Tempered Immortal Chapter 103: 103


Youzhou has ninety-nine-eighty-one cities. “Tianshui” is one of the largest cities in the south of it. It is located in the main traffic road, with prosperous commerce and a large population.

Three days later, Lin Xuan came to the outskirts of Tianshui City, meditated on the city’s information, nodded with satisfaction, building a foundation here is also an excellent choice.

Ordinary cultivators always choose a place off the beaten track. Because they practice the exercises, it is the most taboo to be disturbed by others. Some cultivators even open their caves in the gorge of the ghosts, the 100,000-strong mountain, etc. The danger is that no one disturbed it, but it turned into a belly-wrap meal for monsters.

Lin Xuan also chose a barbarous place to refine the best pill last time. It was obviously very hidden, but in the end, an uninvited guest came to the door. Although there was no danger, it really caused Lin Xuan to break out in a cold sweat. .

Fortunately, it’s just alchemy. This time, the attack on the foundation is bound to be even more dangerous. After careful consideration, Lin Xuan finally came up with a sure-fire strategy.

Da Yin is hidden in the city. According to normal thinking logic, cultivators are all poor in retreat, so why not do the opposite and choose a prosperous big city.

There are only a handful of cultivators who pursue the way of heaven and like to stay in the mortal world. That is to say, the chance of encountering danger while building a foundation there is less.

It was still early, so Lin Xuan didn’t panic and walked slowly towards Tianshui.

The solid city wall is made of hundreds of kilograms of boulders, with a wide moat, and a group of majestic soldiers standing at the gate of the city.

After entering Tianshui, Lin Xuan was also filled with emotion when he saw the buildings lined up around him and the crowds of people. Since he stepped into the road of self-cultivation, he has not walked in the mortal world for a long time.

The pursuit of immortality. It doesn’t mean to be ruthless, it’s just a means to pursue longevity, so after seeing a “Fragrance is Blessing” restaurant not far away, Lin Xuan went up without hesitation.

I ordered a table full of delicious seafood. Lin Xuan feasted on his food. After he was full, he called over the hall: “Little Er, is there a good house for sale in Tianshui City?”

“Guest officer, you want to buy real estate, yes, yes, the Li family in Nancheng, Zhang Yuanwai in the eastern suburbs…”

Lin Xuan waved his hand: “I want to find a quiet place. It’s best not to be disturbed all year round.”

“No one bothers me all the year round.” Xiao Er pondered for a while: “There is, but there is, that is…”

“What are you doing hesitating. As long as I meet my requirements, the price is not a problem.” Lin Xuan said while handing him a piece of ingot.

Xiao Er’s eyes suddenly lit up. He had never met such a generous guest. His expression became more respectful: “Thank you for the reward, in the northern suburb of Tianshui City, about ten miles away, there is indeed a good manor, covering an area of ​​several acres, with pavilions, pavilions, garden lakes, everything, originally the richest man in the city, Master Chen The estate. And the manor is very quiet, no one will disturb you, and it is meeting your requirements, just, just…”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xuan frowned, “Then Master Chen doesn’t want to sell it?”

“No, Mr. Chen can’t wait to take action quickly, but this manor is a bit unclean. The people living in it are either suffering from a serious illness for no reason. They just have all kinds of bizarre hallucinations. Some people say that they are haunted.”

Half an hour later, Lin Xuan came to the northern suburbs of Tianshui City. In front of him, there was an exquisite and gorgeous manor, which should be the haunted house mentioned by Xiao Er. After looking at the surrounding environment, Lin Xuan’s face showed The expression of satisfaction is not only quiet, but also has a small spiritual vein, which is an excellent place for monks to practice.

As for the so-called haunting, Lin Xuan didn’t pay attention to it at all. Although Xiao Er said that he had invited many heavenly masters to subdue demons and eliminate demons, they all returned in vain.

“Heavenly Master?” There was a hint of sneer at the corner of Lin Xuan’s mouth. In the eyes of the real cultivators, they were just a bunch of charlatans.

Lin Xuan walked to the door of the manor, knocked on the door, and waited for a while before a hunchbacked old man with white beard and hair finally walked out.


“The old man invited me, I’m here to buy a house.”

“You want to buy a manor?” The old man’s face was full of joy: “One hundred taels of silver.

It was only one hundred taels, and Lin Xuan was taken aback, but he was relieved quickly. Of course, the real value of this manor is far more than that, but who made it a haunted house, so it can only be sold at a low price.

Paying taels of silver and handing over the house deed, after the old man left, Lin Xuan began to look at his new house. In the future, he will build a foundation here.

Different from raising the level of the exercises, from agility to foundation building is a jump in the realm of self-cultivation. Once successful, not only will the spiritual power in the body undergo a qualitative change, but the body will also be washed by the Book of Changes, and the lifespan will increase by one times.

