Super Dimensional Wizard: Three thousand and forty-two small moles


These monsters, which are completely composed of clay sculptures, have only been seen by Angel in the publication “Where Are the Magical Monsters”, and this is the first time they have seen them in reality.

According to the book, the shape of the clay puppets and monsters are like elemental spirits.

In fact, this is indeed the case. From the naked eye alone, it is difficult to separate the clay puppet monster from the earth element elves. Only by “watching its gods”, that is, using the perspective of spiritual power to investigate its energy etheric body, can it be Distinguish them from elemental creatures.

Although the mud golem is not directly related to the elemental creatures, it is said that the mud golem is the creation of an earth god. And this earth **** is an elemental creature.

Of course, this is just a rumor. Is it true? At least Angel couldn’t be sure.

However, it is not uncommon for such elemental creatures to be called gods in the Omniplanet. For example, in the world of Chen Chi, a civilization developed from flames, there are some extremely aggressive evil fire gods. This kind of evil fire god, in essence, is also an elemental creature.

Speaking of which, the reason why mud puppet monsters are rare is mainly because their large settlements are in other worlds. In the wizarding world, there are very few organizations that support mud puppets and monsters to provide bloodline choices for some earth apprentices.

So… after the Shallow Sea Lux, another group of visitors from another world appeared?

The people who attacked the tree garden of Bilon, and the people who tied the paradise, are they really from another world? Or, is this the outpost minions of the giants of another world that penetrate into the wizarding world?

These thoughts flashed through Angel’s mind.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to think deeply about it, it’s that he hasn’t really seen the attacker yet, and it doesn’t make sense to think about it.

During Angel’s contemplation, some new changes appeared on Doakes’ side.

Doakes, who had been passively defending for a long time, finally started to attack the mud puppet monster.

However, Doakes did not use a wide range of moves, but a single point attack. Although he still didn’t go all out, he could still do it with a punch and a small clay puppet.

The mud puppet settlement group looks like a lot, but in fact there are only a hundred of them, but there are some mud puppet monsters that are large in size, and they are powerful enough when combined.

Dawkes didn’t waste much effort, and he took out more than half of the slime monsters. He didn’t kill this group of monsters either, they were all knocked out and left aside.

The remaining mud puppet monsters are basically small-sized mud puppet monsters. There are no large mud puppets to support the field, and even the passage looks much smoother.

These small clay dolls were not frightened by Doakes’ great power, on the contrary, they were even more angry. Cox left a hole in his body.

However, Doakes isn’t even afraid of large clay dolls, let alone these small ones.

He didn’t even bother to pay attention, only the ones that crawl into his face, or hit his hands directly, he would pop out with one finger, and the others would simply be eaten by them.

The battle is now almost over.

In the eyes of Benson and Kael, the battle full of suspense was finally resolved by Doakes lightly.

It’s not that they don’t have enough vision, it’s that the overall strength of this group of mud puppets is too uneven, and they lack the royal mud puppets to command the battle, relying solely on the momentum of the combination of the miscellaneous army, want to crush Dox this It is basically impossible to breed a blood wizard who fought from the sea of ​​​​blood.

Doakes walked in the direction of Angel and others with a “mud puppet pendant”.

“How long are you going to carry them on your back?” Angel asked, pointing at the group of clay puppets that were still gnawing at Dox.

Doakes shrugged and said innocently: “It depends on that guy’s patience.”

“Who is that guy?” Kael stuck his head out of the illusion and looked at Doakes’ clay doll pendant curiously, not knowing who the ‘that guy’ he was talking about.

Angel did know who it was. Doakes had already told him through some hints, but he didn’t say a word at this time, because although he knew who ‘that guy’ was referring to, his true identity was unknown. Gerr is also unknown.

“Look at the mud doll monsters hanging on my body, is there any one that behaves strangely?” Doakes turned around in front of Kael, showing the mud doll pendant on his body.

Strange behavior?

Kael subconsciously observed these clay puppet pendants from the perspective of mental power. At this sight, he really found a very unique clay puppet monster.

“Have you found it? That’s right, the guy I’m talking about is the mud puppet monster you’re seeing now.”

