Tempered Immortal Chapter 106: 106



Lin Xuan transported his spiritual power to his eyes, and the illusion in front of him suddenly disappeared, and a small market appeared in his sight.


The size of the market is small, only several thousand square meters, but there are thousands of monks participating.


Lin Xuan released his divine sense and looked around a little. As expected, the three brothers and sisters were all low-level monks in the agility period.


Although everyone’s mana is not high, Taobao will be very lively. Here, there are no fixed shops, and no one knows what is specific. You need to find it yourself. After you fancy what you want, you can take crystals. Stones can be purchased and can also be bartered.


Lin Xuan wandered slowly in the market.


I have to say that the level of Youzhou’s cultivation world is really different.


In this place dubbed by the high-ranking cultivators as the “Scrap Trade Fair”, Lin Xuan actually saw several spiritual artifacts. Although they were all low-quality artifacts, if they were placed in Yanzhou, this situation would be unbelievable.


Of course, with Lin Xuan’s net worth, he would naturally not be interested in such garbage, but a few small monks with cultivation bases on the fifth and sixth floors of the agility period, shouting and shouting, if they have obtained a treasure, in order to compete for spirituality The ownership of the device has caused tensions.


A smile appeared on the corner of Lin Xuan’s mouth. Two years ago, he would probably have behaved like this when he saw a spiritual tool. Things changed over time, but the blue star sea in his body changed his destiny. In just two years In time, let himself enter the foundation from the garbage cultivator of the first-level cultivation technique.


Now looking back at these low-level monks, it really feels like a lifetime.


However, there are only a few finished spirit artifacts. Most people sell low-level materials and talismans. Lin Xuan was disappointed. field.


Just as he was a little discouraged and was about to leave Fang Market, suddenly, a sign caught his eye.


“Waste Elixir”. The four words made Lin Xuan ecstatic, of course. On the surface, he still looked indifferent and walked over.


The stall owner is a middle-aged man in his forties, surrounded by a few young cultivators.


“Boss, you have an elixir here


“Yes, but it’s a waste pill.”


“Abandoned pills?” The monks looked at each other: “Abandoned pills are also sold?”


“Is there any mistake? Eating waste pills is harmful to the body.”


“You don’t understand this.” The stall owner seemed confident: “For us spiritual practitioners, it is of course harmful to the body to eat the waste pill of washing the marrow, but if it is a higher-level foundation pill. What about Yuan Dan’s waste pill?”


“Aren’t those only used by seniors in the Foundation Establishment period?”


“Yes, it’s a foundation-building elixir. This high-grade pill is made from much more precious materials than the marrow-washing pill. Even if it is used after refining, it will not be harmful to the body.”




“Why am I lying to you?” The stall owner angrily took out a waist card with three seal characters “Spirit Medicine Mountain.”


Lin Xuan’s heart moved, although he came to Youzhou for a short time. However, I have also heard the name of Lingyao Mountain, although in terms of strength, it can only be ranked the last among the many sects in Youzhou.


However, even Biyun Mountain, First Line Gorge, and Leiyun Mountain Villa, the three most powerful giants in Youzhou, would not easily offend Lingyao Mountain.


A sect with a very detached status.


Because the monks in this sect have average mana, but everyone is good at alchemy.


A journey of self-cultivation, Paul Vientiane, everyone knows the importance of alchemy. However, there are very few cultivators willing to study.


There is no other reason. This technique can be said to be making wedding gowns for others. If you want to become a high-level alchemist, you need to spend a lot of time to study, but your energy is limited, even for cultivators. You spend too much time on alchemy. Naturally, there is no energy to learn other spells. Improve the practice.


This is obviously contrary to the original intention of pursuing immortality.


So, except for the very few people who are really interested in alchemy. Other cultivators rarely practice, at most they just get to know them and practice at the entry level.


Alchemy masters are rare, but one can cultivate one’s true self without medicine.


This makes the status of an alchemist extremely detached. Even a monk in the agile period, as long as his alchemy skills are brilliant, a monk who is much stronger than him will show respect.


In Youzhou, no one wants to offend Lingyao Mountain, whether it is a sect, a family, or a loose cultivator, because in addition to the lowest-level pills such as Xisui Dan, which can be tempered by themselves, other high-level pills are all different. After the party has collected the materials, he will give it to the spar, and ask the elixir to refine it on behalf of the mountain.


They have a relatively high success rate.


A person cannot be seen, and the sea cannot be measured. This middle-aged uncle with the head of a roe and mouse is actually a person from the Spirit Medicine Mountains. Although the pattern on the waist card shows that he is only a low-level apprentice, everyone dare not despise him.


“Disrespectful, disrespectful, it turns out that your Excellency is an alchemist.” A low-level cultivator clasped his fists and saluted: “You just said that eating the discarded pills in the foundation-building stage is also beneficial to improving one’s cultivation. What’s the matter?”


“Yeah, tell us about it.”


Seeing everyone’s adoring gazes, the middle-aged uncle showed a hint of color on his face: “If the waste pills of the foundation-building period are taken by the seniors of the foundation-building period, of course, it will not help in improving one’s cultivation, but at least it does not help. It will damage the body.”


“That is to say, it’s not bad or bad~IndoMTL.com~ Eat it for free?”


“Yes.” The stall owner nodded: “But if these waste pills are to be taken by our disciples in the agile period, because the refined herbs are much more precious than the pills, so how much is it to improve the cultivation level? would be of some help.”


“How much help?”


“It’s hard to say.” The middle-aged uncle showed a hint of embarrassment on his face: “It depends on how many impurities are in it, it is difficult to measure. In short, the efficacy of one pill for foundation building is equivalent to one pill. One-fifth to one-third of the lower grade Xisui Dan.”


“There’s only so much!” Everyone was disappointed, but after being frustrated, they were still ready to buy spar stones. It’s no wonder, after all, for low-level monks like them, even if they are disciples of the sect, they can get it every month. There is only a small amount of Xisui Dan, which is not enough for cultivation.


If it is a loose cultivator or a person from a small family, it will be even worse. There is no elixir at all. You can only rely on hard training. This kind of elixir that can improve your cultivation will not be available even in a big market. There is a sale, although the effect of the waste pill in front of me is a little worse, but it is always better than nothing. Buy it first and then talk about it. Climbing the ^book^ net, this chapter starts with “”


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