Technological Supremacy Chapter 404: Heroes gather together rain or shine!


Two Volvo limousines stopped in the rain, four people got out of the car, held up umbrellas, and walked towards the entrance of the venue. Waved to An Ran.

“Little Ma!”

An Ran was overjoyed, he really didn’t expect that Tencent’s pony brother would be the first to arrive.

Shortly after, Brother Xiao Ma stood opposite An Ran. The middle-aged man who seemed to be a bodyguard put away his umbrella and looked around nervously.

Xingchen Technology has Shuangran, and Huaxia Internet has Shuangma, who are popular figures talked about by the people. What’s more interesting, Anran’s style is like Ali’s old horse. Once he speaks, he talks eloquently, while Li Moran He and Brother Xiao Ma are both dull gourds who don’t like to talk, and they even have similar personalities.

“Where’s Mr. Luo?” Ma looked around, looking for Luo Jia.

“I’m browsing the forums in the background.” An Ran muttered, “I was worried that everyone would not dare to come because they were afraid of being sanctioned, but he said, if they don’t come, we will pretend to be Changshan Zhao Zilong. , single-handedly kill the past.”


Everyone laughed, Brother Ma said, “Sure enough, you can do whatever you want with technology. Mr. Luo has such arrogance, we can’t compare.”

An Ran said, “Boss Ma is too modest. Who doesn’t know that you are teaming up with Ali and Huawei and are quietly waging another war. Oracle, the world’s largest database provider, has been beaten to the core by you. I’m afraid it won’t happen again.” In a few years, you will be able to end the database field, where North American companies dominate.”

Brother Xiao Ma waved his hand modestly, “Although we have made some achievements in the fight against Oracle, we should not be blindly optimistic. After all, Oracle is equivalent to Microsoft in the data field, and it is a giant with absolute dominance.” Besides, Ali is currently the biggest player in China, and we are at least one position behind the Ali Group. In this database war, the main force is Ali, and we are at best accomplices.”

Compared to the quack aura of Ali’s old horse, Xiao Ma is much more humble and low-key.

At a time when people all over the country were paying attention to Huawei and the trade war, several Internet giants quietly did a major event, taking over the world’s largest database group.

In March and May 2019, Oracle Group carried out large-scale layoffs consecutively. Overnight, the Huaxia R&D Center basically became empty, and almost all employees were fired. There are even rumors that Oracle Group may soon To withdraw from the Chinese market.

This is really strange. Huaxia is the world’s largest Internet market, and Oracle is the world’s largest database provider. According to the logic, it should have done a lot of business in the Huaxia market. Why did they suddenly stop playing?

The reason is simple.

Because of the emergence of China’s local database provider, the arrogant Oracle company has no living space. In other countries, Oracle company is very profitable, but the Huaxia region has been beaten everywhere. Settle the bill, Nima, the **** are all included in the compensation!

So, it’s not that Oracle doesn’t play anymore, but it can’t afford it.

The development and progress of the Internet age has made databases more and more important. People shop online every day, chat with girlfriends using instant messaging tools, and complete homework assigned by teachers online. These will generate astronomical data. The database is a tool for scientific management of all data.

Most ordinary consumers do not know that Oracle Corporation entered China as early as 1989. In 1997, the Chinese authorities made a decision that is not wise today, and handed over Project 97 of the post and telecommunications system to Oracle came to do it. So far, Oracle’s dominance in China has formally formed.

Shortly after, Huaxia e-commerce rose overnight, and Oracle relied on its status in the arena to issue a sky-high bill to the Ali Group. Boss Ma thought about it, this is wrong, and he entrusted the database to a group of foreigners to manage. Not to mention it’s unsafe, these grandsons are still **** getting money to death, I can’t bear it, **** him!

However, getting rid of Oracle in the field of data is no less difficult than getting rid of Microsoft in the field of operating systems. Since 2007, Ali Group has begun to replace Oracle’s database on a large scale. However, the last Oracle database server went offline. It was already May 17, 2013. In order to get rid of Oracle Corporation, Ali Group actually spent six full years, which shows how difficult it is.

At present, there is a trend in Huaxia, but in any field, Huaxia has not realized independent intellectual property rights, and has not realized domestic substitution, everyone will be filled with righteous indignation, accuse domestic companies of incompetence, and scold relevant scientific researchers who are just waiting to die.

However, everyone has not thought about such a problem carefully. If scientific research is easy to do, there will be no scientific research hegemony in the world.

That is to say, there are enough people in China, they are smart enough, they attach great importance to education, and they are hardworking and hard-working. It will take decades or even hundreds of years to catch up, and in the process of catching up, foreigners are also making progress.

Alibaba Group is already the most powerful company in the country, and it will take six full years to start a database project. It is impossible to even think about changing to other small and medium-sized enterprises.

Anyway, Ali took the lead in engaging in Oracle, and other giants followed suit and became accomplices. As for killing Oracle, that is an impossible task. As long as you have enough, don’t be bullied by others.

However, no one thought that the wind direction changed suddenly overnight, and the era of cloud services suddenly came.

Since 2015, the database has been fully shifted to the cloud, creating an excellent opportunity for Ali and the others to turn around!

I have to say that there are always opportunities, but they are always reserved for those who are prepared. The database research and development that Ali Group has been engaged in since 2007 has finally released a huge force. If you engage in this project, there will be no chance of overtaking later.

Cloud data has started a new journey. Huaxia companies that have been suppressed by Oracle for many years are all holding their breaths. In the field of traditional databases, we have nothing to do with you. In the era of cloud data, we will kill you!

