Tempered Immortal Chapter 104: 104


He was ecstatic, but on the surface, Lin Xuan still maintained an indifferent expression, like a little ghost telling the benefits of recognizing himself as the master.

“Consolidate the body, cultivate the Tao and become an immortal.” Lin Er heard this, and she had no choice now, so she naturally agreed with great joy.

Lin Xuan cut his finger, dripped a drop of blood, and used Taoism to integrate into Lin Er’s soul, ending the ceremony of recognizing the master. Even if she can survive the calamity and become a ghost fairy, she must obey herself.

Then Lin Xuan took out a blank jade tube slip and copied it into it. This exercise was acquired by Lin Xuan by accident. Although it was only an introduction, to Lin Er, It’s enough for the time being. After she successfully establishes her foundation, she will help her find better exercises later.

After the matter was settled, Lin Xuan began to attack like a foundation-building period.

He chose a secluded room with abundant spiritual energy, and began to practice. Lin Xuan took a top-quality cleansing pill, and then meditated to practice Qi.

The legendary pills are different. Originally, Lin Xuan’s high-grade pills were almost useless, but after taking the top-grade pills, he felt a cold and clear current. Lin Xuan didn’t dare to neglect and began to do the big Zhoutian cycle. .

After all the medicinal powers were refined, Lin Xuan felt that his cultivation, which had not been improved for a long time, had strengthened a bit.

The foundation building was not successful, but Lin Xuan was not disappointed. But it certainly won’t be smooth sailing.

Continue to practice. More than March.

With a creak, the door that had been closed for nearly a hundred days was finally pushed open, and Lin Xuan walked out.


A pleasant whimper reaches the ear. Lin Xuan turned his head and saw the little ghost floating over. Compared with before, Lin’er’s form appeared clearer. And she is no longer afraid of the sun. It seems that she has made good progress in her practice of ghosts in the past 100 days.

“Have you succeeded in building a foundation?”

Lin Xuan nodded. Without spiritual roots to cultivate immortals, the difficulties that outsiders would encounter is truly unimaginable. If it were Qin Yan instead. A mid-grade pill can easily build a foundation, but you can do it yourself. The Heaven-defying Need Pill was barely able to succeed after eating almost a whole pot.

The past is unbearable to look back on. Lin Xuan no longer thinks about the hardships and hardships he has gone through, and squeezes his fist lightly. Feeling the abundant spiritual power, Ku finally didn’t suffer in vain, and now he is already a cultivator in the foundation-building stage.

“Master, what’s the matter, you don’t open

Lin Er Bingxue is smart, and she can see Lin Xuan’s gloomy mood at a glance. Of course, this is also because the two have a master-servant contract, and Lin Xuan doesn’t have to hide everything from her.

“It’s fine.”

Lin Xuan shook his head. He was worried about his future cultivation. It was certainly a good thing to enter the foundation-building stage, but Lin Xuan found that cultivation was even more difficult for himself without spiritual roots.

With previous experience, Lin Xuan knows that hard work alone is not enough. Ordinary people must have a lot of medicinal pills to take. Otherwise, nothing can be achieved.

Although there are still a few of the top-grade Xisui Dan. There are thousands of discarded pills left in the storage ring, which can be cultivated in every realm. The earth pills that need to be used are different. Even if it is a top-quality cleansing pill, if you take it by yourself, it will not help your cultivation in the slightest.

There are two kinds of pills used in the foundation building period, the foundation building pill and the solid foundation Peiyuan pill.

The function of Foundation Establishment Pill is similar to the effect of Washing Marrow Pill on cultivators in the agile period, while Guben Peiyuan Pill can be heard from the name. It can strengthen the body and expand the meridians, so that the body of the monk can accommodate More spiritual power belongs to the auxiliary nature.

Don’t underestimate it. Although the foundation-building stage is a higher level, it is still laying the foundation for the long road to immortality.

It is said that taking more pills to strengthen the foundation can increase the probability of entering the pill condensing stage. Of course, it is just a legend, and it has no meaning for Lin Xuan. It is too far away, he has just established base.

Although Lin Xuan doesn’t have spiritual roots, he has great ambitions. He will never be satisfied with just building a foundation, but also launch an attack like a higher level of self-cultivation.

Now that there are exercises, the “Nine Heavens Profound Technique” is incomparably wonderful.

Different from other cultivators, Lin Xuan has the ability to purify the earth. He only needs to scrap the pills and he can create an incomparably wonderful pill.

Where can I find the waste pill?

In the past, as the manager of the abandoned pill house in Piaoyun Valley, I naturally didn’t have to worry about the source, but now I’m a loose cultivator, and I don’t know where to go.

Is it still necessary to assume a martial art?

Lin Xuan began to think in his heart, although Youzhou’s level is one level higher than Yanzhou, but most of the monks are still in the agile period. The sect is not difficult, and it can even be said to be very popular.

After Lin Xuan’s evaluation, he felt that this was the next best thing.

Firstly, I don’t want to be bound any more, secondly, the sects that join the sects don’t necessarily have the foundation-building period, and there is no other reason. Find it, so the sect will refine it uniformly and distribute it to the disciples.

It’s different if you can build a base Dan~IndoMTL.com~ Don’t look at it just one level higher, the materials that can refine it are much more precious, let alone Piaoyungu, even those big factions will not Refined, and then distributed to disciples as welfare.

If a cultivator in the foundation-building stage wants a medicinal pill, he needs to find the medicinal material by himself, and then either make it himself, or pay the alchemist a certain amount of spar and ask them to make it for him.

In other words, there are waste pills for washing marrow pills in the sect, but there will never be waste pills in the foundation-building stage.

And take 10,000 steps back and say, even if there is, Lin Xuan, as a foundation-building cultivator, applied for the management of the abandoned pill room, and did not attract the eyes of others. Other immortal cultivators are not idiots, just a little After thinking about it, you will realize that there must be something tricky in it, and Lin Xuan would not do such a silly thing to actively cause trouble.

“Son, let’s go.”

Although I encountered difficulties in my future cultivation, Lin Xuan believed that he would come up with an idea to solve it. The little ghost turned into a ray of white light and flew into Lin Xuan’s sleeve.

Then Lin Xuan swayed and left the manor. The imperial utensil flew away like a distant place. A more exciting and splendid world of self-cultivation was still waiting for him. Climbing the ^book^ net, this chapter starts with “”


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