Tempered Immortal Chapter 111: 111



Lin Xuan sips the tea while admiring the murals hanging around. This is a small room, but it is elegantly furnished. It is the reception room where Lingyao Mountain entertains VIPs.


Lin Xuan has been waiting for half an hour, but he is not in a hurry. From the mouth of the outer disciple, he knocked on the side and learned some information about Lingyao Mountain.


The boy was still a little restrained before, but seeing Lin Xuan’s kind words, gradually, he was happy to chat with him. He won the favor of a foundation-building cultivator, which would be of great benefit to him. One or two items can be used for a lifetime.


Although Lin Xuan has no spiritual roots, he is smart. From the boy’s eyes, he has already guessed what he was thinking. After a little pondering, he took out a small sword from his arms. This sword was only a foot long. The cold light flashed, although it was not a spiritual weapon, it also blew his hair and broke his hair. It was unusually sharp, and it also contained a little spiritual power, which was far superior to ordinary weapons in the mortal world. Lin Xuan obtained it from the relics of some unfortunate monk.


This sword is of no use to cultivators. It is very precious when given to ordinary people. Lin Xuan gave it to the boy. The other party was very happy. do.


Learning that several alchemists have recently visited Lingyao Mountain, Lin Xuan’s heart moved…


At this moment, Master Tongyu walked into the VIP room, the boy quickly closed his mouth, bowed respectfully, and then retreated.


Seeing the old man with white beard and white eyebrows walk into the room, Lin Xuan immediately stood up: “I have seen the head!”


“You don’t need to be too polite, you haven’t joined our sect yet. We are equal to each other.”


Although I heard the description in the sound transmission, but seeing Lin Xuan so young, Master Tongyu was still surprised. He succeeded in building a foundation before the age of 20. In the world of self-cultivation, he is a rare genius. The future is boundless, such a person really wants to join Lingyao Mountain?


Lin Xuan had already guessed the other party’s reaction. He looked calm and smiled without saying a word.


“Do you like alchemy?”


“Yes.” Lin Xuan nodded and talked eloquently: “Although the path of self-cultivation is all-encompassing, but I am very obsessed with the technique of alchemy, but I have been suffering without a good teacher. Yearning for it.”


Although Lin Xuan was lying, there was no flaw in his expression. The real Tongyu looked very happy and said, “In that case, fellow Daoist, please come with me.”


Lin Xuan followed him to the front of an alchemy room.


“Fellow Daoists please temporarily store the magic and medicinal materials on your body here.”


Lin Xuan was startled and pondered.


“You don’t have to be suspicious. This is the rule of this sect.” Master Tongyu explained with a smile: “Although daoists love the technique of alchemy, if you want to join this sect, you must prove that you have the talent to learn this way. .”


Unlike Linggen, it is impossible to tell if there is talent in alchemy and needs to be tested. That is, refining medicinal pills on the spot, if the success rate is high, it will naturally be included in the elixir mountain gate. On the contrary, no matter what your cultivation base is, you will also be rejected.


In order to prevent the person being tested from cheating, before entering the alchemy room, he needs to hand over all the elixirs and magic weapons.


“Fellow Daoist, rest assured, this sect has been passed down for thousands of years, and this reputation is still there. Your things are only temporarily kept, and will not be manipulated. After the test is over, it will definitely be returned to Zhao.”


The other party had already said this, so Lin Xuan naturally didn’t want to shirk any more, so he handed over the storage bracelet to the other party, and Master Tongyu put it away properly.


Then he glanced at Lin Xuan with his divine sense, and after confirming that he didn’t hide anything, he took out a jade bottle with a smile: “This contains the raw materials for washing marrow pills, which is enough to refine three pills, said: You Keyi is refining one by one, I will personally check it tomorrow, as long as one succeeds, it proves that you have talent and can join the Spirit Medicine Mountain.”


As the lowest-level pill in the cultivation world, it is not difficult to refine, but the success rate of those big alchemists is only 50%, a rookie who is not deep in alchemy. , if three can succeed once, the talent is already very great.




Lin Xuan took the bottle, his expression remained the same, but his heart skipped a beat.


God help me too!


Originally, Lin Xuan was a little apprehensive about joining Lingyao Mountain. Although he had studied alchemy for a period of time in order to refine the best pills, Lin Xuan knew in his heart that he had no talent. Success, firstly, the secondary tempering is relatively simple, and secondly, he has the perseverance grass to improve the probability, plus a little luck.


