Technological Supremacy Chapter 475: Shu Lakel VS Cao Yuan’s fateful opponent!


North America, Tennessee, a small town called Clinton.

As the main executive body of the famous Manhattan Project in World War II, Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a city built out of nothing in a barren city. They are far away from the bustling, living a monotonous life between the apartment and the laboratory all year round.

As one of the most important top scientific research institutions in North America, Oak Ridge Laboratory is affiliated to the National Department of Energy, and it has six other sister institutions that are also affiliated to the Department of Energy, namely Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Argonne Laboratory, Fei Rice Laboratory, Brookhaven Laboratory, Lowes Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

This is like a top-level laboratory cluster, and the focus of this laboratory cluster is to fight against the challenges from China in the field of controllable nuclear fusion and all energy-related fields.

The seven major laboratories under the Ministry of Energy are all among the top 15 on earth!

This is North America’s attitude towards controllable fusion technology. They are bound to win. After successive major setbacks, North America will never be reconciled to losing its nuclear hegemony.

As for Huaxia’s nuclear energy field, the national team has been engaged in it at present. Xingchen Technology has a fusion pre-research center. 100 million yuan, and has the right to supplement the secondary budget.

According to the budget system of Xingchen Technology, once the annual budget is determined for those laboratories of a general nature, the headquarters will not increase the budget. If the budget is spent in advance, the workload can only be reduced and the budget for the next year will be released. .

As for the material department, the life science department, and other key departments, the budget can be added. Since the research task is extremely important, even if Lu Tao, the chief financial officer, wants to grab it, he must fully support them in carrying out the research. Fusion Center It just happens to be a member of the company’s key departments.

These circumstances show that Luo Jia attaches great importance to the fusion center, but due to the sensitivity of nuclear forces, it is inconvenient to conduct research with great fanfare without the permission of the national team, but quietly throwing money at the fusion field, the stars Technology does it all the time.

In addition, Xingchen Technology has a tradition of concentrating its efforts on major projects. At present, the entire company’s strength is concentrated on the space elevator project. The Life Science Department is relatively strong because of its independent operation, and researches such as controllable fusion and quantum Although the field is very important, it can only be ranked at the back, behind the three major items of energy, semiconductors and space.

All in all, by observing the research directions of major scientific research institutions in North America, we can judge their plans and assumptions for the future, as well as the fields in which our country will start a life-and-death struggle with North America.

In North America, the number one scientific research giant is NASA, which is in charge of the space program, followed by the Ministry of Energy, which has seven laboratories under it. If the big laboratories merge, there is no doubt that they will be the second NASA.

It can be seen that space and energy are the focus of North American development.

The third scientific research direction is computer. Lincoln Laboratory, which is closely related to MIT, and Bell Labs, a century-old store, are the main representatives of this research direction. In addition, other experiments including NASA and Oak Ridge There are also computer-oriented research projects.

Ranked fourth is the direction of medicine and life sciences. In this field, pharmacological research mainly relies on the major research institutions under the North American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as pharmaceutical giants headed by Pfizer, as well as experiments in major medical schools. laboratory, not to mention the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which claims to be the world’s number one in life sciences.

After being defeated by the Life Science Department of Star Technology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory went underground. The main researcher disappeared overnight, and they don’t know what the **** they were doing.

This phenomenon not only did not reassure Luo Jia, but also made him worried. He repeatedly urged the Wen family brothers to increase investment in the field of life sciences, in case Watson and Reinhardt one day The guy who jumped out suddenly, frightened the whole world.

Ranked fifth is artificial intelligence, mainly relying on Internet companies headed by Google, as well as various colleges and universities for development, but in recent years, the signs of the North American national team entering this research field have become more and more obvious, especially the intelligence of Star Technology After Assistant Little Star was born, national forces including Argonne Labs began to deeply intervene in this field, and outside of North America, the joint project team of Cavendish Labs and Cambridge University in the UK also achieved They have made astonishing progress, and they are all pressing for the status of the little star in the arena.

The sixth is the direction of quantum and superconductivity, which is the project that Chao Anbang, the top genius of Star Technology, is in charge of. On the road of building theory, it is still far from being developed, but the potential is absolutely huge.

Anyway, the great power struggle, the pinnacle duel in human history, is by no means as simple as ordinary people imagine. There are too many areas where China and the United States will compete.

At this moment, Shula Keer came to the high-level meeting room of the Oak Ridge Laboratory in high spirits and waited for the call. He was only 24 years old, and he had already successfully won the 3D chip project, which is definitely enough to be recorded in history achievement.

However, student Shula Keer, who is on his way to the pinnacle of life, is full of thoughts about a man, with messy hair like a chicken coop, always looking awake, and a young Chinese man who seems to have no interest in the real world , thinking about his voice and appearance.

“Cao Yuan! You have become a **** in the field of materials science, and I will also reach the pinnacle of the semiconductor field!”

