Technological Supremacy Chapter 403: It is always sad to sanction Xingchen Technology in North America during the rainy season!


Chen Haonan, the leader of the Hongxing Society, once said that walking in the rivers and lakes depends on three things, being ruthless, being loyal, and having many brothers.

Sounds simple, but it is not an easy task to truly be friends with everyone in the world. When Huawei was sanctioned by the West, it won the crazy support of the people all over the country, and the sales volume skyrocketed. Ruhong directly takes half of the industry, overwhelming all colleagues.

At the same time, Boss Li of Baidu, who is also a bigwig in the industry, was poured over his head with mineral water at the AI ​​conference. Hero, Boss Li is as embarrassed as a rat crossing the street.

Behind this huge gap is the aspiration of the people. After all, in this world, everyone has to be responsible for what they do. He looks gentle and elegant, but in reality he is a guy with a bad stomach and a mind full of robbers and prostitutes. You can cheat for a while, but you can’t cheat forever.

Eating alone will not last long, and cooperation can win-win. Upholding this belief, Luo Jia likes to recruit aggressively, and treats all partners well, gathering strength together to form the Huaxia Army in international competition.

From April to May, Star Technology Group has been busy writing textbooks, not for themselves, but for all partners, as well as students and teachers in the education field, so that everyone can understand as soon as possible, And use this brand new platform.

The time has come to mid-May, and the world’s major media, partners, and related companies have finally received an official invitation letter. Next Saturday, May 21, Star Technology will hold it for the first time. The future of semiconductors and chips Developer Conference.

The so-called developer conference can be simply understood as an enterprise-level gathering. Ordinary consumers will not be invited. Those who go to the scene are companies such as Ziguang, Huawei, related media, academic experts, etc.

The reason why Xingchen Technology held a developer conference instead of a product launch conference is very simple. Take Intel as an example. Although they produce the most powerful CPU in the world, a single CPU is actually useless. For birds.

“Son, in order to reward you for your good grades in the final exam, dad will give you a CPU.”

If you say that, your son will definitely roll his eyes at you. What can a CPU do? It needs to be combined with other hardware such as motherboard, memory, hard disk, monitor, etc., operating system, office software, and the VPN used to log in to the H website. Build a complete computer.

According to the plan, passive components made by Xingchen Technology will be used to produce various boards, Xingchen photolithography machines and photoresists will be used for chip foundry, and Xingchen series CPUs will be used for building All kinds of computer systems, mobile phone systems, and even very large servers.

All in all, Star Technology is only responsible for core components, peripherals and peripherals, and still needs a huge number of supporting companies.

How many companies are needed to cooperate to support this brand new semiconductor architecture?

To be honest, even Luo Jia doesn’t know about this issue. He only knows that semiconductors are the longest industrial chain in the world’s industrial history. So far, no country has ever owned the entire industrial chain.

Huaxia people often proudly declare that we are the only country in the world with a complete industrial system. According to the United Nations ISIC standard, industries are divided into 39 major categories, 121 medium categories, and 525 small categories. Huaxia is the only country that masters all classifications countries, but some of them are classified, and we have not yet achieved global leadership.

However, if this problem is changed to the semiconductor industry, no country in the world dares to promise, because the industrial chain is too long and too complicated.

Not long ago, Neon and South Korea had a bad relationship, and Neon unilaterally announced that it would not sell fluoropolyimide and hydrogen fluoride for sticks in the future. This news seems unimportant to ordinary people. It’s just a chemical product that I haven’t heard of. If you don’t sell it, don’t sell it. At worst, you can find someone else to buy it.

However, the South Korean side went crazy when they got the news!

Without hydrogen fluoride and fluorine polyimide, all their OLED panel production lines would have to lie down. In the long industrial chain of semiconductors, it has long been me in you, and you in me, and no one can do without anyone. The pattern, the types and quantities of products involved are even more difficult to count. Even if it is as powerful as North America, it cannot guarantee that it can create a whole semiconductor industry.

“I hope everyone can make the right choice.” After the 14,637 invitation letters were issued, An Ran raised her eyebrows and said, “But we can’t force it. Anyone who comes to our meeting will risk being targeted, and may be targeted in future international trade.”

Li Moran said very optimistically: “Of course there are risks, but I think the result should not be bad. Excluding those overseas companies and media, there are about 10,000 domestic supporting companies, and a large part of them have already become famous brands in the past. Our partners, and the rest should also take care of the overall situation, after all, we have never cheated on our partners, and everyone knows this very well.”

Luo Jia didn’t say anything, he didn’t feel pessimistic, but the size of the semiconductor industry cluster is too large, it’s a little troublesome to set up, although Star Technology has hundreds of R&D bases, and large and small subsidiaries, There are millions of employees, but there is still no way to support such a long front alone.

I think back then, when Apple was in full swing, it would release a list of the top 500 suppliers every year. Samsung, TSMC, Foxconn, these giants were all among them. Yes, as for the companies that are not on the list of top 500 suppliers, there are more, at least four to five thousand.

The semiconductor industry is hundreds of times larger than Apple. Even if Xingchen Technology has just started, it will need more than 10,000 companies to support its upstream and downstream supply chains. As the business develops, the number of companies and talents needed will increase. More.

After the news spread, Huaxia boiled, and the whole world was shocked.

