Super Dimensional Wizard: The third thousand and thirty-sixth chapter breaks the seal


Outside the Paradise, Angel’s cracking is still in progress.

And Doakes on the side chatted with Kael in a low voice, which was very different from Angel who was busy next to him.

But in fact, at the beginning, Doakes and Kael didn’t chat.

At that time, when Angel said “he can try” and began to crack the space seal covering Paradise, Doakes and Kael were afraid that they would disturb Angel, and they dared not even vent their breath. dare not speak.

It wasn’t until Angel took the initiative to break the silence that the tense atmosphere on their side disappeared.

And Angel broke the silence not specifically to ease the atmosphere, but to ask Kael for some knowledge of spatial structure.

Yes, that’s exactly what you’re asking for. Moreover, the person who asked for advice was the apprentice Kael.

Angel knows a lot of space knowledge is true, but this knowledge comes from Dalmatians, not from his self-taught. Therefore, although the knowledge ranges from shallow to deep, even some esoteric knowledge has exceeded the limit of the Southern Territory.

However, since Angel is only passively accepting and absorbing, and has never really practiced it, he is still a novice in how to apply this knowledge.

It’s kind of like a kid with a treasure chest. Can understand the meaning of the treasure, but does not have the ability to take out the treasure.

Angel can break the space seal now, and with his knowledge reserve, he can definitely break it. But the time it takes is unknown, it could be hours, days or years.

In order to speed up the speed of cracking, Angel thought of a way, that is to use cracking as a practice, and at the same time ask Kael for his practical experience.

Incorporate the correct practical experience summed up by Kael into his own practice through inquiry and dictation.

Thus, there was this scene of Angel asking Kael for advice while deciphering it.

However, Angel asked for advice sincerely, but in the eyes of Doakes and Kael, they had another idea.

The cracking speed in Angel’s hands is very fast, and the progress is gratifying. This is what they can see with the naked eye.

But what Angel asked was a very basic knowledge structure. This is completely different from his behavior when cracking.

So, in Doakes’ opinion, Angel didn’t really ask Kael for advice, but used the pretext of “asking” to give advice to Kael.

Kael thought so too, because when Kael answered Angel’s questions, Angor would also give him some knowledge feedback.

And these spatial knowledge are very high-end and even very secret knowledge, and they are in the same line as the spatial structure he described.

From this point of view, Angel is “testing” himself and giving him advice along the way.

As a result, the two sides hit it off, Angel asked in detail, and Kael answered in every aspect, both of them felt that they had gained a lot.

Only Doakes, because of the poor knowledge base, can’t understand their dialogue at all.

The only thing that makes Doakes feel gratified is that from the dialogue between Angel and Kael, Dokes can judge that Angel cracked the space seal with complete ease. In other words, he doesn’t have to worry about disturbing Angel when chatting.

This is the current situation, Angel is cracking, and Doakes is chatting with Kael.

However, Doakes and Kael are not chatting casually, and Doakes is also self-motivated. The content of his chat is all focused on the space knowledge exchanged between Angel and Kael.

Doakes knows how precious space system knowledge is. On weekdays, it is very difficult to obtain such detailed space knowledge, and there are even space secrets.

Angel talked about it without any scruples, and he didn’t mind if he went to study.

It’s just that Doakes’ learning progress is far behind Angel, so he can only focus on Kael, and let Kael help him explain and understand these spatial knowledge.

In general, this is the case here.

Whether it’s Doakes or Angel, the two official wizards are all trying to get the wool of the apprentice Kael.

However, Angor plucked the wool, which was too high-end, so Kael didn’t realize that he had been plucked at all, and even felt that Angel was plucking himself.

Only Dokes plucks the wool, and what he plucks is aboveboard, and it makes Kael a headache. But when he thought of Angel’s leaking out a lot of secret knowledge without shyness, Kael still bit the bullet and told Doakes about it.

Time is slowly passing by in the wool on both sides.

Half an hour flies by.

After picking wool from Kael again, Angel suddenly discovered that the structure of the space seal suddenly became clear. He even found the spatial core point of the blocked paradise. As long as the core point is destroyed, the space seal in front of him will be broken directly.

Angel originally thought that it would take him a long time to crack it, but he did not expect to reach the end point faster than he imagined.

He didn’t break the space seal immediately, but simply did a review.

He needs to make sure that he broke the seal this time, did he rely on his excellent strength or luck?

After Angel’s review layer by layer, and comparing the numerous blockades on the space seal, he finally got the answer…

One point of strength, nine points of luck.

To put it bluntly, it is still luck.

Although Angor keeps using Kael’s practical experience for his own use, these are just temporary means after all. If you want to rely on these means to break the space seal, you can, but it’s not just a few conversations. can be done.

At the very least, it is possible to have a serious and in-depth communication with Kael several times to clean the wool on his body.

But it is obviously impossible for Kael to tell Angel all his knowledge, which involves the inheritance of Isos.

Therefore, it is impossible for Angel to crack this level of space seals in a short period of time by simply relying on strong strength.

This time, it was pure luck.

Angel’s background is too strong. Although he doesn’t know which method can break the space seal, from a high-level perspective, he has selected several methods and tried them one by one.

And these methods are all secret methods that the Southern Territory does not have.

Because of this, when Angel and Kael talked about it, Kael felt that he was the one who made a profit.

These powerful secret techniques far exceed the rank of the space seal in terms of rank. Even though, a high-level secret method does not mean that it can definitely break the space seal, but if the space is relatively compatible, it can “break all methods with one force”.

And this kind of one force breaks all methods, which belongs to luck.

Anger was very lucky. After trying two of the secret methods to no avail, he saw hope in the third secret method.