If you really want him to make pills, let alone three pills, even if you give ten parts of the raw materials, you may not be able to make them.


In other words, it must be eliminated!


But Lin Xuan is not in a hurry at all, because he has a blue star sea in his body, which can turn waste into treasure. If he fails, he can purify impurities from waste pills.


After saying goodbye to Master Tongyu, Lin Xuan entered the alchemy room, and the stone door behind him slammed shut.


Looking at the fireball burning in the center of the room, Lin Xuan’s face showed a strange color. The flame mountain is well-known. Although it is the fire of the earth, it is not inferior to the innate fire of the monks in the foundation building period. The cauldron is not an ordinary thing. Compared with the major sects, other magic weapons in Lingyao Mountain may not be available, but when it comes to the things required for refining medicine pills, the entire Youzhou is unparalleled.


Lin Xuan stretched out his hand, and the cauldron flew over, and then Lin Xuan poured all the powder in the bottle into it. Since he had the blue star sea as his support, he naturally wouldn’t be stupid one by one. ‘s practiced.


Playing a magic formula to stimulate the fire of the earth veins, Lin Xuan began to try to refine the cleansing pill…


Three hours later.


Lin Xuan opened the lid of the furnace, and suddenly, a burning smell came to his face. It didn’t have the scent of a spirit pill at all. Needless to say, it failed.


Lin Xuan sighed. Although he had something to rely on in his heart, he did refine it with his heart just now. After all, this is also a very useful cultivation skill.


Whether it was because it might be useful in the future, or Lin Xuan subconsciously hoped that he could have something special, he had worked hard just now, but the result was still a failure.


However, Lin Xuan was only depressed for a while, and then put this emotion behind him,


Holding the three medicinal pills in his hand, Lin Xuan pondered for a while, and only took one of them and began to purify them. He did not dare to say about other medicinal medicinal herbs. The realm of the foundation period.


After just a quarter of an hour, the color of the waste pill changed from black to white, and the burnt smell was replaced by a wonderful fragrance, the middle-grade Xisui Dan!


Originally, according to the meaning of Master Tongyu, as long as there is a low-grade pill among the three, Lin Xuan can also join the Lingyao Mountain, but now he has made a middle-grade pill.


Of course, Lin Xuan didn’t do this to show off. His cultivation was dangerous. Lin Xuan always kept a low profile. This time, he suddenly did the opposite, but he had another consideration.


I joined Spirit Medicine Mountain, not because I really like alchemy, as I said, but I want to waste the pills that the faction has accumulated for thousands of years.


Although Lingyao Mountain is famous for its alchemy skills, refining pills is inherently difficult, and failure is inevitable. .


So before refining, the alchemists of Lingyao Mountain will reach an agreement with foreign monks, and even if they fail to refine, they will not be responsible.


Except for special circumstances, such as the last time the master at the condensing stage was too arrogant, the alchemists would do their best and would not deliberately smash the signboard of their sect.


But no matter what, although their success rate is much higher than those of the monks outside, they have also failed a lot over thousands of years, and naturally they have accumulated a lot of waste refining medicines.


Different from when he was in Piaoyungu, Lin Xuan today is already a cultivator of the foundation-building stage, and it is impossible to apply for the management of the abandoned pill room, not to mention that although the abandoned pills of the foundation-building period are relative to the finished pills~IndoMTL.com~ It is garbage, but in fact, it still has some uses, it will not be thrown around, and even has an account. If Lin Xuan wants to take advantage of the loophole, it is obviously unrealistic to take it.


There are some ways to get rid of these waste pills, such as stealing secretly, but after thinking about it, Lin Xuan felt that this was the best strategy and the danger was too great. After all, Lingyao Mountain has been passed down for thousands of years. Although the overall level of the monks in the sect is not high, there are more than a dozen cultivators in the foundation-building stage, not to mention that they are not free to concoct pills, but according to the degree of treasure of the pills, they charge a certain amount of spar as a reward.


Let’s put it this way, in terms of wealth, Lingyao Mountain is not inferior to the three giants in Youzhou, or even better.


With spar, it is natural to buy array equipment like those sects that are good at crafting. There must be many restrictions in the abandoned pill room in Lingyao Mountain.


Once discovered, not only will it lead to death, but also his own plans will be in vain, so Lin Xuan will not do such stupid things as stealing unless it is absolutely necessary.


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