Doakes said this, lowered his voice, and said with a certain tone of “the real culprit is you” when a detective solves a case: “Right, that one pretended to attack me, but didn’t dare from beginning to end. Move one of my hairy clay puppet monsters?”

The voice fell, but there was no response, and the air was silent for a while.

The mud puppet monster should devour him and continue to devour… However, in this group of mud puppet monsters, there was indeed a mud puppet monster pretending to attack Dox, and slowly stopped.

Seeing that the other party refused to answer, Doakes continued: “Or should I change my name, Mr. Mole? Or, Ms. Mole?”

The only mud goblin on Doakes who didn’t attack him was a grayish mole.

It’s no more than the size of a slap and hangs near Doakes’ right elbow.

Previously, it had been biting Doakes’ skin with its mouth open, but there was no real mouth at all, just a show.

If it wasn’t for Dox’s point, Mole would get mixed up with the other really “angry” golems, and if they didn’t pay attention, it would have been ignored.

The air was silent for more than ten seconds, and finally, a male and female voice came out of the little mole’s mouth.

“How did you find me?”

Doakes: “How can I not find you who are so unique?”

Little Mole snorted coldly: “I’m not asking now. I felt something was wrong before, why did you walk through the mud puppet monsters under attack? Come on, you found me early, right?”

It is normal for it to be exposed today. After all, among the mud puppet monsters that apparently attacked Dox, it seemed strange that it didn’t attack. In Doakes’ words, this is maverick.

But before, it had been hiding among the golems, and it was confident that it was hiding well. Because of this, it really didn’t understand, how did Doakes notice it?

“Is it hard to find you?” Doakes asked instead.

Of course it’s hard! The little mole was roaring in his heart, but it completely integrated its spiritual sense into the mud puppet monster, and even that guy Aix had a hard time finding himself! That’s why Doakes was so shocked when he found himself.

However, it did not express its inner emotions, but said lightly: “You put me down first.”

Doakes: “Don’t let it go.”

“You!” Mole raised his head, staring angrily at Doakes.

Doakes tilted his head: “Can’t you jump down by yourself? If you can jump up, you can jump down naturally. Why do you need my help?”

“Or, are you still thinking about tricks… do you want me to attack you first?”

Hearing Doakes’ words, Mole had nothing on the surface, but a huge wave was set off in his heart.

This wizard, not only saw through its location, but also its purpose?

Indeed, it does all this, including acting and attacking Doakes afterward, in order to make Doakes take the initiative to attack himself, just once.

But the other party actually knew its purpose?

Read minds? Or prophecy?

Should it be a prophecy?

Little Mole recalled the details of the past, and felt more and more that the guess was correct.

This is definitely a prophetic wizard!

He is just like Aix, he looks like a bloodline-side wizard, but he is actually a mysterious-side wizard!

Why does it think so, because Doakes didn’t do it in the first place!

A normal wizard, in the face of such a surging tide of monsters, should avoid it even if he doesn’t do anything. But Doakes is different. He doesn’t dodge or evade, and he doesn’t attack the mud puppet monster. The other party obviously has insight from the beginning: attacking the mud puppet monster is likely to hit it.

Afterwards, Doakes walked through the Golem, locking in its position.

Once its location is locked, Doakes begins a clean-up operation.

And other wizards want to clear the mud puppet and monsters, and it is definitely a big smash, but Dox is different, one by one, for fear that the area damage will spread to those that shouldn’t be affected.

He was definitely intentional to restrain the damage.

There is also evidence that he did not even activate the mental shield of passive defense. Because he knows very well that the mental shield has the ability to defend against counterattacks. If other mud puppet monsters attack the shield and counterattack it, it will be counted as Dox taking the initiative to attack it.

Similarly there are coercion, blood release, these passive damage-causing abilities, and Doakes does not let go of any of them.

Now, even if it uses words to confuse the opponent, as long as the opponent takes the initiative to let it down, it falls from a high altitude, or the opponent’s elbow is slightly stronger, it can be “passively” injured, which is also considered an active attack.

But he still finds it!

Explain that he knew his purpose from the start and continued to see through its next move.

