Technological Supremacy Chapter 474: Deep Learning Neural Networks!


The time came to the next day in a blink of an eye. The brainstorming team has a regular meeting every Monday, but if it suddenly gathers outside the regular meeting, it means that the company has to assign temporary tasks, and the priority of such temporary tasks, Also tends to be higher.

In the huge conference room, the number of people is much smaller than before. Luo Jia knows that since the space program started, more and more scientists are stationed at the Jiuquan launch base to solve various intractable diseases that appear on the site, but these are not in The scientists at the headquarters will also participate in meetings remotely via video, so the combat effectiveness of the brainstorming team is still extremely strong.

Going to the podium, Luo Jia told everyone that the Semiconductor Alliance is developing 3D chips, and it has been successful, and it will be put into mass production in recent months.

Assuming that the western threat to Xingchen Technology is optical projects, for example, they have produced higher-definition cameras and sensors, Luo Jia will not temporarily convene a brainstorming group. After all, the camera cannot pose a major threat to Xingchen Technology .

“But semiconductors are different. It is too important and belongs to the field of absolute hegemony. It is necessary to maintain a comprehensive suppression of the West! They will never be allowed to make a comeback, and they will not even be allowed to reach a level comparable to ours.” Luo Jia. Said.

“I’m going, isn’t it very domineering? Maintaining a comprehensive suppression of the West, have we become so arrogant before we know it?”

“In this world, we are the pioneers in the field of science and technology! In the future, we must gradually adapt to this role change. After all, there will definitely be many examples in the future where the West is desperately catching up with us.”

Scientists are thinking in their hearts that everyone used to challenge the West with all their strength, but now it is completely reversed. The challenger has become the defensive side, and has become the object of the challenge. It takes a while to adapt.

Similarly, Western scientists are slowly adapting to their roles, letting go of their arrogance, and listening carefully to the voices of the far east. Unfortunately, it is easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but it is difficult to go from luxury to frugality. China is adapting to the role of leader The pace of development is far faster than that of the West. So far, most Westerners are still living in the glory brought to them by the industrial revolution and **** colonization, and refuse to face the reality.

Don’t be surprised if you see more and more xenophobic behaviors against Chinese Americans in the news, such as Chinese women being insulted for no reason, being beaten on the subway for no reason, telling Chinese people to go back, etc. Because rejection is a human instinctive response to threats, the more severe the rejection, the higher the threat.

Luo Jia saw that the expressions of the brainstorming group quickly became serious. After all, they are the smartest group of people on earth, and they know which is more important.

Because Xingchen Technology has the supremacy of semiconductors, they have further established supercomputing supremacy by using the world’s most powerful processors.

The star supercomputing clusters all over China have directly raised the degree of automation of scientific research in our country to an unprecedented level. If you are interested, even elementary school students can use supercomputing to model the Big Bang, which greatly expands the boundaries of science. The vision of young people.

The ancients told us long ago that if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. Human beings are different from animals because we have advanced tools.

Chinese young people who have been using supercomputing since they were young and constantly simulating cutting-edge technology will undoubtedly have a broader vision than foreign young people. Gradually pull away.

This phenomenon is the legendary educational hegemony!

If a nation has hegemony over education, what else can stop it in the future?

One hair will affect the whole body. The leading advantage in the semiconductor field is the basis for the overall leadership of the entire China. Luo Jia has emphasized this point more than once in his column.


Luo Jia didn’t talk nonsense. After explaining the situation, he took out the whiteboard and wrote quickly on it.

To put it simply, the so-called 3D chip is chip stacking technology. Traditional chip design is like a bungalow, while 3D chip technology is like a building. Different technical grades require different strengths of raw materials.

After writing, Luo Jia said earnestly: “Graphene is an epoch-making new material. Carbon nanotransistors and RRAMs made of graphene can be constructed perpendicular to each other, as shown in Figures 1 to 3. A 3D chip structure with interleaved layers of logic and memory is formed, which effectively expands the bottleneck of data transmission…”

Luo Jia began to explain the technology. These technologies are of course inherited from the Golden Dome, but Luo Jia is a hardworking person. He is used to integrating the technologies of extraterrestrial civilizations and combining them with the reality of the earth to form a new set of solutions.

As Luo Jia explained, scientists gradually realized that 3D chips can also stack sensor chips built with graphene nanotransistors to form a more powerful single chip.

In this way, the chip becomes a honeycomb, interconnected with each other, but the independent computing and highly collaborative capabilities are extremely increased, which seems to be a design different from the past, whether it was resetting the architecture or even building a supercomputing cluster. When designing 3D chips, Luo Jia put more emphasis on overall performance, but when designing 3D chips, Luo Jia put more emphasis on independent computing…

“This is a deep neural computing network!?”

As expected of being the boss of the semiconductor department, Fang Yuanchu was the first to react, stood up excitedly, and exclaimed.

