Super Dimensional Wizard: The third thousand and thirty-seventh game selection


Since they have come to this point, even the space seal has been cracked, naturally there is no such thing as giving up halfway.

Everyone stepped into the paradise without any hesitation.

After entering, their first feeling is silence.

There is no human noise, just like a quiet mountain village after the lights are turned off at night, except for the sparse wind, there is no other sound.

“Listen to what sounds are there recently?” Angel asked Su Ling.

Su Ling immediately used the “wind sound” to trace the wind sound that was hovering nearby.

After a few seconds, Suling gave the answer——

In the past two minutes, there was no strange sound.

Angel was not surprised by this. “Wind Sound” could only detect the sound within two minutes, and the previous sound of “Let’s play a game” was already half an hour ago.

The reason why Su Ling was asked to investigate was just a gamble on luck.

“Check out the location of your avatar, we will go directly to your avatar.” Angel continued to say to Su Ling.

This time, Suling gave an answer. Although it can’t know where its avatar is, Suling can still grasp the general direction.

Under the guidance of Su Ling, everyone began to walk towards the depths of the paradise.

Their speed is very slow, purely relying on normal foot power to push forward. It’s not that they are unwilling to speed up, but that they are afraid of walking too fast and touching a space trap.

After all, there is a space wizard in the paradise, that’s for sure.

This space wizard may have a certain conscience towards other people outside the paradise, so he didn’t set a trap near the space seal. But since the other party has blocked the paradise, it shows that he has no feelings for the people in the paradise.

Who knows, if the opponent will set up a space trap halfway, or a space gap that is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Therefore, for their own safety, it is the best choice for them to open the perspective of mental power, carefully observe the details around them, and move forward slowly.

It took about three minutes, and they surveyed the area around 200 meters away.

There is no trap, but two hundred meters away, there is a space barrier.

This diaphragm covers the entire surrounding area, just as Doakes said before entering, it is like a new space seal.

It seems that the space wizard is indeed engaged in “matryoshka” behavior in the paradise.

It is estimated that there is more than one diaphragm in the Paradise, and there must be many diaphragms. The Paradise is divided into multiple areas by means of space seals.

This approach is not surprising. The space wizard should be in the same group as the attacker, and his strength should not be too strong. Otherwise, they didn’t need to take advantage of the departure of most of the Bilos family to deal with Bilon Tree Garden before they dared to do it.

Since he doesn’t have the strength to crush, then this space wizard is estimated to be within the second-level wizard, and there is a high probability that he has not embarked on the road of true knowledge.

The Paradise, after all, is an open-air practice site under the jurisdiction of the Bliss Pavilion. This is the most suitable training venue for wizards of different elements, which has spent countless resources in the Bliss Pavilion.

There is a threshold for guests to enter the Paradise, and the price they need to pay is high. Ordinary apprentices can’t support it at all. Basically, only peak apprentices or official wizards come here to practice.

In such a vast paradise, there may be no fewer than five or six official wizards.

It is basically impossible for that space wizard to face digital wizards directly. Therefore, his choice is basically “divide and attack”. It will be much easier to separate these official wizards through space seals and deal with them one by one.

So, Angel is not too surprised that there is a diaphragm inside the Paradise and a space seal in the form of a matryoshka.

What he is more concerned about now is whether these diaphragms are connected with the outer space seal?

With this question in mind, Angel began to analyze the space diaphragm.

About half a minute later, before Angel could figure it out, Kael took the lead and said, “I, I, I seem to have found the entrance to the next area!”

Everyone followed the sound and saw Kael standing under a huge banyan tree, pointing his finger at the trunk of the banyan tree.

On the trunk of the banyan tree, there are obvious human facial patterns, and the facial features are clear. With eyes closed, it seems to be in deep sleep.

Below the human face pattern, there is an arched door. The door opening is pitch black, and nothing can be seen. The direction of Kael’s finger is exactly this arch.

The reason why Kael regards this door as the entrance to other areas is because this tree just happens to stand on the space diaphragm. This door is also the door located on the space-diaphragm.

From these details, isn’t this door the door to other areas?

While everyone was thinking, the human face pattern on the banyan tree suddenly opened its eyes. Its eyes were dull without any breath of life. .

Then, a mechanical voice came out: “The players in Area 1 have assembled, and the game is about to start.”

“The game selection starts, five, four, three…”

“Two, one…”

As the countdown sound of the Human Face Tree fell, different words suddenly began to flash in its dull eyes.

The flickering speed is so fast that the naked eye can hardly capture any effective information. But from the perspective of mental power, you can see some of the words that appear more frequently.

For example, underwater fighting, underwater gold panning, bubble world, highland melee, forest treasure hunting, dense forest exploration, fire fighting, lava lake Reversi…

From a literal point of view, these all look like different “game names”, and they seem to indirectly support the “game choice” in the mouth of the human face pattern.

Moreover, judging from the pre-descriptions of these games, they almost include various elements and environments in Paradise.

This seems to say that the person who made this game has transformed every part of the paradise into a different game?

Everyone can’t help but look at each other. From their eyes, one can see the same doubt: Can such an earth-shaking transformation really be achieved in a short period of time?

“If it’s true, you’ll know if you go and have a look.” It was Kael who spoke, and he looked at the string of game names, a trace of curiosity flashed in his eyes.

Doakes glanced at Kael, and a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes; then he pondered for a few seconds, and looked at the human face pattern.

“How to choose?”

The human face pattern said in a mechanical voice: “You can stop at any time. When you stop, it is the time for the game to make a choice.”

Stop? The method of choice is not surprising.

Dokes got the selection method, but he didn’t stop it immediately, but looked at Kael aside: “Why don’t you come and stop?”

(End of this chapter)


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