The media, domestic enterprises, overseas enterprises, higher authorities, all double first-class universities in the country, hundreds of scientific research institutes, all add up, more than 14,000 enterprises and institutions, and the number of participants is expected to be at least fifty thousand!

Such astonishing generosity quickly attracted serious attention from all over the world!

“This time it’s going to explode! That’s the 80,000-person stadium in Shanghai, and many big shots are going there. If you’re not sure, how can Xingchen Technology dare to engage in such a big battle!?”

“Really? Who will go? Is Mr. Liu going?”

“Which pot is not opened and which pot is lifted, does someone still have the face to think about it? Don’t even think about it!”

“It doesn’t matter what those grandchildren do, to be serious, it is said that Xingchen Technology has created a general-purpose CPU, not X86, but based on the open source RISC-V architecture.”

“Domestic CPU? Xingchen Technology is awesome!”

“By the way, who can give some popular science, what is this RISC-V architecture? Can it really be better than Intel Core?”

“Bullshit! Star technology, whether it works or not, just buy it without thinking!”

“Although the words above are a bit rough, the reasoning is the same. Under similar circumstances, it is best to support domestic semiconductors. Otherwise, not only our generation will depend on the face of the West, our son, our son’s son, Generation after generation will be colonized by the Western economy.”

“You don’t have to be too pessimistic, but Xingchen Technology has never failed. I heard that Xingchen Technology has prepared more than just CPUs. SMIC uses graphene as the substrate, and the process is low. The ultra-ultraviolet hybrid laser technology at one nanometer has also been officially mass-produced!”


“Awesome! How did they solve the hardware and software compatibility problem?”

“Hehehe, have you forgotten that Xingchen Technology has always had a desktop system, but it has not been fully promoted. As for Huawei, there is also an artifact called Ark Compiler.”

There is a lot of discussion among the people in China, but even the most optimistic Chinese people can’t guess the real intention of Star Technology. Everyone is confused by the news of the RISC-V architecture.

But it’s no wonder, Star Technology’s performance is realistic. There is really a team in Shenzhen that is developing the RISC-V architecture, and it is busy every day.

It seems that everything is going well and is developing according to the rhythm that Luo Jia demonstrated in advance.

However, no one expected that on June 17th, when there were only four days left before the press conference, the situation would suddenly take a turn for the worse.

The North American side publicly declared that Star Technology was involved in the theft of intellectual property rights. The RISC-V architecture has been a project of MIT since the beginning. The project leader David Patterson is also a true North American.

As for the fact that the RISC-V architecture is an open source project, don’t forget that Android was still open source at the beginning. Didn’t Google still put Huawei together at a critical moment?

It is naive and lovely to think that foreign open source things can be used, so there is no need to develop them yourself.

Then on June 18th, three days before the press conference, the North American Ministry of Commerce will hold a press conference, officially announcing that Star Technology will be included in the Entity List, and order Star Technology to accept the North American investigation unconditionally.

According to the notorious Long Arm Jurisdiction Act, companies related to Star Technology must cooperate with the North American authorities. The relevant banks must immediately report the financial data of Star Technology to the North American Department of Commerce. As for business privacy, they don’t care .

As a private company that is not listed on the market, what is the foundation of Xingchen Technology, what kind of blows can it withstand, and how to make Xingchen Technology go bankrupt? These are the things that the North American authorities are most concerned about. After all, Sun Tzu’s Art of War said Well, if you know yourself and the enemy, you will never be imperiled in a hundred battles.

Only one day later, on June 19th, only two days before Star Technology’s semiconductor plan was officially implemented, the third set of combination punches in North America finally made the whole world completely clean.

The Ministry of Commerce of North America claims that according to the preliminary investigation of Xingchen Technology, they have obtained evidence that Xingchen Technology has stolen North American technology. The upcoming semiconductor summit in Shanghai is a shameless technology sale. Enterprises that cooperate with Star Technology and use technology stolen from North America will be included in the Entity List.

As soon as the news came out, Huaxia exploded! The whole world is completely blown up!

To put it simply, North America will severely sanction whoever attends the press conference of Star Technology!

Any company that dares to cooperate with Xingchen Technology will be kicked out of the North American market and will be surrounded and suppressed by many allies in North America.

The friend of Star Technology is the enemy of North America. The viciousness and viciousness of this move has exceeded the expectations of the whole You must know that most of the markets in the world are controlled by the West. As an enemy, not only will the North American market be unable to enter in the future, Australia, Neon, Denmark, and even the small Luxembourg market will all have to get out!

Even if a giant company like Huawei is on the entity list, life is still extremely difficult. For other Chinese companies with weaker resistance to attack, it is almost a disaster.

June 21st, plum rain, even God is not beautiful, Shanghai has not seen the sun for a whole week, the rain has been falling, thick dark clouds are pressing on the sky of this big city, people on the street are fighting Umbrellas, hurried footsteps, and the atmosphere is as depressing as the rainy season.

The press conference was scheduled for the afternoon, but since the morning, An Ran has been guarding outside the stadium, anxiously checking the electrical forecast over and over again.

There are indications that the rain will not stop. With the bad weather and the list of sanctions, An Ran can’t imagine how bleak the press conference will be in the afternoon. Ironically, he was afraid that the place would be too small , specially rented this 80,000-person stadium in Shanghai.


Just when An Ran was feeling extremely frustrated, the sound of vehicles braking in the rain suddenly came from a distance.


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