Super Dimensional Wizard: 2875th section Charles Palace


The people in Charlie’s Palace used to be those in power in real life, and after tasting the sweetness of power, those in power seem to have a commonality, hoping to live longer, so that they can hold power longer .

It can be said that Charles I, Charles II, and Charles XIII were all driven by the desire for power and became resentful.

And the stronger the desire, the more unable to let go of the mind.

They are always thinking about how to ‘live’ longer, how to make their descendants in reality not to forget sacrifices and offerings, and how to control the reality through the ‘myitsone mirror’… If they have thoughts in their hearts, their dreams come true. reflected.

As a result, the three members of Charlie’s family dream several times more frequently than other creatures in the mirror.

So, they clearly remember when it started, they suddenly stopped dreaming.

“According to Gleipnier’s investigation, three thousand years ago, Charles I noticed that the frequency of his dreams began to decrease. However, he didn’t care at that time.”

“Two thousand and eight hundred years ago, the frequency of dreaming was further reduced by Charles I, and Charles II and Charles XIII were also aware of the reduced frequency of dreaming.”

“And 2,300 years ago, Charles I had basically stopped dreaming, and the last time he had a dream was a hundred years ago. Charles II and Charles XIII were in the same situation as him.”

“Nine hundred years ago, Charles XIII had his last dream, and they haven’t had any more dreams since.”

Although they still sleep occasionally now, there are no more dreams.

Because they themselves were not born in the dream world, and they were once extraordinary. Therefore, they were very concerned about suddenly not dreaming, and even studied together for a while.

Therefore, what Gleipnir obtained from the Charles Palace was not only the exact time of the “decoupling of the dream world and the mirror world”, but also a large amount of research data.

The research of Charlie’s department is relatively comprehensive, not only doing research, but also making world analogies.

According to their research from the big data of the mirror domain, the result is very interesting: the vast majority of mirror domain creatures generally stopped dreaming from 3,000 to 2,000 years ago.

Less than two thousand years old, currently only Charles XIII.

If it were an anchor target, Charles XIII’s 1900 years ago should be a relatively accurate number.

In addition to the Mirror Domain research, Charlie’s family also went back to reality and made comparisons.

As a mirror grudge, and with the “Myitsone Stone Mirror” as its backing, as well as the offerings of future generations, it is easier for them to leave the mirror domain. However, in reality, their strength will continue to be depleted and reduced. If there is an accident, it may really encounter an accident.

There is no chance of escape.

So they rarely return to the real world. In order to do this research, all three of them have returned to the real world, which shows their curiosity about this research topic.

“The end result is that even if they return to reality, they will not dream in reality.”

“And their descendants, those human beings, are not affected, they should dream or dream.”

From this, a conclusion is actually drawn: the creatures in the mirror field not only do not dream, but are even deprived of the ability to dream.

And it seems that only the will of the mirror world can deprive the mirror domain creatures of their ability to dream.

Before, Laplace thought that Angel anthropomorphized both the mirror world and the dream world, making it seem like you were fighting with me, which should not be true; but now, the conclusion drawn by Charlie’s family , so that the stubbornness in Laplace’s heart began to slowly shake.

On the other hand, Angel didn’t expect that Gleipnir had brought such a big piece of information.

You must know that the Charles Palace not only gave a survey, but also gave a very detailed research report. This report not only has extensive data, but even a world comparison. This saved Angel a lot of time.

There is no need to listen to other reports now.

But Luigi was sent out after all. In order not to make him feel that he had done nothing in vain, Angel still asked: “Where is Luigi? Did he get any news in the Tooth Fairy Castle? “

Laplace: “The old Tooth Fairy in the Tooth Fairy Castle gave similar answers to the results of Charlie’s family investigation. They also began to have less and no dreams about 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. .”

