Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 2873 The tightrope walker


The Tooth Fairy, who was born in the past thousand years, has never had a dream?

Does this mean that the relationship between the dream world and the mirror world is becoming less and less close? Even in recent times, there has been a faint decoupling?

When Angel frowned and pondered, Laplace asked, “Do you have any ideas?”

Angel did not hide anything, and spoke out his thoughts.

After hearing this, Laplace asked suspiciously: “You mean that not dreaming has something to do with the decoupling of the dream world. You must be within the influence of the dream world to dream?”

Angel: “Not necessarily.”

Frod once shared with Angel some of his thoughts on dreams.

Dreams are actually windows through which the tangible consciousness sees the invisible consciousness.

To put it simply, it is the essence of ‘dream’, which embodies the disordered emotions buried deep in people’s hearts. These disordered emotions are born under the influence of the subconscious. Peep into the true colors of these disordered emotions.

Dreams become a channel for autonomous consciousness to perceive disordered emotions.

If you analyze this kind of interpretation carefully, you will find the viewpoint of “only egoism”.

Dreams are born from the heart, and the heart is me.

In this way, it seems that the dream has nothing to do with the dream world, but only with me.

Actually, not so.

The dream world is relatively obscure in Freud’s explanation, probably because of the rigor of the professional. Frode used to be an apprentice of the Dream Department, and his explanation was more fundamentalist, which is a faction that does not allow any deviation from his own research. When outsiders hear it, they will feel vague and obscure, and cannot understand.

Jon once read Frode’s thesis on the dream world. After reading it, Jon made a summary, which is easier to understand than Frode’s thesis.

Jon compares the dream world to a “platform”.

This platform can be regarded as a third-party platform. It is a platform with laws to follow and rules to abide by.

The dreams of ordinary people are like design drafts, which are uploaded to the platform, which greatly enriches the resources of the platform, and then the platform integrates these resources into the pan-plane through coverage, enriching and more Many dreamers fantasies.

So, even dreams born from the heart are actually related to the dream world.

You can compare your dream to a key to the dream world. It’s just that it is difficult for ordinary people to grasp this key.

Of course, Jon’s “platform” metaphor is relatively simple, and there are many imprecise places, which is why Floyd has never paid attention to it.

But Angor still approves it, not that Jon is his enlightenment mentor, he approves; it is purely because Angel discovered that the mechanism of “platform” seems to be very close to the rules of the special world, on the contrary It doesn’t fit so well with the independent real world.

For example, the dream world can be used as a platform, and the same principle can also be used in the mirror world.

Aren’t the broken memories and reflection spaces of the mirror world one by one uploaded to the ‘Mirror World’ platform? However, most of the “resources” uploaded to the mirror world are uploaded unconsciously from outside water surfaces, reflective surfaces, and mirror surfaces.

The tide of the sea of ​​empty mirrors is a one-click cleanup of garbage.

The Nightmare Realm can also be used as a platform, including Naraku City, Witch Town, Mysterious Tower, etc. These are the resources “uploaded” from reality to the Nightmare Realm platform.

Because of the commonality of these special worlds, Angel agrees with Jon’s “platform theory”.

Then again, since the dream world is just a platform, whether living things dream or not is actually not necessarily affected by the dream world.

But why is there such an obvious impact on the mirror world?

If it’s just an isolated case, don’t worry too much, because there are many cases of creatures that can dream, but don’t. There are also some creatures who don’t often dream, and the millennium dream is also possible.

But it’s different now, there is a wide range of non-dreams in the mirror world.

Including the Tooth Fairy and Laplace, who could have dreamed, but no longer dreamed. What is the reason for this?

Anger has a guess in his mind, but he doesn’t know whether the guess is correct.

“What are you thinking?” Laplace asked puzzled seeing Angel’s silence for a long time.

Angel pondered for a moment, and expressed all his thoughts and doubts.

“Why don’t everyone dream anymore… You said you have a guess, so what is your guess?” Laplace paused: “If you don’t want to say it, I can understand.”

