Tempered Immortal Chapter 8: Fighting wits but not power



One hit kills!


Lin Xuan’s expression turned gloomy, and the opponent’s attack was beyond expectations…


He gritted his teeth, instead of hiding, he took a step back.


Whoosh, the flying sword fell in the air and hit the mountain wall behind. In the rumbling sound, countless gravel fell. Zhou Yan was stunned. She never dreamed that a rookie who was agile in the early stage could evade her attack, and it was weird. Yes, Lin Xuan didn’t hide, but suddenly sank into the ground at the moment when the flying sword was about to hit him. What happened?


Zhou Yan was both angry and surprised, she walked forward involuntarily, wanting to find out what was going on, when she took the third step, slap, as if some mechanism was triggered, a large net pierced from the top of her head It fell, covering her.


When the incident happened suddenly, Zhou Yan couldn’t help being taken aback. She hurriedly tried to break free from the fishing net. However, at this moment, an ice bomb popped out from the ground where Lin Xuan had sunk, and hit it accurately. hit a rope tied to a tree.


The rope was broken, and by the elasticity, a bamboo with the thickness of the mouth of the bowl and sharpened two ends flew towards Zhou Yan.




Zhou Yan was shocked, her vicious voice turned terrified, and then she screamed. She was covered by a fishing net and had nowhere to hide. The bamboo pierced her chest, and Zhou Yan didn’t understand it until she died. How can I hang here inexplicably.


With unwilling eyes, he was still holding the treasure that was taken by the murderer tightly in his hand. Zhou Yan’s soul returned to the underworld. Two minutes later, Lin Xuan crawled out of the dirt pit on the ground and looked at Zhou Yan. The corpse, he breathed a sigh of relief, almost a word.


If it wasn’t for careful calculation, it would be me who was lying on the ground now.


Lin Xuan has been thinking about how to resolve the crisis since he was discovered. He would definitely not run away. This canyon is several miles away from the sect. Before he escaped back, he would be chased and killed by Zhou Yan. , and as a master of the Great Perfection in the agile stage, she knows the more advanced Yufeng Art, and the speed of the two is incomparable.


I can’t escape the opponent’s hand, and begging for mercy is definitely useless. My only way out is to work hard. I can only survive by killing the opponent. At first glance, this seems to be an impossible task. The skills of both sides are very different. To be honest, even a hundred Lin Xuan would not be Zhou Yan’s opponent.


But now he has no other choice, let alone incapable of fighting, he can always outsmart!


Of course, outwitness is easy to talk about. If it weren’t for a calm-minded and thoughtful person like Lin Xuan, he would have been in a state of disarray when he encountered such a situation. How could he still think of a solution?


In order to outsmart, you must first analyze the situation that is beneficial to you. The skill is far less than the opponent’s. The only advantage Lin Xuan has is his familiarity with the terrain. Ichiki, but it is really similar to his own backyard.


From the analysis of the situation just seen, Zhou Yan obviously landed in this place by accident, and the terrain of the canyon is unfamiliar to her.


So from the very beginning, Lin Xuan took advantage of this, twisting and turning, not going straight, and trying to buy as much time as possible.


The next step is the second key step. In the canyon, in addition to occasionally finding exotic flowers and plants, there are also many animals, from hares to bears and tigers. Lin Xuan regards this as his private territory, and occasionally Hunt and eat game.


For the convenience of hunting, he once set up some traps in the canyon. He was just groping on the ground to check whether the traps were damaged. This time, luck was on his side. Both traps were not touched and were intact.


And there are two traps, one is for Lin Xuan himself, this is an ordinary pit, used to catch some animals that are not too big, the ground is covered with weeds, after stepping on it, it is just enough to let Lin Xuan fell into the pit.


Lin Xuan has already calculated. With Zhou Yan’s vicious personality, she will definitely attack her when she meets her. She is quick to dodge and can’t dodge by herself, but if she stands in front of the trap, she can fall in if she takes a step back , thus dodging the attack.


In this situation, Zhou Yan will definitely be surprised and go forward to check, and at this time, another trap can play a role. Unlike the pit where she fell, this trap is used to catch large animals. , such as lions and tigers, not only fishing nets, but also sharpened bamboos…


Which means ~IndoMTL.com~ this trap is deadly!


As long as Zhou Yan is tempted to step on it, the trap will be activated. If there is a precaution, the trap of catching the beast like this will of course not be able to deal with the cultivator, but in a completely unexpected situation, it can achieve a surprising and winning effect.


Lin Xuan had calculated every step, interlocking, how he should lure the enemy, and how Zhou Yan would react. Although the situation at the time was extremely dangerous, Lin Xuan calmly considered the countermeasures.


In the end, his plan succeeded, not by strength, but by his head and calm to defeat his opponent.


Although this battle didn’t cost much mana, and it didn’t take long, he did his best and played with his mind. Lin Xuan also felt a little tired and sat on the ground to rest.


Looking at Zhou Yan’s body with cold eyes, Lin Xuan walked over and took off a crystal-green bracelet from her hand. In the space, Lin Xuan probed into the divine sense and took out all the things inside.


Clothes, food, and women’s cosmetics, all of which Lin Xuan didn’t even look at, just tossed them aside.


“Yes.” Lin Xuan whispered, his face full of joy, and he held two crystal clear stones in his hands.


Spar, in Piaoyun Valley for three years, Lin Xuan heard the elders mention it countless times. It is a precious thing like a magic weapon, but it is the first time to have such a close encounter.


The so-called spar refers to a stone that contains rich spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Cultivators can directly absorb it from it. According to the difference in the amount and purity of spiritual energy, it is divided into four grades: low-grade, middle-grade, high-grade, and top-grade. .


Whether it is practice, weapon making, or fighting, the role of spar is irreplaceable, and it is used as a currency for transactions by practitioners.



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