Tempered Immortal Chapter 73: Elder Tian Yuan



“Yeah.” Lin Xuan nodded, pretending to be an expert: “Then there are two brothers and sisters to work on. Brother Yu is here to buy some talismans.”


Yanzhou is located in the frontier, and its level of cultivation is backward. Unlike those areas where there are many cultivation schools and cultivators are prosperous, there is a market for cultivation people to buy and sell things, but Daofu Mountain is a relatively special school. In all fairness, its The cultivator’s skill is not high, but because he is good at making talismans, his strength should not be humiliated.


In addition to the specially made talismans, when their disciples practice the exercises, they often make a lot of talismans by the way.


Of course, not everyone can buy it.


A low-level talisman, as long as there is a spar or an item of equivalent value, no matter who the person is, pay with one hand and deliver with the other, anyway, the sealed inside is only a low-level spell.


For middle-level talismans, they are only sold to some sects that are close to the sect, such as Piaoyungu, or some comprehension families attached to Daofu Mountain.


As for high-level talismans, they are managed very strictly. Under normal circumstances, they are only used for internal exchange among the disciples of this sect. Even allies, unless there are special reasons, will not sell them.


After all, the power of the high-order talisman is too great.



Before Lin Xuan came, he knew the rules of Daofu Mountain. His purpose for this trip was to buy a middle-level talisman. As a disciple of Piaoyungu, he should be able to buy it.


Of course, you have to act according to the circumstances. If possible, it is best to buy some high-level talismans. That way, even if you encounter a cultivator at the foundation-building stage, you will have a little more confidence in escaping.


The customer came to the door, and they were masters of the Dzogchen realm in the agile period. The two little cultivators did not dare to neglect, they looked at each other, and the one on the left said, “That’s the case, Junior Brother Zhang is here to be vigilant, and I will lead Senior Brother Ye. Enter the mountain gate.”


“It’s work.”


Lin Xuan smiled slightly, and the wind control technique unfolded. He was as light as a swallow and floated like a fairy. The two little monks were dazzled and admired even more in their hearts.


“Senior brother wants to buy a talisman, and it just happened to happen. Today is the day of the once a month talisman meeting in this sect.”


“The Day of the Talisman?”


“Yes.” The little cultivator who led the way nodded: “We Daofu Mountain will hold a meeting once a month to set up a stall for the disciples of this sect and foreign friends to exchange and buy talismans.” Speaking of the proud things of this sect, The little cultivator blushed with excitement: “Although there are usually talismans for sale, on the day of the talisman meeting, the types and grades of talismans are much better.”


Lin Xuan’s face was calm, but he was secretly happy in his heart. It seemed that he had good luck.


The two were on their way, chatting while the two were chatting. From the mouth of the little cultivator, Lin Xuan slammed and learned a lot about Daofu Mountain.


As for a question from a seventh-level practitioner, the little cultivator knew everything he could say, and returned the favor. Lin Xuan also gave a few random words on the cultivation method. , allowing Lin Xuan to reveal more secrets.


This is not because Lin Xuan has a strange hobby and likes to inquire about the privacy of other people’s sects, but he is new to your land. Although he is an alliance sect, he is unfamiliar after all. Knowing more about their details will be beneficial to this trip. .


“Senior brother wants to buy a high-level charm?”


Seeing that the little cultivator had no heart, Lin Xuan revealed a little bit of air, hoping to ask for directions by throwing stones to see if he could find a way to buy high-level charms.


“I’m afraid this will be difficult.” Wang Xin frowned: “The senior talisman masters and uncles are very strict, and even the disciples of this sect cannot easily buy them.”


“No way?”


“Not really.” Wang Xin pondered for a while: “It depends mainly on luck. If senior brother can meet Elder Tian Yuan, maybe he can get what he wants.”


“Elder Tian Yuan?”


Lin Xuan recited the name silently. Although he is not lowly cultivated now, he rarely goes out of the valley. Except for the masters of this sect, and for this trip, he specially learned about the troublesome characters of the Fire Spirit Sect. The master of it, it can really be described as ignorant.


Seeing Lin Xuan’s unresponsive appearance, Wang Xin was both surprised and discouraged: “Senior brother, haven’t you heard of Elder Tian Yuan’s name?”


“Hehe, my brother usually prefers to retreat, and he knows very little about the experts in the outside world.”


Hearing what Lin Xuan said, Wang Xin was relieved. Thinking about it, if the senior brother in front of him is not the master of diligent and hard training~IndoMTL.com~ even if Linggen is excellent, how could he be so young and arrive The state of great consummation during the agility period?


Wang Xin cleared his throat, continued talking about Debi, and began to talk about his predecessor, Shi Bolai.


Compared with Piaoyungu and Huolingmen, Daofu Mountain is slightly inferior in strength, and there are no masters who have entered the condensing stage, but don’t underestimate this. These sects have been inherited for thousands of years. Deep, there will be some strong ones.


For example, Master Tian Yuan in Wang Xin’s mouth.


The first master of Daofu Mountain!


It is said that although this old man is a cultivator of the Foundation Establishment stage, he is not necessarily weaker than the master of the Core Condensation stage if he really does it.


“What?” Lin Xuan was stunned. Even with his chengfu, he couldn’t hide the stunned expression on his face. Of course, there was another important reason. It’s like the sky, so there’s no need to hide your emotions.


No wonder he was surprised. Lin Xuan’s time in the realm of self-cultivation was not too short, but this was the first time he had heard of the leapfrog challenge.


The so-called leapfrog challenge does not mean that the cultivator in the middle stage of Lingdong defeats the late stage of Lingdong. Although there are few cases like that, it is the same realm after all. As long as those with weak skills have good magic weapons, or use tactics properly, the weak will defeat the strong. Very normal.


The leapfrog challenge refers to the situation where the agile stage defeats the foundation-building stage, or the foundation-building stage defeats the condensing stage…


In the same realm, only the level of skill is different, the gap is not big, but the difference is different when crossing the realm. For example, the Great Perfection of the Spiritual Stage and the initial stage of foundation building are only separated by a thin line, but the strength is vastly different. This is the case for this Elder Tianyuan. Sturdy, can you leapfrog the challenge?


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