Angel: “Since I have expressed these doubts, I naturally hope that Ms. Laplace can give me some advice.”

Laplace: “I’ve never been to any other special world, so I’m afraid I can’t give you advice.”

Angel shrugged: “It’s okay even if you don’t have any suggestions, just listen to me talking about some fantasy.”

Laplac looked at Angel quietly, and finally nodded and said: “Okay.”

Angel: “My guess, this may be some gap between special worlds?”

“It may be too anthropomorphic to use ‘gap’, but I can’t find other words to replace it. In my opinion, the reason why the mirror world is drifting away from the dream world may be the mirror world The influence of the will of the world behind the world.”

“It’s like, it’s hard to accommodate two beast kings on one mountain.”

“The mirror world and the dream world are both special worlds. The creatures in the mirror world are affected by the dream world, but the mirror surface in the dream world is not reflected by the mirror world. If the mirror world is regarded as a person If you look at it, isn’t this unfair to it?”

Laplace: “So you feel that the will of the world behind the mirror world has contributed to the current situation intentionally or unintentionally.”

Angel nodded: “Yes, it can make the creatures who can dream suddenly unable to dream. This kind of power may only be achieved by the world will of the mirror world.”

Laplace thought for a while: “What you said is not unreasonable, but this is too far away from my level, so I can’t give any advice.”

Angel: “I’m just an unrealistic fantasy, it doesn’t matter.”

After a pause, Angel continued: “If there is even a little bit of possibility in my fantasy, I guess, even though the mirror world is getting farther and farther away from the dream world, it should not be completely decoupled.”

Laplace is not stupid, and he expressed Angel’s implication: “Because of sweet dreams?”

Angel nodded: “Since you can dream with Sweet Dreams, it means that you haven’t completely decoupled.”

Laplace: “But, the sweet dream is a mysterious thing, can this be counted as proof?”

“I don’t know if it can be used as evidence.” Angel finished speaking, and said with a hint: “But, I think that a mysterious thing like Sweet Dream was born in the mirror world, which is actually pretty good. Strange.”

Obviously there are signs of decoupling between the two special worlds, but sweet dreams related to the dream world were born here, isn’t it interesting?

Angel looked at Laplace: “The wise man told me that Ms. Laplace witnessed the birth of the sweet dream. Do you still remember that the sweet dream was born before you stopped dreaming, or After no more dreams.”

Laplace: “After no more dreams.”

Angel smiled, but did not speak.

Laplace looked at Angel: “Do you think Sweet Dream is also a product of the game of will in the world?”

Angel: “I don’t dare to say that. However, since the mirror world has an uncoupling action, I’m wondering, isn’t there some action in the dream world?”

Laplace thought for a moment, then shook his head: “You anthropomorphize the will of the world too much. The will of the world does not have the emotions of human beings.”

Angel: “That’s what I said, but the will of the world should also have underlying logic, or in other words, the rules and systems of operation?”

Angel has the experience of controlling the power of the wilderness of dreams, so he can vaguely perceive that the will does not have wisdom and emotion, but they have their own operating logic.

Just like the power of “Celestial Change”, if it was controlled by Frode at the beginning, it might not be able to run so smoothly. On the contrary, the authority was handed over to the Wilderness of Dream itself, and this played the greatest role of “Celestial Change”.

And this, in fact, can be regarded as the underlying operating logic of the Wilderness of Dreams. Even if there is no wisdom, there will be mechanisms to make up for it.

However, Laplace was not convinced by Angel, and shook his head, “It’s too far away from us, let’s take it as a guess.”

Angel: “Maybe there is a way to shorten this distance?”

Laplace only felt that Angel was being stubborn, and she didn’t refute. She just looked away and didn’t speak.

Angel recreated the illusion of the mural, while slowly simulating the changes in light and shadow, he said to himself: “Sweet Dream was born under the witness of Ms. Laplace. It is also a kind of luck.”

Laplace narrowed his eyes: “What do you mean?”