It can’t think of any other ability other than prophetic sorcerers that can do this to such an extent.

“It’s really bad luck to meet a prophecy wizard.” Little Mole glared at Doakes with some hatred.

Doakes touched his chin, but didn’t deny it.

The little mole voluntarily jumped off Doakes’ elbow, because it fell on its own initiative, so even if it was really injured, it could not be regarded as Doakes’ subjective injury to it.

As long as Dox doesn’t take the initiative to inflict damage, the contract cannot be fulfilled.

After the little Mole fell, he glanced at Angel again, and an unknown color flashed in his eyes: “A prophecy wizard, a space wizard… Are you from the Bilos family?”

Angol and Doakes glanced at each other, but said nothing.

The determined tone of this little mole really made them not know what to say… You can’t tell it, you are all wrong, there is neither a prophetic wizard nor a space wizard.

There is one in the space department, but he is still an apprentice.

However, Angel can also guess that the little mole should be the wizard who arranged the space seal, so it should also see that Kael is a space apprentice.

It is estimated that the little mole has already regarded Kael as his apprentice in his heart. After all, space wizards bring space apprentices, isn’t this a typical master-apprentice combination.

“You can find me, but if you don’t join the game, you can’t deal with me. Once you deal with me, you will definitely join the game.” The little mole looked at Angel and Doakes: ” So, if you want revenge, come. I’ll be waiting for you in the ‘Crypt Tournament’…”

When the voice fell, the little Mole rolled his eyes and fainted.

Doakes squatted next to the little mole and observed it, and said softly, “That guy’s consciousness has run away…I can’t leave it behind.”

Angol was not surprised by this, after all, it was the space wizard who possessed the Mole Mud Puppet. There may be ways to leave it in other places, but here is the space seal of the other party, it is too easy for it to mobilize the space ability to escape.

What’s more, it also gave up the fleshy body of the Mole Mud Puppet, and just escaped with the Spiritual Mind, which is even more difficult to guard against.

It’s normal to be unstoppable.

Even if it is blocked, it may be an “active attack” on it.

Angel: “It doesn’t matter, it’s not our goal.”

After a pause, Angel asked: “It keeps saying ‘active attack’, it wants you to actively attack it? Why?”

While flicking away the remaining clay puppet pendant, Doakes said: “A contract, it wants us to enter the game, as long as it is forcibly attacked, it is equivalent to signing a contract.”

Angol: “So it doesn’t attack you, it’s part of the contract?”

Doakes nodded: “Forcibly signing a contract must also abide by the Basic Law. If it takes the initiative to attack me, then I will fight back as a legitimate attack. Therefore, this does not conform to the logic of the contract.”

Anger can understand this.

However, Angel still didn’t understand: “How did you find out that it wants you to attack it actively in order to enter the contract?”

Doakes pointed to his ears triumphantly: “What else, I must have heard it.”

“Another rule of the contract is that both parties must hear the content of the contract. And this hearing does not mean that I understand the content of the contract.”

“As long as I am within the scope of the contract, the other party will speak in a normal voice. If a louder voice appears during this process, covering up the voice of the contract, but as long as I am within the scope of the contract, it will still be counted as ‘listening’ It’s time for the contract.”

“The guy whispered about the contract when the mud puppet monster roared. He just wanted to use the mud puppet monster’s call to cover up his babbling.”

“I was born with an eye, and I used the five sense balance technique to amplify my hearing, and I really heard its babbling.”

Doakes said this Angel also understood.

The rules of the contract must be detailed, so Doakes heard the entire content of the contract at that time; at the same time, he also found out where the little mole was.

After listening to the contract content that the other party was talking about, Doakes cleaned up the mud puppet groups one by one.

The logic sounds smooth.

The only thing that doesn’t go well is…how did Doakes know to listen to each other’s voice, and why not attack the Golem?

The answers to these two questions were interpreted by Little Mole as: Prophecy.

However, truth and prophecy are two completely different things. This is Doakes’ unique inspirational talent, and its effect, to some extent, even surpasses prophecy.

At the very least, prophecy must follow the knowledge of the two logical systems of information collection and information interpretation.

And Doakes’ inspiration is the real “metaphysics”.


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