Angol nodded: “Whether it is the information of the Tooth Fairy Castle or the information of the Charles Palace, it is now known that the dream does not disappear immediately, but gradually fades and weakens, that is to say, if the Mirror World Really decoupling from the dream world is not an immediate realization, but a long process.”

Laplace didn’t refute this either, the truth was exactly what Ingres said.

After finishing this conclusion, Angel changed the conversation and returned to the sweet dream: “Speaking of which, the time point when the sweet dream appeared is very interesting.”

Speaking of this, Angel looked at Laplace: “I will tell a story made up by my brain next, which may also anthropomorphize the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, you should just listen to a fantasy. It’s a lie.”

Laplace did not speak and looked at Angel quietly.

After arranging the wording a little, Angel began to tell a little story that he made up in his brain.

“The preamble of the story, I briefly mentioned before, there was no sign of decoupling between the mirror world and the dream world at first, at least three thousand years ago. But why, the mirror world and the dream world began to decouple again. What? My guess is, as before, the creatures in the mirror world will be affected by the dream world, and the mirror in the dream world cannot reflect the resources that the mirror world wants, or the space in the dream world.”

“The Mirror World may think this is unfair. Why is it that you are only allowed to invade me, but I can’t put my tentacles into your world?”

“So, the underlying logic of the mirror world started a new operation, and finally chose to gradually decouple from the dream world.”

“And this, probably started three thousand years ago.”

“But, the dream world doesn’t want to decouple from the mirror world, but the rules of the dream world can’t affect the rules of the mirror world. Seeing that the decoupling is developing more and more towards the end, the dream world finally started.”

“So, the sweet dream was born in the mirror world.”

“Sweet dreams can bypass all laws and connect to the dream world.”

Speaking of this, Angel suddenly looked at Laplace: “If I were in your position, I would probably think at this time, why did the dream world let sweet dreams be born in the mirror world? ? Even if it is born, it seems to be useless, after all, sweet dreams cannot make all creatures in the mirror dream.”

Laplace said lightly: “Your guess is right, I do think so.”

“Actually, in my opinion, the answer is not difficult to guess.” Angel: “I wonder if Ms. Laplace has heard of lotus root?”

Laplace shakes his head.

Angol stretched out his finger directly, creating an illusion of a lotus root in mid-air.

“The lotus root has a characteristic that after breaking them, they are not directly cut into two pieces, but there are still some silk flocks inside.”

“This is the same as the intention of Sweet Dream. The dream world may know that it is difficult to forcibly reverse the direction of the mirror world. It may not be able to reverse the will of the mirror world, but it is not willing to just do it. Disconnect.”

“So there is a sweet dream, which can be forcibly connected to the dream world. Isn’t this a kind of ‘connection’?”

Laplace: “I can see what you mean, but as you speculated about me before, it’s useless, what’s the point?”

Anger’s conversation changed again, no longer talking about the sweet dream, but talking about their experience this time: “…I don’t know if Ms. Laplace has ever thought about why the wise master would meet with Are we on the side?”

“The wise Lord and Adanis have known each other for a long time. Even if they have mutual suspicions, their cooperation has never stopped. And this time we are here, there is actually nothing worthy of the wise Lord’s attention, but why would he Choose to work with us?”

Laplace knows what’s going on in the outside world. She also asked the wise master this question, and the wise master gave the answer: “…waiting for the wind to return.”

The eloquence dominated by the wise did not prevent Laplace from understanding his thoughts. He was waiting for a variable.

And he believes that there are variables in Angel and his party. Therefore, he stood on Angel’s side.

After reaching this conclusion, think about the story that Ingres told.

The birth of Sweet Dreams does not solve the problem of decoupling, but isn’t this a story of “waiting for the wind”?

The existence of the sweet dream is also waiting for a variable that will bring a turning point in the decoupling of the dream world and the mirror world.

Laplace pondered for a moment, then said lightly: “Although your story sounds like it makes sense, but it’s all guesswork. I still don’t think the will of the world will think like a human being.”