Angel: “It’s not interesting, I just think that if Ms. Laplace hadn’t discovered Sweet Dreams, I might not have the opportunity to study it.”

After speaking, Angel stopped speaking, but carefully simulated the light and shadow changes of the phantom.

Laplace watched Angel quietly. After a long time, she lowered her eyebrows, and some strange thoughts came to her mind.

As for Angel, although it seems that he is seriously simulating light and shadow, he is actually thinking about several questions in his heart: Is it really a gap between the will of the world? Are sweet dreams really an echo given by the dream world? And…is it really just a coincidence that Sweet Dream appeared in front of Laplace?

Even if other people knew all this, they probably wouldn’t think so much.

But Angel is different. He has appeared in the established “bureau” many times during his journey. Part of it may be a coincidence, but a larger part has been determined not to be a coincidence, but the influence of the Book of Kell.

Precisely because he has experienced too much, this made him subconsciously start conspiracy theories.

However, deep down in Angel’s heart, he still doesn’t think this time is a “game”. Can be difficult to arrange.

Anger temporarily put aside these tedious thoughts, and focused all his thoughts on deciphering the murals.

The analysis of the third mural will take more time, because the shadows are very large, and it will take longer to find the logic of light and shadow changes.

Even so, Angel presented the analyzed painting within ten minutes.

“What is this?” Laplace frowned and looked at the painting floating in front of his eyes.

Compared to the previous two paintings, which only have the throne and people, the composition of this painting is quite complicated, and there are a lot of things to be identified.

Laplace is not an interpreter, so it is difficult to immediately discern the logic in it. However, following Angel’s narration, she also roughly understands the general content of the painting.

If Angel named this painting, it would probably be: Road to Glory.

On the long road, a humanoid creature is walking slowly. He is wearing armor and holding a spear. It is the “new king” who is about to ascend the throne!

On both sides of the long road, there are cheering crowds, or in other words, a group of cheering humanoid creatures.

These humanoid creatures seem to be the people who witnessed the “new king’s enthronement”, and they shouted excitedly for the appearance of the new king.

“The new king is enthroned, the road to glory.” Under Angel’s guidance, Laplace also saw the “acquaintance” in armor.

Angel’s introduction was very detailed, and Laplace could understand it, but looking at this “familiar new king”, Laplace somehow felt something was wrong. But if you think about it carefully, you can’t tell what’s wrong.

Angel: “The third painting is like this now, let’s go and see the fourth painting now?”

Although Laplace still had some hesitation in his heart, he did not express his doubts. Instead, he led Angel towards the hall where the fourth painting was located.

Perhaps, the weirdness in her heart can be answered in the fourth painting?

There was no words all the way, and under the opening of the bird’s lamp, they came to the fourth hall smoothly.

The layout is the same as before, it is still framed murals and irregularly placed bird lamps.

Anger didn’t stop this time, and directly simulated the phantom against the mural, and quickly analyzed it.

About five minutes later, Angel successfully analyzed the fourth painting.

When Angel and Laplace saw the fourth painting, they were all stunned.

Laplace: “This is, the steel cable and… people?”

If you name this painting, Ingres must think of “The Man Who Walks the Tightrope”.

Because the composition of the picture is a humanoid creature walking alone on a suspended steel cable.

And this humanoid creature is the new king they saw before.

The composition of this painting is content expressed is not difficult to understand whether it is the extended meaning or the actual meaning. The reason why Angel and Laplace were stunned was because of some details about this “person”——

Armor and spear!

He took off the bulky and heavy armor.

Also lost the spear that looked like it could pierce the sky.

While walking on the steel cable, he threw the armor and spear directly into the boundless abyss.

This scene was the reason why Angel and Laplace were surprised.

Leaving the armor and weapons behind, and also throwing them into the hard-to-find bottomless abyss, which represents his renunciation of the way forward. It also means one thing at the same time…

It means that their speculation from the very beginning was wrong!

(End of this chapter)



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