Tempered Immortal Chapter 7: Spirits



The sudden change made Lin Xuan stunned. Zhang Yu’s voice came over intermittently: “Okay, it’s okay… I’m wrong, you want to swallow the treasure alone?”


“Not bad.” Zhou Yan’s voice was still charming, but there was a hint of viciousness in it: “Master, you treat me well, but you should understand the truth of guilt, depending on your past feelings. Come on, I’ll leave you with a whole corpse.”


Listening to the conversation between the two, Lin Xuan was curious besides being curious. Zhou Yan dared to risk the world to kill a master. It turned out to be to swallow the treasure. What kind of treasure is so attractive? He wanted to know, but he didn’t dare to act rashly.


This senior sister is ruthless, and her cultivation is far above her. Lin Xuan doesn’t want to put himself in a dangerous situation because of a little curiosity.




Screams of grief and anger, blood splashed, and through the gap in the grass, Lin Xuan saw that Zhou Yan had pierced the master’s chest, and a yellow ball of light emerged from Zhang Yu’s body, panicking. want to escape.


“The primordial spirit is out of the body, don’t think about it!” Zhou Yan was ready, stretched out her right hand, and her jade fingers were splendid, and suddenly grabbed the light group.


After struggling desperately, the light group slammed from left to right, but it was ineffective at all. In desperation, he began to beg for mercy: “Yan’er, for the sake of treating you well as a teacher in the past…”


Zhou Yan was unmoved. With a little force, she crushed the light ball and dissipated it in the air. Lin Xuan felt a chill. This senior sister Zhou has a very cruel heart. It is composed of “body” and “spirit”. When the body dies, the soul can be reincarnated again, but if the soul flies away, it will no longer be able to enter the cycle of reincarnation. If the cultivators fight against each other, even if they have hatred, they will generally not destroy people’s souls, but Zhou Yan is right His own teacher under the evil hand.


After killing the master, Zhou Yan looked as usual and began to **** on Zhang Yu. After a while, her face showed ecstasy: “I found it!”


Although he knew the danger, Lin Xuan finally couldn’t resist the temptation of curiosity, and quietly stuck his head out, only to see Zhou Yan holding a fist-sized box in his hand. This box is very useful. It is carved from sandalwood, and the workmanship is exquisite. Zhou Yan caressed the mo with his hands gently, with a look of overjoyed expression on his face.


“Who?” Suddenly, Zhou Yan’s face changed, and she looked over with a grim look. Lin Xuan complained in her heart. Zhou Yan’s attention was attracted.


One can only say that one’s luck is really bad!


Lin Xuan’s heart skipped a beat, and his face turned gloomy. He had just witnessed Zhou Yan’s murder of his master. It was useless to beg for mercy or make blunt words. Lin Xuan jumped up from where he was hiding. , with a flick of his right hand, a few cold lights shot out like Zhou Yan.


Zhou Yan snorted and pinched the magic trick. A layer of red shield appeared around her body. With a few bangs, a few ice beads fell to the ground.


Blocking the attack with the spiritual power mask, Zhou Yan showed a cold smile on her face, and she was relieved. From the attack just now, she had already deduced that she was weak to the method, and it was only her early cultivation.


After attacking with the ice bomb with the water attribute magic formula, Lin Xuan didn’t stop, turned around and left.


He blessed himself with a wind attribute “lightening technique”. In just a few seconds, he ran nearly 100 meters, and Lin Xuan was not walking in a straight line, so it was easy to be caught up, and he turned Take a few turns, use your familiarity with the terrain, and try to delay the time, so that even if the other party can use his spiritual sense to track, it will take a lot of energy to find yourself due to the unfamiliar road.


After running for a distance, Lin Xuan suddenly stopped. Instead of running away, he looked around and squatted down to **** on the ground.


Undoubtedly, this move is very strange and puzzling. Zhou Yan is about to chase after him, but Lin Xuan is delayed here.


But he did this obviously with a purpose, because after groping carefully: “It’s still there.” Lin Xuan muttered softly, and then his frowning brows loosened, replaced by a calm look.


The sound of footsteps came to his ears, Zhou Yan had already chased him nearby, Lin Xuan stood up, his face panicked… But this time he was pretending.


“Want to run?” A coquettish voice came over. With viciousness and mockery, he glanced at Lin Xuan’s clothes. Sure enough, he was a disciple of his own sect, but this junior brother’s skills were too weak~IndoMTL.com ~ On the second floor of the agile period, after seeing Lin Xuan’s cultivation level clearly, Zhou Yan’s expression suddenly became very relaxed. Killing such a person and silenced him did not require any effort at all.


Seeing the look of contempt in the other party’s eyes, Lin Xuan was not angry but happy in his heart. If the other party looked down on him, he would be paralyzed, and his hope of success in his plan would be higher. Of course, on the surface, he would not feel the slightest He revealed that he still looked worried: “Senior sister, no…don’t kill me!”


Stammering for mercy, coupled with a panicked look, Lin Xuan’s acting skills were absolutely impeccable, but his feet quietly moved two steps to the left.


“Hmph, do you still want to live after seeing my secret?”


Zhou Yan can definitely be described as having a heart like a snake and a scorpion. She can even kill a master and win a treasure. Xiaojian was sacrificed by her, and it rose in the wind. In an instant, it was several meters long, mixed with bright sword light, and flew towards Lin Xuan.


Spirit weapon, Lin Xuan’s expression suddenly became extremely serious.


The so-called spiritual tool is the simple version of the magic weapon. It is specially used by low-level cultivators, but don’t underestimate its power. Although it can’t overturn the river, it also has great supernatural powers, and it is extremely magical.


When you reach the fourth level of the agility period, you can control the spiritual tool, but this is only theoretical, and there is no other reason. Although the spiritual tool is far less than the magic weapon, it is also very precious. Generally speaking, Only the cultivators in the foundation-building stage can possess them, and the newcomers in the agility stage, except for a few who inherit the relics of their ancestors, or who are gifted by their teachers and teachers, cannot possess spiritual tools.


Zhou Yan was very aggressive. Although he saw that Lin Xuan’s skill was low, he still used the killer as soon as he came, and sacrificed the spiritual weapon!



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