Super Dimensional Wizard: The second thousand nine hundred and ninety-three natural spirits


A quaint gate appeared out of nowhere in the lush forest.

As the door opened, Angel and Kael walked out.

Kael was brought here specially by Angel. The main reason is that he would not be of much use in the ruins of the garden labyrinth. messenger. After all, Angor will go to “precipitate” later, and he will definitely not be able to contact the outside world. When Doakes and the others come to find him, but they can’t find where he lives, it will be bad.

With Kael, the communication between the two parties will not be interrupted anyway.

“There should be nothing wrong with Lord Hongjian, right?” Kael looked back worriedly after coming out of the illusory door, but there was a vast expanse behind the door, and he couldn’t see clearly the scene inside.

Angel: “Don’t worry, Wai is still there.”

Of course the point is not Wai, but the Black Earl attached to Wai.

There is no need to worry about the town of the Black Earl, even if the Biros family is mobilized.

Kael also thought of this, and let out a long breath: It’s right to think about it carefully, and the gray merchant’s memory is still in Doakes’ hands, so they dare not act rashly.

Kael relaxed slightly, and at the same time, began to put away the photo stone. ——During this period, in order to study the ancient sites, he basically never turned off the Photo Stone. Now that he has left the underground waterway, the Photo Stone naturally does not need to be turned on again.

Kael had just closed the photo stone, and was about to ask Angel about his next itinerary, but when he looked up, he saw a butterfly parked on a tree stump not far away.

If it was just an ordinary butterfly, it would certainly not attract much attention from Kael. The reason why Kael noticed this butterfly was because its light green wings were very large. When they were closed, they were already as wide as the shoulders of a four- or five-year-old child. About the shoulder width of an adult!

The most important thing is that the center of the butterfly wing is not the imaginary insect body, but a slap girl in a green skirt!

“This, this is…” Kael’s eyes were confused at first, but was soon replaced by ecstasy: “Natural elves!”

Nature sprites, even elemental sprites that represent plants.

In today’s southern wizarding world, elemental elves are extremely rare creatures. As far as Kael knows, in the giant city of Lorenbier in Deer Island, every elemental elf can be sold for a sky-high price. It can even be said that the information of the elemental spirits in the wild is worth a lot.

At this moment, Kael couldn’t help being surprised to see a natural elf here.

“My lord, do you want to catch it? I feel that it hasn’t reached maturity…” Kael doesn’t think he has the ability to catch the elemental spirit. . Only official wizards can play the greatest role in elemental spirits. If an official wizard knows that he has elemental spirits on him, his fate will definitely be miserable.

However, he is not alone at this time, and Angel is also beside him. It is good for the elemental spirit to be caught by Angel. After all, Angel took good care of him along the way.

Angel put away the door of illusion, and then glanced at Kael: “Before you say this, you must at least confirm whether this natural elf is wild.”

Kael froze for a moment, then stammered: “Ah? It, isn’t it, isn’t it wild?”

Angel shrugged: “I don’t know, but it doesn’t look like it.”

Kael frowned: “I remember when I came here before, I checked the information of the Bilon Tree Garden, and it clearly recorded-“

“Bilun Tree Garden was located in a verdant forest, with a strong natural atmosphere. Later, the Bilos family surrounded the most lush central forest, portrayed a large magic circle, and cultivated fertile soil. Up to now, the forest’s The natural atmosphere is no less than that of the Goblin Forest in the Principality of Wunong, and occasionally natural elves will be born, so it is a must-choice place for nature wizards to find natural elves.”

Angel: “These are just propaganda slogans. It’s like before I went to the sandworm market, I got a message that the power of the earth near the sandworm market is rich, not only has countless sandworms , and many earth elves were born… You should have stayed in the sandworm market for a long time, have you seen wild earth elves near the sandworm market?”

Kael thought for a while, and said: “This, it seems that there is no such thing. But I heard…”

“Don’t take what you’ve heard as true.” Angel blinked: “When spreading rumors, the first thing everyone says is ‘I’ve heard’.”

Angel has also heard of the birth of natural elves in Bilon Tree Garden that Kael mentioned. But if you think about it, you know, this is just a propaganda strategy. Look at the gray merchant and the wicked woman, both of whom are official wizards under Biros. If it is so easy to give birth to natural elves here, they should also have talents Right…but really, they didn’t.