So overnight, domestic companies staged a crazy reversal drama, and the once mighty Oracle, because of lack of sufficient attention to the cloud era, has since plummeted and collapsed. I am afraid that in the not-too-distant future, Oracle will really To become dry bones.

Today’s global cloud data hegemony is jointly controlled by three Chinese companies, Ali, Huawei, and Tencent, and three North American companies, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

From being dependent on others back then to now fighting back in a desperate manner, the six powerhouses of China and the United States have divided the world equally, and the group of Internet companies in Huaxia have fought a beautiful turnaround.

“I didn’t expect you to be the first one here.” Luo Jia shook hands with Xiao Ma and invited him to sit on the sofa. With Tencent’s status in the arena, he is naturally qualified to enter the VIP seat, and most of the rest of the companies , due to the limited space, they can only be wronged to go to the stands of the stadium.

“Who let me get on your thief ship.” Little Ma complained, “I sold you both station b and station b, and after listening to your flickering, I fell into the pit of semiconductors. After I got in, I’ll **** Only then did I realize that no wonder no company likes to engage in semiconductors, this thing is more than just a pit, it’s a huge pit!”

“SMIC’s Tang Boyun is your old friend. They actually offered us a five-nanometer process tape-out at a price of 900 million US dollars. Isn’t this too outrageous?”

Luo Jia is speechless. Tencent is a pure software and Internet company. It has no hardware genes. It doesn’t understand how expensive hardware is, and it doesn’t know that 900 million US dollars is really not much in the huge pit of hardware.

Luo Jia was about to explain to Ma, when a hoarse voice suddenly came, “900 million dollars is fine, and our five-nanometer tape is also 900 million.”

Following the voice, I saw that it was Mr. Ren. He didn’t have an umbrella, and his suit was soaked.

We are all old friends, and Mr. Ren is not polite. After sitting down, he took the towel handed over by Luo Jia and wiped his face. , Where did our Huawei Group’s hundreds of billions of research and development funds go?”

Luo Jia shrugged, “Don’t look at SMIC charging you 900 million yuan. In fact, after a tape-out, they will not only make no money, but also lose a little bit. And according to the relationship between us and SMIC Planning, the next step is to push a next-generation process below the nanometer level, and by then, the tape-out cost will at least triple.”

Hearing this, Mr. Lian Ren couldn’t calm down anymore, “Isn’t it ruthless? The seven-nanometer tape-out is 400 million U.S. dollars, and it will become 900 million U.S. dollars by the five-nanometer process, and your next-generation process will cost three A billion?”

“And this is 3 billion at a time. The inexperienced semiconductor team rarely succeeds in tape-out once. I remember that when we were developing the seven-nanometer Kirin 980, we streamed out a total of three chips.”

Luo Jia shrugged, “The cost is there, and I can’t do anything about it. Let’s take our fifth-generation lithography machine as an example. Thousands of the best engineers have been employed, but the monthly output is only one. And our subsidiary Star Optics has an engineering team of hundreds of people who specialize in assembling lenses, and these are costs.”

“Semiconductors are really special. Even if there is no Star Technology in this world, the tape-out cost will rise to 3 billion, or even 10 billion sooner or later. We are just advancing the progress.”

Brother Xiao Ma was dumbfounded at this moment, and Mr. Ren nodded slightly. Luo Jia is right. If any cat or dog can play, it is not the semiconductor industry. Hard to imagine.

After Ali’s old horse came, Luo Jia congratulated the three of them and congratulated them on their achievements in the database field. Oracle’s boss Eriksson has always had a strong anti-China tendency, and Luo Jia doesn’t like him .

Of course, this is not a big deal. After all, among the white western elites, there may not be even one person who does not want to contain China’s development. Anti-China is normal, and non-anti-China is a rare animal.

Luo Jia is very happy. Despite the risk of being sanctioned, the old friends still came, and this friendship should be remembered no matter what.

However, not long after, Luo Jia saw An Ran walking in from the outside with red eyes, trying to suppress her emotions.

“What’s going on?” Luo Jia asked.

“It’s raining harder and harder.” An Ran asked an irrelevant answer.

“And then?” Luo Jia asked again.

An Ran sat down, wiped his face with his hand and said, “I really didn’t expect it, you’d better go out and see for yourself.”

Luo Jia was stunned, raised his legs and walked out. Mr. Ren and the others were stunned for a moment, and then followed. The press conference hadn’t started yet, and they were all drinking tea in the lounge.


Out of the foyer is the podium, and the rain was much heavier. Thousands of people, they sat quietly, took off their rain-wet coats, hugged them in their arms, and wiped the water stains on their faces with handkerchiefs or paper towels.

For a split second, Luo Jia suddenly had the urge to burst into tears. You must know that everyone present today, tomorrow, the companies they belong to will be listed on the North American blacklist and become targets of sanctions and suppression. What kind of trust is it that makes them come from all directions regardless of wind, rain and danger.

“Oh my god…” Mr. Ren was so shocked that he couldn’t believe his eyes.

After a few minutes, he came back to his senses, patted Luo Jia’s shoulder heavily, and said earnestly, “Do it well, after all, they are betting all of their wealth and life on you.”

Luo Jia was slightly taken aback, then nodded, with tears in his eyes, but his eyes became more determined.

The fifth year since the founding of Xingchen Technology, on May 21st, heavy rain, 14,637 invited companies, braved the torrential rain and the risk of being sanctioned by North America, gathered in Shanghai In the 80,000-person stadium, no one was absent.


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