Tempered Immortal Chapter 107: 107


Chapter 107 of the 107th chapter of the second volume of Thief Immortal Grass

“How many spar stones are needed for these waste pills, I want them all.”

A voice came from behind, and the tone was so loud that the little cultivators around the booth all looked at him, an ordinary-looking boy who was a criminal in his twenties.

On the surface, the little monks were a little dissatisfied:

“You want to buy all the waste pills, do you have enough spar?”

“That’s right, he’s just a kid in the middle stage of the agile movement. What are you pulling, you haven’t seen me, sir, are you already in the later stage of cultivation?”

“Boy, dare to commit public anger, do you want me to die?”

Hearing everyone’s accusations, Lin Gan didn’t bother to talk to them. The foundation-building period’s waste pill, he was determined to win, and glanced coldly at the people who made the most trouble.

Wherever their eyes went, the voice stopped abruptly, and several people were shivering, like the prey being stared at by a snake, and their foreheads were covered in cold sweat.

How could it be? He is obviously just a mid-stage cultivator who is weaker than himself. Why is there such a terrifying coercion?

The palpitating feeling was fleeting, and the little cultivators thought they had hallucinations, but they were somewhat apprehensive and didn’t dare to speak indiscriminately.

“We buy the medicinal pills, each with spar, and the one with the highest price will get it. I don’t mean to force it. If you are willing to pay a higher price, you can also buy the spent pills.”

Lin Gan said, and took out twenty spar from the storage bracelet. The stall owner only had one bottle of waste pills. According to the effect they said, the price was already very high.

Several low-level cultivators looked at each other in dismay, but they didn’t show any intention of fighting. Three to five waste pills were equivalent to a low-grade pulp washing pill. A bottle sells 20 spar, they are not so luxurious.

Under the envious and envious eyes of everyone. Lin Xuan bought the waste pill.

It can be said to be an unexpected joy. Lin Gan did not expect that he would be able to scour the waste pills of the foundation-building stage. Although a hundred pills are a little less, he can also support his own practice for a while.

Lingyaoshan, Lin Xuan has a plan in his heart.

After continuing to stroll around the market for a while, Lin Xuan didn’t find any other items that could be sold. It’s no wonder, after all, he is also in the stage of foundation building. At this level of trade fairs, the chances of buying treasures are very low.

Since there is no need for anything, Lin Gan does not intend to continue to delay here. Just as he was about to leave, suddenly, a loud explosion sounded.


It was deafening, the ground kept shaking, and the monks who were trading were all stunned, looking at each other, what was wrong. The explosion came from the direction of the Fangshi entrance. The simple fishing magic array has been swept away, and the sky is covered with dark clouds…

“Look, what is that?”

A mass of black energy appeared in the empty sky, and it kept reciting, and a powerful spiritual pressure was transmitted from it.

Cultivators of the Foundation Establishment Period!

Lin Xuan frowned, this person’s breath was very violent. At first glance, it is a bad visitor.

“The little guy in there listened, hand over all the spar treasures in your hands, or you will be killed without mercy!”

After listening to the words in the black cloud, it was like a bucket of boiling water was poured into the boiling oil, and it exploded with a hum. This kind of thing has happened before, high-level cultivators bullying the weak. If you come to Taobao, you will be robbed.

The world of self-cultivation is a world where the strong eat the weak. But those looters didn’t end well in the end. Originally, there was no him. Although the Taobao participants were all low-level monks, there were also many famous disciples of her. Even if they were not taken seriously, it still depends on the master to beat the dog, and the teachers will definitely save face for them.

So apart from the first few times the Taobao Fair was held, it has become very safe since then, and no one thought that such a thing would happen.

Lin Xuan was calm and didn’t mean to be a stand-up bird. The visitor’s breath was not weak. He should have practiced the second-level exercises of the Foundation Establishment Stage, and he was also a magician.

Before the condensing stage, in the same realm, the magician’s sudden strength was better than that of the immortal.

With the strange and evil exercises, Xiang Dang is tricky. Without a certain grasp of absolute strength, Lin Xuan would not make a foolish move.

Let’s wait and see what happens!

“This senior, we are just some low-level disciples in the agile period. There is no congratulations on your body, so you will raise your hand…”

Although the speaker was only twenty-seven or eighty-years-old, he was dressed like a son of an aristocratic family. Judging from the situation, he should be one of the convener of this Taobao meeting.