So, it’s just irresponsible propaganda rhetoric that can be said with an open mouth. But whether the rosy picture painted in the propaganda is true is another matter.

Angel looked at Kael, and said calmly: “By the way, I also heard that there is a subsidiary world in the wizarding world, which is full of elemental creatures… Do you believe it?”

Kael shook his head without hesitation: “Impossible.”

If there really was an attached world full of elemental creatures, then the price of elemental creatures wouldn’t be so high, and there wouldn’t be so many wizards traveling to other worlds to find an elemental creature.

Therefore, such a world cannot exist. Even if it does exist, it is definitely not in the Southern Region.

“The rumors are always true and false, who can tell clearly.”

Angel smiled and didn’t continue talking. Instead, he walked to the stump of the dead tree and looked directly at the natural elf.

The nature elf is also looking back at Angor. There is no fear in its eyes. Instead, it is looking at Angor, as if making some kind of evaluation.

Judging from its expression, Angel basically confirmed that it is most likely not wild. Wild elemental creatures don’t have such agility and wisdom, and, from its completely unafraid appearance, it can be seen that the owner is not far away.

“Can you talk?” Angel asked.

Kael stepped forward and said in a low voice, “You probably won’t be able to speak. I remember that many mature elemental creatures are not very good at talking. Elemental elves are even rarer… Dan Except Gross.”

As soon as Kael finished speaking, the nature elf opened his mouth, and a crisp voice came out of it.

It’s just that the voice is clear and detached, like a forest bird singing through a mountain stream, but what he said makes Kael’s forehead covered with black lines.

“Two guests from afar, welcome to Bilon Tree Garden. I know you must be curious about my origin, and I can tell you with certainty that I was born in this land of miracles I have a lot of brothers and sisters, they are hiding in this forest, as long as you consume 99 magic crystals in the ‘Star Industry’, I will tell you the secret news. If the consumption reaches 999 magic crystals, The 1999 magic crystal will also come with additional information.”

Kael listened to the entire passage with a look of astonishment, and was stunned for a long time before saying, “Could this… be propaganda?”

Kael listened to the clear advertisement, and then thought about the excitement he said when he saw the natural elves before, and he was in a bad mood.

He also said it was a wild elf… dare he be a salesman!

Using the natural elf as a salesman, and deliberately placing it alone in the forest, this is definitely fishing!

And it really caught a fish… Kael lowered his head helplessly, he was the fish himself.

With embarrassment, Kael said in a nana voice: “My lord, let’s leave her alone, first, let’s go back to the hotel first?”

Angel nodded indifferently. Since he knew that this natural elf was a salesman, there was really no need to pay attention to it.

However, just as Angel was about to leave, the nature elf said again: “Two distinguished guests, are you going to a hotel? You are looking for a well-equipped, comfortable, secret, Do you want to rest in a safe room? That’s great, Welcome to Starry Star Hotel!”

“I can lead the way for distinguished guests!”

Kael muttered in a low voice: “I’ve never heard of the name of the store you mentioned. I’m talking about the Biluosi Hotel!”

When they came to Bilon Grove before, they stayed at the Biroshang Hotel. The rooms at Billows Hotel fit the atmosphere here very well. They are independent tree houses transformed from towering ancient trees. The environment is not only comfortable, but also has a high degree of confidentiality. So when Kael thought that Angel wanted to find a quiet place to settle down, he immediately thought of the Bilos Hotel.

The natural elves spread their light green wings and flew in mid-air, pretending that I will guide you: “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard of it, the Starry Brilliance Hotel will definitely provide the best service! Please, both of you.” Be sure to try it, as long as you stay for more than 10 days, I will immediately inform you about my brothers and sisters.”

Kael: “Still cheating.”

Nature Elf: “I didn’t lie, I will definitely tell you.”

Kael sneered: “It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true information. It’s true information, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that your brothers and sisters are wild. The most important thing is that you, an elemental elf, don’t have so many brothers and sisters. “

It’s not that kind of extreme natural environment, even if a natural elf can be born, it’s just a single one. It is impossible to give birth to multiple natural elves at one time, or what kind of ‘brothers and sisters’.

