by will be changed


[Vest-style, semi-invincible, Conan colleagues]

Jiang Xia took a puff of fake cigarette and let out a smoke ring sadly:

“I just wanted to pick up the corpse, but I didn’t expect to turn myself into a Moriarty in the eyes of the villain.”

“What? Why didn’t the protagonist arrest me?”

“…probably because in their eyes, I’m a contemporary high school Sherlock Holmes.”


Interview with the protagonist:

Q1: What is your secret to becoming the ace shark player of the Black Organization?

Jiang Xia: “Take Conan to the target’s house for a walk.”


Q2: What’s your secret to retrieving the treasures stolen by Kidd?

Jiang Xia: “His accomplice is my vest.”


Interview with the detectives of Kexue World:

Q1: How do you view Jiangxia

Detectives: “There are no other shortcomings except that the case is solved too quickly.”


Q2: Both are high school detectives, why not join forces with Jiang Xia to fight against the Black Organization?

Detectives (hurriedly wave their hands): “No no no, can’t tell him that the darkness of these worlds is too heavy for him.”


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