Of course, before that, he still has a little thing to do. Lin Xuan closed his eyes and released his consciousness. After a while, he raised his head, and a playful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Lin Xuan came to the back garden. There was an unremarkable small building here. The door was unlocked and opened with a slight push.

The light in the small building is very dim. It is obviously daytime, but it gives people an eerie feeling, and the temperature seems to have dropped a lot in an instant.


In the corner, there was a woman crying, and the furniture in the room shook inexplicably.

Lin Xuan frowned. He was not interested in messing around with a kid, and he didn’t say much. The spiritual power in his body was revolving. Palm, grab like the corner of the room.

The sound of ghost crying came suddenly, and it was replaced by a scream of panic.

“Want to run?”

Lin Xuan’s consciousness moved, and the transformed palm turned into a gleaming rope, tying the phantom.

“Immortal Master spare your life, Immortal Master spare your life!” Lin Xuan looked at the ghost in front of him. It was a sixteen or seven-year-old girl, with a beautiful face and charming and lovely appearance. Lin Xuan looked at her a few times and pondered.

Don’t get me wrong, Lin Xuan was not attracted to the female ghost’s beauty, but because he found out that this female is actually a pure yin body.

The so-called pure yin body is a name in the world of self-cultivation. With this kind of physique, one can become a ghost cultivator.

Ghost cultivators are different from ordinary Li ghosts. Li ghosts have resentment in their hearts and are unwilling to go to the underworld to reincarnate and re-enter reincarnation. Although their strength can be enhanced with the passage of time, they will lose their intelligence and become more intelligent. like beasts.

The ghost cultivator, like the immortal cultivator and the demon cultivator, not only will not lose his spiritual wisdom, but also can solidify his form after his cultivation is profound.

A person who cultivates the truth can become an immortal, a person who cultivates a demon can become a demon venerable, and a ghost can become a ghost after successfully transcending the calamity.

In other words, a ghost with a pure yin body is equivalent to a living person having spiritual roots, and it is even rarer. Usually, only one lucky person will appear among hundreds of thousands of ghosts.

For the lucky ghost, the chance of becoming a ghost repairer is less than one in 10. If you have talent, you still need someone to recommend you to get started.

Lin Er secretly looked at the young man in front of her. Seeing him staring at her silently, she became more and more frightened. She just liked this manor and didn’t want to be disturbed, and did nothing bad.

Although she became a ghost not long ago, she had accidentally heard the legend of a cultivator, who was like an immortal, and was definitely not something a little ghost like herself could compete with.

I heard that the monks will use the ghosts to sacrifice magic weapons…

“What’s your name?” Just as the little Yinhun was frightened the more he thought about it, and he was frightening himself, Lin Xuan spoke up.

“Lin Er.”

Lin Xuan was stunned, but he had the same surname as himself. He took a closer look at Xiao Yinhun and made sure that he did not admit his mistake before slowly opening his mouth: “You want me to forgive you?”

“Yeah, I beg you, I really didn’t do anything bad.”

“Yes, but you must accept me as Lord.”

“Recognize the Lord?”

“Yes, as long as you recognize me as the master, I will not only spare your life, but also teach you the way of practicing ghosts, and in the future you will condense your body and become an immortal.”

Lin Xuan’s voice was full of temptation. Of course, he was not suddenly soft-hearted or had some kind thoughts, but was thinking about himself.

For cultivators, being able to meet a ghost with a pure yin body can be said to be a great blessing.

As we all know, a cultivator’s strength is made up of several parts ~IndoMTL.com~’s own cultivation base, medicine pill, spar, and magic weapon.

However, this is only the usual situation. The journey of self-cultivation includes everything, including alchemy, drawing talismans, crafting instruments, and formations. In addition, there are also techniques of expelling insects and beasts.

Raising a large group of powerful strange insects, or signing a few powerful monsters as pets are all shortcuts for cultivators to improve their own strength.

However, no matter how difficult it is to keep insects or control monsters, it is more cost-effective to work hard to cultivate and improve one’s own cultivation.

But it is different when you meet a ghost with a pure yin body. Sign a master-servant contract with him, and then let the ghost cultivate by yourself. You can get a servant and thug without spending any energy on your own, and your strength continues to increase. of the kind.

It can even be said that the ghost of the pure yin body can double the strength of a monk,

Everyone knows the benefits of this. However, it is too difficult to find a ghost with a pure yin body. Even a cultivator in the condensing stage spends a hundred years searching in places with strong yin, but in the end he finds nothing. It can only be said that Lin Xuan was very lucky. Climbing the ^book^ net, this chapter starts with “”


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