The result of the review made Angel slightly disappointed.

But looking back, he actually took a lot of advantage.

The wizard who arranged the space seal outside the paradise is actually very conscientious. There are no space traps, and no hidden gaps, just a space seal that does no harm to the outside world.

This may be due to the opponent’s overconfidence in his own strength, but it has to be said that if the opponent adds a little trap outside the space seal, Angor will definitely not be able to crack it as easily as it is now, and may even crack it at the beginning. , will be impacted.

It can be said that the wizard who arranged the space seal gave Angel a good practice environment. This gave Angel the opportunity to break the seal this time by luck.

After recognizing himself clearly and gaining self-knowledge of his own strength and position, Angel’s disappointment gradually disappeared, and his desire to learn space knowledge in the future gradually increased.

Don’t think too much about the replay, Angel told Doakes and Kael about finding the core point of the space seal.

Then, in front of the two of them, the cracking of the space seal began.

It is difficult to find the core point, but it is very simple to crack.

However, Angel’s cracking also opened Kael’s eyes. Because the cracking method used by Angel is completely beyond the scope of Kael’s understanding.

In Kael’s mind, the most direct way to crack it is to destroy the core point and directly destroy the space seal.

But Angor didn’t do that. He took out an external array disk with a magic energy array engraved on it, and somehow messed with it, and threw the array disk onto the space seal.

Then, a door leading to the interior of the paradise was opened.

The door opened, but the space seal was not broken. It was even said that Kael was stunned by the fact that even the energy waves did not stir up the slightest bit.

What method is this? Why can the door to the interior be opened directly without breaking the space seal?

Kael was embarrassed to ask. After all, this may involve advanced space applications. He was afraid that his talk would make Angel think he was greedy for knowledge.

Kael didn’t dare to ask, but Doakes didn’t have such scruples. Doakes didn’t know much about space science at first. Seeing Angel open a door so lightly, he couldn’t help but said: “It’s so easy to open? Shouldn’t the space seal be destroyed?”

In the face of Doakes’ inquiry, Angel did not hide it: “Destroying the space seal will easily attract the attention of the other party. We are not going to face them head-on, but just to find the clone of Suling. Make such a big commotion.”

The best way is to unknowingly find Su Ling’s clone, and then retreat.

Doakes thought for a while, nodded and said: “You are right, making a big commotion is indeed not good for us. It would be best if you can quietly take away the speed spirit clone. However, you The cracking method, why does it look familiar to me, when you were in the underground sewer, you also used this method to crack the magic circle?”

Doakes looked at the array on the ground, above which was the gate.

If Doakes didn’t know that it was a space seal covering Paradise, he would have thought that Angel was just cracking a magic circle.

Angel: “This door is indeed combined with the magic pattern. There are many magic pattern angles related to space in the magic pattern, which can be applied together with the knowledge of space science.”

After finding the core point, use the core point as the energy source, use the array plate as the medium, and as long as you use it reasonably, you can use the magic pattern to open the door to the inside.

This is an application method that Angel found from the knowledge given by Dalmatians.

It just so happened that Angel was proficient in magic patterns, so the combination of the two phases easily broke the space seal.

Doakes showed a suddenly realized expression: “I see.”

Doakes can generally understand Angel’s method, but he doesn’t know how high the technical requirements are for this method.

At least, Kael can’t combine the two disciplines. He also has some magic patterns, but only relying on the magic pattern angle that represents the nature of ‘space’, he can combine it with space science. It seems that it is the Arabian Nights.

It is even said that even Kael’s mentor Isos, it is difficult to combine the two.

You must know that Aesop is not only a true wizard of the space system, but also a magic pattern warlock.

Because of this, Kael looked at Angor at this time, his eyes completely changed.

The idea is very simple, but the one who can really do it… is Angel alone.

Kael is now extremely convinced that Angel’s attainment in space science is definitely not too low. Even, it may have reached the level of a mentor.

Illusion, space science, and alchemy, three completely different disciplines have reached the pinnacle of the Southern Territory.

This is simply beyond Kael’s imagination…

When Kael was in a daze, Angel had already called out Su Ling and asked about the avatar.

The door of the space seal has been opened, as long as Su Ling summons it, the clone should be able to return to its position soon.

However, Su Ling lingered at the door for a while, but still didn’t sense the clone coming.

Obviously it is very sure that nothing happened to the avatar, but it just didn’t return to the main body.

Su Ling told what he found.

“The avatar is not called?” Doakes asked doubtfully, “Could it be a traitor?”

Angel shook his head: “The avatars of elemental creatures basically have no possibility of rebellion.”

The avatar of the elemental creature has a meager consciousness, and the main body consciousness of the elemental creature is very strong, which completely suppresses the possibility of the avatar being born with independent consciousness.

Furthermore, who appear to be rebellious by clones are basically human beings with more complex minds. Only a complex and changeable mind is more likely to give birth to a completely different autonomous consciousness.

Su Ling has been in the tidal world isolated from the world all year round, and his mind is much simpler than that of human beings. It is absolutely impossible for the clone to rebel.

“According to Su Ling, it felt that the avatar was restricted by some kind of energy and could not respond to the call.” Angor explained.

“Restricted by some kind of energy? Why does this statement feel so familiar?” Doakes muttered, “Isn’t this the same as the space seal? It shouldn’t be, the wizard who arranged the space seal Inside the Paradise, is there a smaller space seal?”

Angel shook his head, he didn’t know the specific situation.

However, Doakes’ guess is also possible, layer after layer of matryoshka-style space seals, which have appeared in many ruins.

What is the truth, we need to go in and find out.

(End of this chapter)


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