“Let’s be less wordy, I’ll spare your life if you hand over the treasure, or you’ll go back to **** and make your own choice.” A hoarse and unpleasant voice came from the black cloud, without a trace of emotion.

The so-called newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, and many people can strengthen their courage. Although the other party is a master of the foundation period, such a clear grab also aroused the anger of the people present, and immediately a hot-tempered young man said: “Everyone respects you. A senior, don’t rely on the old and sell the old, what about a higher realm, so many of us, are we still afraid of you?”|

“Boy, you’re fine…”

The voice in the dark cloud laughed in anger, and Lin Xuan sighed. Young man, he is a little impulsive in doing things, and he still doesn’t understand the truth of the misfortune coming out of his mouth.

A trace of black air was separated from the dark cloud, and it seemed to be slow and fast, sweeping towards the young man.

Almost instantly, it wrapped around his body, and then gently circled.


The scream of horror was uttered by a female cultivator next to him. In just a few seconds, the arrogant boy who was still alive and kicking just now seemed to have been sucked up by something, and his body quickly withered down and changed. became a corpse.

“You… you are a cultivator?”

Although those present were all rookies, they also recognized his identity from the other party’s strange exercises, and panic and anxiety spread among these low-level monks.

Although cultivators are not necessarily good things, at least no cultivators are addicted to killing evil.

“Well, if you don’t act obediently, he will be your fate.”

“This senior, this junior is a disciple of Leiyun Villa, can you please tell me.” Another young man stood up and took out a pocket card from his body.

“Oh, Thundercloud Villa.”

“Yeah, can seniors see it for the sake of our family…”

Before he finished speaking, another trace of black anger wrapped the self-proclaimed smart guy. In the dark cloud, a smirk came out: “What about the three major sects in Youzhou, I hate others to threaten me the most.”

Seeing that the second person was sucked into a mummified corpse, the cultivators chose to remain silent in their shock.

There are also smart people who noticed a detail and sighed silently in private. Don’t look at the arrogant robber, but he is actually very careful. From beginning to end, he has been hiding in the dark clouds and never showed his face. Apart from the demon cultivators at the base stage, there is no extra information at all, which means that if you want to ask the teacher for revenge afterwards, it will be difficult to find the righteous master.

Lin Xuan glanced at the people around him, and saw that everyone had different expressions, some were frightened, some were angry, and some seemed to have succumbed.

“A bunch of useless guys!”

A sneer hangs on the corner of Lin Xuan’s mouth. He is not that great. He has the consciousness of being the savior of the world. With his own speed of escape, he can definitely easily leave this place of right and wrong. Even if the other party wants to stop him, he only needs to show his cultivation. , the other party can never be stupid enough to grab a monk of the same rank.

As for these people next to you, what is your business?

Don’t say that Lin Xuan is cold-blooded, the world of immortality is a selfish world, not to mention that people have to rely on themselves, and don’t rely on others for help.

Strictly speaking, the current passive situation is also caused by these people’s own failure to live up to their expectations. If they can unite a little, even though the other party is in the foundation-building stage, can they really be able to compete with each other? At the same time, the superposition of a thousand low-level spells can also beat the other party to shit.

Why do you need to save such a person yourself?

The silence didn’t last long, and the unpleasant voice in the dark cloud came out again: “Why, have you thought about it? If you want the treasure, it will still kill you. If you don’t give it, I will kill you.”

After speaking, the divine sense locked on a cultivator in front of him.

“Senior, calm down, calm down, don’t do anything, just give it to junior.”

Seeing the evil spirit staring at him, the man was so frightened that his face was blue and his lips were white, he hesitated, and finally chose to give in.

“Okay, then hand over all your treasures~IndoMTL.com~As long as you dare to keep one…”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.”

The man was as timid as a mouse, he took out the storage bag tremblingly, with a painful expression on his face, he poured onto the ground, five or six crystal stones, several talismans, and a few herbs. There is nothing else.

“Hmph, poor ghost!” Wu Yun snorted dissatisfiedly, but did not break his promise: “You can go.”

“Thank you, senior.”

The man reluctantly glanced at the treasures on the ground. Although these things were really hard to see for a cultivator of the Foundation Establishment period, his cultivation technique was only on the third floor, and he was robbed today. , is half a lifetime savings.

Some people take the lead, and more and more cultivators choose to surrender below. There are also a few people who are clever and want to secretly hide a few treasures. As a result, they can’t escape the consciousness of the masters of the foundation period, and all blood splashes on the ground…

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