Tempered Immortal Chapter 112: 112



Lin Xuan has his own plans in mind. If he wants to obtain the waste pill, he needs to obtain a certain position in the Spirit Medicine Mountain. If he can become an elder, he will naturally have the right to freely enter and leave the waste pill room.


Although the management of waste pills here is stricter than that of Piaoyun Valley, it is not a finished elixir after all, and there must be loopholes to be drilled.


Different from other sects, the status of a cultivator in Lingyao Mountain is not based on realm and strength, but is proportional to alchemy.


So in order to attract the attention of the other party, Lin Xuan deliberately purified one middle-grade pill, and left the other two to be scrapped. This choice is also elegant. If all three are successful, it will be shocking. The head took a fancy to it, but Lin Xuan still understands the truth.


After thinking about it in his heart, Lin Xuan felt that there should be no flaws in his approach, and then he sat down with his knees crossed and began to practice the exercises. Master Tongyu would come to check tomorrow, and Lin Xuan didn’t want to waste time. Spirit Medicine Mountain.


“Spirit Master, this is your residence. If you have any dissatisfaction or lack of something, please tell the little one.”


A young man in his twenties, with a respectful face, was the outer disciple who had led them into the Spiritual Medicine Mountain yesterday.


“Well, good, you go down!”




Lin Xuan looked at the cave in front of him. It was rebuilt from a natural cave, but it was not crude, and the decoration was very elegant. Living room, practice room, meeting room and storage room are all available.


Especially at the back of the cave house, there is also a separate alchemy room, which introduces the fire of the leylines through delicate restrictions.


Lin Xuan came to the door, and a light blue mask appeared in front of him. When Lin Xuan turned his hand over, there was an extra waist card in his palm. Then, with a light stroke, the blue light lit up, and it automatically separated, revealing a passage for one person to walk through.


Push open the stone door and walk into the alchemy room, which is hundreds of square meters in size. In the center of the room, there is a passage that goes deep into the ground. At the entrance, there is a beast head cast with iron, and the mouth of the beast head is swollen. As long as the magic trick is activated, the fire of the earth veins can be spewed out.


This alchemy room is obviously much better than the one I used in my tests.


Lin Xuan walked around the cave and was very satisfied, but the expression on his face was a little weird, and he couldn’t tell whether he was worried or happy.


In order to gain the attention of the real person Tongyu, Lin Xuan deliberately purified a middle-grade pill. Originally, according to his ideas, this should be more appropriate. It is not too ostentatious, but also shows that he has a good talent for alchemy.


However, the result was different from what Lin Xuan imagined…


It cannot be said that Lin Xuan’s actions are wrong. But including him, ordinary cultivators know too little about alchemy.


For example, Piaoyungu, although in terms of the entire cultivation world, it is not a big sect, but in terms of Yanzhou. It is also one of the best, and the alchemists in the door can only refine low-grade pills.


Although the middle-grade pill is only one level higher, the difficulty of refining is not comparable to that of the low-grade pill.


Even in Spirit Medicine Mountain, only about half of the cultivators who can refine mid-grade pills, except for a few people. The success rate is generally not high.


As a rookie, Lin Xuan has only read a few elixir books and has not received systematic training in alchemy. He actually made a middle-grade elixir. Although there is no lack of luck, it is enough to prove his talent. high.


I can’t blame Master Tongyu for making mistakes in judgment. After all, no one could have guessed that Lin Xuan could actually turn waste into treasure.


Such a genius is a rare occurrence in a hundred years, and Lin Xuan is also a foundation-building practitioner. He had more time to study the technique of alchemy than the disciples in the agile period, so Master Tongyu paid more attention to him.


On the spot, he expressed his willingness to accept Lin Xuan as a disciple.


In terms of cultivation, Master Tongyu is in the middle stage of foundation building, and is only slightly better than Lin Xuan. Of course, he is not enough to be his teacher, but he talks about the technique of alchemy. Look at the cultivation world of the entire Youzhou. Tongyu real person is also second to none, the so-called apprenticeship. Also to teach this skill.


Lin Xuan naturally has no reason not to agree. It’s nice to enjoy the shade under the big tree. With the real master as his master, he is in Lingyao Mountain. Naturally, the tide is rising, and he is much closer to his goal.


However, luck and misfortune depend on each other. Originally, I entered Lingyao Mountain just to defeat the idea of ​​​​abolishing pills, but now I have become a disciple of Master Tongyu…


Lin Xuan took out a few jade tube slips from his arms, all of which were the secrets of alchemy passed down from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain for thousands of years, including the formulas of various medicinal herbs, the ratio of raw materials, the control of the heat, and the methods of alchemy. Some of the issues that I paid attention to, as well as the experience notes of the ancestors of the past dynasties.