Suddenly, everyone became excited, carefully staring at the densely packed data and formulas on the whiteboard, and staring at Luo Jia’s crooked sketch of the deep neural computing architecture.

“Yes!” Luo Jia said frankly: “As we all know, there are four steps to solve the learning ability of artificial intelligence, namely machine learning, deep learning, neural network, and deep learning neural network.”

“Machine learning technology is the first generation form. IBM Group’s supercomputer Deep Blue, which defeated chess master Garry Kasparov, is one of them. Although it is relatively simple, Deep Blue is indeed the prototype of the first generation of artificial intelligence learning made by humans. “

“With the development and evolution of machine learning, Google’s Alpha Dog was born, and defeated the world’s strongest player in the Go game. South Korea’s Lee Sedol and my country’s Ke Jie were in the limelight for a while. But ordinary people don’t understand that Google’s Alpha series is not just one solution, but a collection of many solutions, in addition to the Alpha Dog we are familiar with, there is also Alpha Zero.”

“October 20, 2017, Alpha Dog, who is regarded as invincible in the eyes of ordinary people, was crushed by its brother Alpha Zero with a 99-to-0 advantage. As for the basic research and development direction, as for AlphaGo, it is more hype for the outside world, and it is used as an existence for everyone to talk about after dinner. Google’s real technical route has been established as early as the end of 2017. It is not AlphaGo, but a stronger one. Alpha zero!”

When Luo Jia said this, the scientists in the Brainstorm Group nodded, just like Star Technology would not leak the real cutting-edge technology, the technology that Google showed the world may not be their most advanced technology of.

Real technology enthusiasts know that in terms of hardware, carbon nanotube plus 3D chip technology, coupled with quantum computing technology, is the real killer in the West, and in terms of software, artificial intelligence represented by Alpha Zero The intelligent learning mechanism will be China’s primary opponent in the next hundred years.

After a pause, Luo Jia continued: “The public has always thought that China can manufacture CPU and memory chips, even if it catches up with the Western chip hegemony, this kind of thinking is actually beautiful and simple in our opinion. wish.”

“The world is very complicated, and the semiconductor field, which gathers the world’s top intelligence, is even more complicated. It has only been half a year since it took the throne of semiconductors, and the challenges of the West have come one after another. And I have no doubt that 3D chips are just the beginning. Elsewhere, a tiger awaits us.”

“So I decided, while solving the 3D chip technology, I planted another depth bomb, which is the deep learning neural network you see now.”

After speaking, Luo Jia observed everyone’s reactions. Generally speaking, most scientists were very excited, but there were also many people who showed worried expressions.

Xingxing, the artificial intelligence assistant launched by Xingchen Technology, has always been operating on the basis of the third-generation learning mechanism, that is, neural network learning. Due to the existence of technical bottlenecks, Xingxing’s potential has not fully exploded.

If the learning mechanism of the little star changes from the third-generation neural network to the fourth-generation deep learning neural network, then the potential of this artificial intelligence will be greatly released, and it will be able to do more complex tasks.

Luo Jia turned his attention to the Wen family brothers, “The Department of Life Sciences needs to work hard. Metabolism control technology involves food and agricultural safety. I can only do so when everyone can have enough to eat even if they don’t work.” Will consider attempts towards artificial intelligence and robotics. The current deep learning neural network is just a precondition. We may or may not use it, depending on people’s acceptance of artificial intelligence and the expansion of social productivity. to decide.”

The Wen family brothers felt embarrassed, but still nodded lightly, determined to work harder in the future. There are golden domes for technical guidance in other directions. Only life science is crossing the river by feeling the stones. It is no exaggeration to say, It is not easy for Xingchen Technology to develop such a powerful life science department without the inheritance of the Golden Dome.

But what Luo Jia didn’t expect was that had a very bad chain reaction due to the rapid progress in the field of life sciences.

The activation of the immune system can resist viruses and deal with most diseases, which leads people to pay less and less attention to physical exercise. Parents who are keen on education let their children spend more time studying. They feel that anyway, they spend less time You won’t get sick even if you don’t have one physical education class, just spend more time learning knowledge.

Adults who don’t know self-discipline are even worse. They smoke and drink, and they don’t care about their bodies. Anyway, their health is supported by Xingchen technology, and they can’t die. What’s wrong with drinking two more glasses? It’s over!

For this reason, Luo Jia also has a headache.

Seeing that no one had any comments, Luo Jia announced the adjournment of the meeting.

As a countermeasure, Star Technology will launch its own 3D chip in the near future. For this reason, all technologies from optical technology to chip packaging need to be upgraded to adapt to the new production arrangement.

To this end, all departments will fully cooperate. While implementing the space program, the 3D chip research and development tasks will also be arranged and prioritized. After all, semiconductors are the core technology that must not be given up.


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