The natural elf obviously knew that its lies were exposed, but it didn’t care at all, and said solemnly: “It’s okay, you don’t want information about my brothers and sisters, I can send other information. As long as I know, It’s all okay…well, can we go to the Starry Brilliance Hotel now?”

Kael frowned: “Who promised you to go? We don’t need information.”

Kael didn’t want to pay attention to the natural elves anymore, and was about to leave.

However, at this time, Angel murmured in a low voice: “Starry Brilliance Hotel… I seem to have heard of it.”

The natural elf’s eyes lit up: “Ah, very honorable guest, have you heard of us going to the hotel? That’s great, let’s go there now? I can offer a discount for the owner, the original price is 10 magic crystals a day, now only 9.9 Magic Crystal!”

“A hotel with 10 magic crystals for a day? You are stealing money!” Kael usually has a good temper, but he couldn’t help but yelled at this time.

You know, you can stay for 10 days for 1 magic crystal in Biluosixing Hotel, including food and lodging. What he ate still contained some extraordinary food! Starry Brilliance Hotel, directly 10 magic crystals a day, the price difference is a hundred times!

“We pay for what we pay for.” The nature elf said.

Kael wanted to argue, but was stopped by Angel.

Angel looked at the nature elves: “10 magic crystals a day, okay. Lead the way, let’s go to the Starry Brilliance Inn!”

The natural elf is humming an unknown song to lead the way, and every time the light green wings flap, it can set off waves of wind of fallen leaves, which looks beautiful.

Kael and Angel rode the wind of falling leaves and followed behind.

Angel’s expression was very calm, but Kael’s expression was depressed.

“My lord, are we really going to this starry hotel?” Kael asked.

Angel nodded.

Kael asked in confusion: “Why?”

Angel thought for a while, stretched out his finger and tapped Kael’s eyebrows lightly.

One message after another, accompanied by the power of nightmare, poured into Kael’s mind.

This information is not too much, but it contains all the rumors related to the “Starry Brilliance Hotel”.

After reading the rumors, Kael was in a daze for a while, and then said in a low voice: “Is this Starry Brilliance Inn really the property of ‘that’ adult?”

Anger said noncommittally: “You will know when you go. However, as far as I know, this observer is indeed often active in the Guman Kingdom.”

When the nature elf first said “starry industry”, Angel didn’t know what it was. But when it said “Starry Brightness”, a figure jumped out of Angel’s mind immediately.

This person is one of the eighteen permanent observers of the Guanxing Church, and his nickname is “Preacher of Starlight”.

This observer is very mysterious, no one knows what her real name is, only know that she calls herself “Preacher”.

Although she herself is very mysterious, the business travel group under her is very famous.

——The Starry Brilliance Business Travel Group came from her hands.

Whether the Starry Star Business Travel Group was sheltered, cooperated with, or founded by her, no one knows. However, many projects of the Bright Star Business Travel Group are closely related to the ability of the preacher.

For example, the Bright Star Business Travel Group will undertake astrology projects, and the astrology of the preacher is also unique in the Guanxing Church.

Also, the Bright Star Business Travel Group has hidden shops in many wizard markets. The biggest reason why these shops can exist for a long time is that they all have “anti-prophetic properties” and are extremely good hiding places. And the preacher’s “anti-prophecy” is also one of his best abilities.

Angel chose to go with the natural elves to the “Starry Brilliance” because in terms of concealment, the Starry Brilliance Hotel is definitely far better than the Biluosi Hotel.

However, this is not the main reason. The biggest reason is why this natural elf just happened to appear in front of them?

Did someone make a prophecy?

But the Blood Night Asylum was not activated, which means that no one predicted Angel… Could it be a coincidence?

However, Angel was a little bit unconvinced when he was related to the prophecy wizard.

No matter what the reason is, just go and see.

Anyway, Angor’s cards are very strong. Even the real strongest in the southern region, the Inspector, is barely on Angor’s side. He is not afraid of someone’s conspiracy at all.

Besides, he can shake people.

If it’s not a coincidence, then ask clearly; if it’s a coincidence…then he should find a hidden place to meditate, it’s not bad.

(End of this chapter)


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