Shulaker silently recited Cao Yuan’s name in his heart, and gradually clenched his fists, as if harboring some kind of resentment towards Cao Yuan.

If you know Cao Yuan well, you will understand that there is nothing unusual about Shula Keer silently resenting him.

Because Cao Yuan has a physique that is hated by others, which comes from his obsession with abusing food. He is already one of the most important scientists in the world. Cao Yuan’s time should be more precious than gold, but he Spend a lot of time, go to various games, abuse food with your own powerful talent, never get tired of it.

Actually, when Cao Yuan was younger, he was more interested in arguing with others on the forum than in arguing with others. Those who are not able to promote social progress, those who are stubborn by nature, will not be awakened because of their wise views.

Therefore, Cao Yuan gave up the idea of ​​saving those stubborn idiots, and devoted himself to abusing food in the game. Anyway, he made all his opponents depressed, and he was happy.

Shulaker was one of the victims. He would never forget Cao Yuan’s coquettish shot, which directly blew his own head off. Seeing the bright red blood splattered all over the screen, Shulaker was stunned and stunned. He deeply remembered the name of the perpetrator Cao Yuan.

In this world where only lunatics and paranoids can survive, Shulakel can stand out, relying on his capital, in addition to talent, as well as stone-like stubbornness and persistence.

Fight again in the next round, Shula Keer died, and the perpetrator was Cao Yuan.

In the next round, Shula Keer died, and the perpetrator was Cao Yuan, and after the kill, Cao Yuan arrogantly let out a smile with an upturned corner of his mouth. This dismissive attitude completely stabbed him. It hurt Shula Keer’s self-esteem, making him feel blood rushing up, and veins popped up on his forehead.

People have two sides, Cao Yuan is an unparalleled genius, but at the same time, he is also the most arrogant abuser in the game, people always see Cao Yuan with a harmless smiling face, that is Because he vented all his emotions in the game, leaving everyone happy and awake forever.

Shulaker’s character is too stubborn. In the research of 3D chips, it is inevitable to encounter the problem of electron migration. Countless scientists are helpless and even give up. Since the goal of researching 3D chip technology, there has never been even the slightest wavering.

Putting such a character in his personal grievances with Cao Yuan is an endless challenge. Cao Yuan has the habit of changing games constantly. Delete the number and switch to another game.

Shulaker keeps a close eye on the dynamics of Cao Yuan’s social account, wherever Cao Yuan goes, Shulaker will follow wherever he goes.

Thinking about it is also true love, one year, two years, three years, four years, it is already the fifth year in a blink of an eye, poor life is too short, how many five years can there be?

Northwest China, Jiuquan Aerospace Base.

After dinner, Cao Yuan lay in the bathtub as usual, took out his mobile phone, and logged in to the game interface.

“It feels so familiar.” After double-killing a guy named Klein, Cao Yuan shrugged and said to himself.

Habit is an existence that is difficult to change. When walking, take the left foot or the right foot first. When eating noodles, drink a sip of soup first, and then eat noodles.

Games are the same. Some people play like foxes, who like to hide in corners to intimidate the enemy. Others are like brave men, always rushing to the front line of the battle, holding a giant sword, making fierce moves, opening and closing. .

Cao Yuan keenly noticed that the style of this netizen named Klein seemed familiar. In fact, whenever Cao Yuan started a new game journey, he would always meet someone similar to Klein. His name might be Cristiano. Maybe Browning Salgado, with a different name and a different image, but the fighting style will always be the same.


Cao Yuan didn’t think too much, he killed Klein for the third time with a wonderful roundabout kill, and then moved along the edge of the map to the next assembly point.

“It’s so boring. Always fighting against such boring opponents will make my game level regress, but this guy just likes fighting me.”

Thinking of this, Cao Yuan typed in the game chat channel, “Please, can you stop following me and find someone else to play with, I’m very busy…”


The hand holding the phone is trembling, but the heart is bleeding.

“Dr. Shulakel?”

Hearing the Lakel let out a long breath, looked up, and saw a beautiful secretary with blond hair smiling at him.

“You are the scientist who likes to play games the most I have ever seen. You have to play a game for a while. I really don’t know how attractive the game is. The director asked me to inform you that the guests from Washington have already Get ready, they want to see you.” Miss Secretary said.

Shulaker stood up, thought for a while, and reluctantly turned the phone to silent, put it in his pants pocket, and strode towards the meeting room.

“Congratulations, Dr. Shulakel! I was in the conference room just now, listening to the director and the guests in Washington full of praise for you!” The secretary added behind Shulakel.

Full of praise?

Shulaker didn’t have any pride in his heart, all he could think about was the Chinese man with messy hair like a chicken coop, always as inattentive as if he couldn’t wake up.

That name is Cao Yuan, his fateful opponent.


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