It is extremely precious, but Lin Xuan sighed, not because he despised this art, but because the art of alchemy is extensive and profound, how can it be so easy to learn, and Lin Xuan doesn’t want to be distracted because his energy is limited.


However, it has to be dealt with, otherwise the master asks and it is difficult to communicate. Lin Xuan injected his spiritual knowledge into the jade tube and began to understand.


Different from the ordinary alchemy books bought in the Hailong Pavilion, the alchemy techniques recorded in the jade tube slips are extensive and profound, and Lin Xuan soon became addicted to it. It has been three months since I came to Spirit Medicine Mountain.


In the cave, an ordinary-looking young man was holding a jade tube Jane and burying his head in his studies, frowning and thinking from time to time, and even writing and drawing something on the ground.


In the beginning, Lin Xuan studied the secrets of various alchemy techniques just to deal with the master.


However, as the amount of reading increased, Lin Xuan found that alchemy was not as useless as he thought. At least for himself, figuring out the raw material formulas and proportions of various medicinal herbs was very useful for purification.


For example, for the 100 Foundation Establishment Pills in his arms, Lin Xuan only had a 20% success rate at first. The current cultivation base has not improved, and it is still the first-level cultivation technique of the foundation-building stage, but three waste pills can be successfully purified once.


And the reason why the technique of alchemy consumes a lot of energy is that if you want to become an excellent alchemist, you need to keep trying.


Lin Xuan just read the books, but he didn’t spend much time. On the contrary, after each meditation practice, reading the pills can also be regarded as a kind of pastime.


Although he is determined to abolish the pill, Lin Xuan has not taken any action in the past three months. He is impatient and can’t eat hot tofu. Although he is a disciple of the real master, he is just getting started. Everything is too ostentatious and easy. Doubtful.


Anyway, he is already a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage, and he has a two-hundred-year-old Shouyan. It doesn’t matter if he waits a little longer. When doing things, Lin Xuan likes to try his best to be safe.


If you don’t make a move, you’re done. Once you make a move, you must succeed.


Of course, in the past three months, he has not been abandoned. He will purify the waste pills purchased from Taobao, and take one pill every day to practice. Although the amount is too small, it is difficult for him to make any progress in his cultivation, but at least let him The realm of the foundation-building period is more stable.


The road to self-cultivation is long and far. In addition to being smart, the foundation-building period is also a foundation.


In the rest of the time, Lin Xuan began to read a lot of books, and Lingyao Mountain has also been passed down for thousands of years. Although he is not proficient in other techniques except alchemy, and there is no outstanding practice, Lin Xuan holds him in his arms. The stone of the mountain can attack the psychology of jade, and I borrowed it to browse it, and I have some benefits. Lin Xuan didn’t want to learn about alchemy, but he was influenced by it.


Since Spirit Medicine Mountain is famous for alchemy, of course there are also many spirit medicines planted. Lin Xuan asked for a hundred red sagebrush from the medicine garden.


It took a day for Lin Xuan to purify them all.


Whether it’s to cast the demon simulacrum or hide the cultivation base, this elixir needs to be used, but the liquid is too inconvenient to carry.


In the past, Lin Xuan had no other choice. Now that he has read so many elixir books, Lin Xuan is ready to do an experiment on his own.


When he came to the alchemy room, Lin Xuan played a magic formula, and immediately spit out the flaming fire of the leylines from the head of the beast.


Pour the purified red sage green into the cauldron, and then Lin Xuan started refining.


This is a new earth elixir, and there is no experience to refer to.


However, Lin Xuan is very confident, because the books he has read in the past few months record that the more raw materials for alchemy, the more difficult it is to refine.


Take Xisui Dan as an example, there are nine main ingredients alone, and dozens of auxiliary ingredients.


And the ingredients of the pills in the Foundation Establishment period are even more amazing.


This is why it is extremely difficult to refine these pills successfully~IndoMTL.com~ And Lin Xuan just used a raw material of red lingcao green liquid to concoct pills. Even if his skills are poor, the possibility of failure is very small.


What’s more, the magenta velvet grass is not precious. Even if you fail a few times, you can go to the medicine garden to get it. As the head disciple of Lin Xuan, this herb is as much as you want.


With this mentality, Lin Xuan began to make alchemy with confidence and boldness.


Perhaps it is because of a stable state of mind, the technology is fully utilized, and because there is only one raw material, it is very simple to refine.


Two hours later, when Lin Xuan opened the furnace, he smelled a fresh fragrance.


A hint of joy flashed on his face, Lin Xuan made a light move, and hundreds of green medicinal pills flew over and put them all into the bottle.


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