Angol: “I also said that this is a story of anthropomorphism. The real situation is definitely not anthropomorphic thinking.”

“The core of my story is actually the conflict of interests. The will of the world may not have the emotion and thinking ability of human beings, but its essence of pursuing interests, or tending to be better for itself, remains unchanged.”

“It’s like every plane fusion of reality, isn’t it the world’s will to integrate and plunder resources?”

“It’s not the ability to think, it’s the underlying logic of how the world works, or… instinct.”

Laplace snorted softly: “You are sophistry. If you really think that the sweet dream is the backhand of the dream world, waiting for a wind of reconciliation, where is this wind? Or, Where is this variable?”

Anger clenched his fist, raised his hand, covered his mouth and coughed twice: “I think… I can barely be a wind.”

After being stunned for a few seconds, Laplace laughed out loud in front of Angel for the first time.

After laughing, Laplace looked at Angel: “Are you telling a joke? If so, I approve.”

Angel: “I may not be able to become popular, but I can try.”

“How do you want to try?” Laplace asked with a smile, still in disbelief.

“This is the purpose of my research.” Angel: “How to do it will be known in time. However, before that, I need to do some preparations.”

Seeing Laplace’s face of disbelief, Angel didn’t care either, and said in a self-deprecating tone:

“If I succeed, then I am the wind borrowed from the dream world. If I fail, then I will perform a ‘Joker’s Appearance’ for Ms. Laplace, have a good time, maybe the future may become a Your laughter.”

Laplace is noncommittal: “It’s up to you, anyway, I promise to cooperate with your research, I will not voluntarily withdraw from this matter.”

Anger thanked him, and then continued: “Speaking of which, the story I told just now has not been finished yet. Is Ms. Laplace still interested in continuing to listen?”

Laplace said casually: “You can say it, it’s okay to listen to it.”

Anger said with a smile: “Speaking of which, the Dream World has made a big move of Sweet Dreams. Could it be that the Mirror World has completely turned a blind eye?”

“I think, of course not.”

“Whether the mirror world has guessed the intention of the dream world or not, it must respond to eliminate the risk.”

“And what it does is to make the birth of the sweet dream witnessed by a certain creature in the mirror. And this creature in the mirror happens to be able to seal the sweet dream.”

“If nothing else, the creature in the mirror still has a way to throw sweet dreams into reality, making it less of a threat.”

How could Laplace not hear what Angel meant: “Are you talking about me?”

Angel didn’t pretend to refute, but nodded and admitted: “Yes.”

According to the “story” told by Angel, the mirror world does deal with sweet dreams, and Laplace stepped on the stage.

It’s just that the Mirror World seems to love Laplace very much. It doesn’t give Laplace a clear guide. No matter what Laplace chooses, the Mirror World probably accepts it.

The choice that Laplace made was to seal the sweet dream and give it to the wise master.

Also because the wise master the demand for sweet dreams, she did not exile the sweet dreams to reality, which made the decoupling of the mirror world and the dream world, which has not been completely completed until Russ: “The story you told, I still take it as a story.”

Anger scratched his head and smiled: “Actually, I also regard it as a story.”

While telling this story, Angel found flaws in many places. For example, whether the dream world really wants to decouple, or just pretending, Angel still doesn’t understand it. If we really want to decouple, we should cut through the mess quickly. It has been dragged on for thousands of years, and it seems that there is a “decoupling cooling-off period”.

Of course, it is also possible that Angel himself is too narrow-minded. He feels that a thousand years is long, but it is only a blink of an eye for the will of the world.

Anger also doesn’t think that he can really reach the sky, open the eyes of God, and instruct the will of the world to do things from a look down.

He just wanted to build confidence in himself through this story.

He said that he might become a “wind”, but it was not for nothing.

Because of what he has to do next, it is really possible to participate in the “decoupling and anti-decoupling” event…


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