Tempered Immortal Chapter 72: Daofu Mountain


The two alliances faced off against each other, and it was understandable to identify friends and foes, but this made Lin Xuan a headache. He had a secret in his body to identify his identity. Piaoyungu clothing, the plan to pretend to be a loose cultivator was completely ruined.

The risk of going to the river to collect medicine will be greatly increased.

Not only have to face the fangs of the monsters, but also the pursuit of Huolingmen and its allies. Imagine that there is only a few dozen kilometers away from the main altar of Huolingmen, and Lin Xuan’s head is big for a while.

With his current cultivation base, plus the treasure of the spiritual tool, Lin Xuan is conceited. Even if he is besieged by a few elite disciples in the agile period, he cannot win, but it is not difficult to return the soles of his shoes with oil. , but if you meet a master after foundation building…

Lin Xuan has been worshipping Cloud Valley for four years. Although there are not many opportunities to contact the monks of the foundation-building stage on weekdays, there are still so many times. That majesty…

Although I am also a seventh-layer cultivation technique, the difference in realm is only one line, but the difference is a thousand miles away. This little gap is actually an insurmountable gap. The monks in the Foundation Establishment period may not even have the chance to escape.

Lin Xuan has a tenacious mind, but he is also deeply afraid of death, but he will never give up on the path of immortality no matter what.

After hesitating for a while, Lin Xuan still decided to venture out of the valley and rush to Xiyuejian to collect medicine. Of course, he would not fight an unprepared battle.

First of all, he was going to go to Daofu Mountain.

This time, the conflict in the cultivation world involved not only Piaoyungu and Huolingmen, but also other sects in the Yanzhou realm were also involved and formed alliances with the two factions.

For hundreds of years, Daofu Mountain and Piaoyungu have always been on good terms, watching and helping each other. This time, they naturally became their allies.

And Dao Fu Shan, as the name suggests, just listen to the name of the door, you know that they are good at making talismans.

As for a talisman, although it cannot be compared with a spiritual weapon, it can be cast instantly and does not consume spiritual power. In the battle with Yan Tianheng and Ye Tian, ​​Lin Xuan deeply experienced its benefits.

If you can have more talismans on your body, you may be a little more confident about this trip.

As for the things needed to exchange the talismans, the medicinal pills are too attractive. Fortunately, Lin Xuan is not what he used to be. He has accumulated a lot of spar, which is the official currency used in the cultivation world.

Packed up, put all the treasures in the storage bracelet, and then changed the appearance of a person with the celestial simulacrum, and left Piaoyun Valley.

Unlike the last time I went to Lingyun Sect, Lin Xuan’s spirit control technique has now achieved a small success.

The wind whistling in his ears, the white clouds in front of him, the clouds and the fog, and the feeling of seeing the mountains and small mountains makes Lin Xuan feel relieved. He has left all dangers and difficulties behind him. Grass, the foundation is successful.

At this time, although his flying speed is not a thousand miles, it is quite fast. Daofu Mountain is more than 500 miles away from Piaoyun Valley, and it only took one morning to arrive at the destination.

Lin Xuan retreated to the light, and did not worship the mountain immediately, but rested for a while. After six hours, he could use the Tianmo Mimic again, and then he changed his appearance again and came to visit.

However, Lin Xuan didn’t change out of Piaoyungu’s clothes. Anyway, the other party didn’t know him, not to mention that if the two factions were good friends, it would be more convenient to wear Piaoyungu’s clothes.

“Who is coming?”

After using the art of controlling the wind, not long after walking, I heard a cold shout, and two young monks in their twenties appeared out of thin air a few feet away.

Lin Xuan’s heart froze, knowing that he had accidentally touched the prohibition of Dao Fushan’s warning. If one answer was not good, he would fall into the siege of the formation.

You must know that these large sects are surrounded by layers of restrictions, and the restrictions are divided into two types, one is an early warning, reminding someone to come, and the second is a formation that integrates offense and defense.

And the power of the formation is extremely powerful, not to mention the little monks in the agility stage, they are masters in the foundation stage. A hundred years ago, the “Wuji Tianxing Array” in Piaoyun Valley once killed a master at the condensing stage.

Of course, this is Piaoyun Valley or Daofu Mountain. These are the leading sects in Yanzhou. The formations of other small sects or families are not so powerful, but in any case, they should not be underestimated.

Therefore, although he saw that the two monks blocking the road were not very powerful~IndoMTL.com~ Lin Xuan did not dare to neglect at all, and cupped his hands: “Daoist friend, please, next is Piaoyungu Ye Tian, ​​I have something to worship the mountain. “

“Piaoyungu people?”

After hearing this, the expressions of the two of them were obviously relieved, but of course they did not relax their vigilance completely. The one on the left stroked his forehead with his finger, and a blue light suddenly appeared between his eyebrows.

Seeing his actions, Lin Xuan didn’t take it seriously and stood smiling.

The azure light flickered a few times before it stabilized, and it was shaped like a human eye. This is the spiritual eye technique in the world of self-cultivation. It can see through disguise and cultivation. The trick is to identify whether this person is an enemy or a friend.

This person fixed his gaze on Lin Xuan. After seeing it, his expression first softened, and then he showed a look of surprise. The other party was actually a master of the Dzogchen stage.

Lin Xuan did not hide his cultivation. There is no other reason. Cultivators are all snobbery. If you have high mana, everyone will naturally admire, flatter, and flatter you. But if your cultivation is low, you are lucky if you are not ridiculed. , can still expect to ask for directions?

Anyway, this is Ye Tian’s appearance at the moment. No matter how ostentatious he is, he will not doubt himself afterwards. With such thoughts in mind, Lin Xuan decided to make a high profile.

In front of them are the fake disciples of Piaoyungu, and they are also the elites of the seventh-level cultivation technique. The faces of the two little monks were suddenly filled with pleasing expressions: “Hehe, it turned out to be from Piaoyungu. Senior brother, I am disrespectful and disrespectful, I don’t know if my senior brother is here, what is the important thing, is there any younger brother who can help?”

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