Super Dimensional Wizard: 2874th section ancient city and giant beast


If Angel is named, starting from the bottom mural, they are: “On the Throne”, “On the Throne”, “Road to Glory”, “The Tightrope Walker”…”Infant” .

Angol’s naming logic is based on the content of the picture, supplemented by the story of the brain.

But now Angel finds that the story he’s brainstorming is simply wrong.

He has always believed that the painting “Above the Throne” in the bottom hall is the end of this “newborn will become king” story.

But the painting “The Tightrope Walker” slapped Angel in the face.

According to Angel’s brain-filling story, the painting presented after “The Tightrope Walker” should be “Road to Glory”.

But the protagonist in the painting “The Tightrope Walker” has already taken off his bulky armor and lost his spear; why is he still wearing armor and holding a weapon in “Road to Glory”?

This is not logical inconsistency anymore.

In other words, this logic is simply reversed.

The real order should be “Road to Glory” first and “The Tightrope Walker” last.

In other words, “On the Throne” is not the last painting, but the beginning of this story, the first painting!

Instead, they thought it was “Swaddling”, a painting carved on the top of a tree, which is the real ending of the story!

However, Angel and Laplace were still puzzled.

Newborns go through a long period of time and eventually become kings. This is the way of thinking of normal people. But why is it upside down now, but the king finally returned to the swaddle?

What does this mean? Or, are their current analysis still wrong? The tightrope walkers are not throwing away their armor, but summoning armor and weapons from the bottomless abyss? Although Angel himself didn’t believe in this speculation, he really couldn’t understand, what did “the king return to the swaddle” trying to express?

Both Angel and Laplace were caught in the quagmire of thinking at this time.

After a moment of silence, Angel took the lead and said, “It may be too early to interpret it now. Why don’t you read all the murals?”

Laplace nodded and motioned for Angel to come with her.

Soon, they came to the fifth hall, and the mural here would be the last mural they saw.

After entering the hall, Laplace hesitated and whispered: “Luigi has come out of the Tooth Fairy Castle, and there are some investigation results from Gleipnir, you have to listen to it now. ?”

Anger thought for a while, then shook his head and said, “Don’t be busy, let’s unpack this mural.”

The survey results on Laplace’s side won’t run anyway, and as time goes by, the survey samples on her side will become more and more reliable, and the results will be more reliable.

So, don’t be in a hurry.

Let’s take a look at what the mural in the last hall is about, what connection it has with the last “Swaddling”.

Whether “Infant” is the beginning of the story, or the end of the story, perhaps we have to look at this fifth mural.

Anger silently analyzes the mural. With the change and extension of light and shadow, the mural is abstract from the very beginning, and gradually reveals its half-covered true face.

A few minutes later, Angel let out a long breath.

The last mural has also been unlocked.

——The dark abyss, the indescribable giant creatures, and the tiny “people” heading towards the giant creatures, and… an ancient city looming behind the giant creatures.

This is just the overall picture of the mural. If you pick up the details, you will find that the giant creature is very huge, like a ten thousand-meter mountain in front of your eyes.

Furthermore, there are more than one of these giant creatures that cannot describe their overall appearance. It’s just the front one that occupies the main position. But if you look at it from the side, you can see that behind the ancient city suspended in the depths of the abyss, there are vaguely similar outlines of giant creatures.

It is impossible to determine how many there are, but there must be more than one.

In addition to the giant creature, the tiny “human” who walks opposite the giant creature also has details worth mentioning.

This “man” is exactly the same as the humanoid in the painting “The Tightrope Walker”, and he is not wearing armor or holding a weapon.

This means: Angel’s previous speculation is indeed wrong, there should be “Road to Glory” first, and then “The Tightrope Walker”.

And another proof is the details of the ancient city.

There is something in the ancient city, I can’t see it clearly, the only thing I can see is that there is a black shadow outline above the ancient city. And this outline is exactly the same as the “Swaddling” in the last painting.

It can be said that this painting is to pave the way for the last “Infant”.

This also proves once again that “Swaddling” at the top of the tree is the last painting in this story, and “Above the Throne” is the first painting.

At this point, although Angel still doesn’t know the outline of the story, he has determined that the moral of the story is not at all “the new born will become king”, and his interpretation of the first few paintings is wrong. .

If it were named from the current perspective, it might be better to call the first painting “The Throne.”

In the second painting, Angel had thought that the new king was ascending the throne, but in fact the king had stepped down from the throne, so it may be more appropriate to name it “The Departure of the King”.

In the third painting, the people are not cheering the new king’s accession to the throne, but the people are wondering why the king left, lamenting and saying goodbye to the king. Therefore, it is better to call it “The Farewell Road”.

The fourth painting, without changing its name, is still “The Tightrope Walker”.

The fifth painting, the current one, can be called “The Ancient City and the Giant Beast”.

The sixth painting, which is the painting on the top of the tree, can still be called “Swaddling” in a straightforward way.

However, the best naming is to summarize the meaning, but now Angel doesn’t know what “Swaddling” is.

Why does a king just pursue a baby after abandoning everything in the past?

During thinking, Angel and Laplace returned to the top of the tree.

Angel presented six murals in mid-air through illusions.

The puzzle of the mural was finally solved. Judging from the logic of the mural, it is probably a story of “the king unloading his armor and returning to his birth”.

However, the whole story is filled with a sense of absurdity.

Especially when the six murals are viewed together, it will be more dramatic.

Laplace’s eyes are full of confusion: “What is the meaning of swaddling and why do you pursue swaddling?”

Angol hesitated for a moment: “Swaddling, it can be understood as a sleeping place for babies. From the king on the throne, he transformed into a baby in swaddling. Does it mean… rebirth? New birth?”

After a pause, Angel whispered: “Or, reincarnation?”

“Rebirth, rebirth, reincarnation.” Laplace muttered these words, as if thinking of something, his expression slowly became solemn.

On the other side, Angel sighed softly: “However, after all, it’s just speculation. The bottomless abyss hides endless secrets, where is this ancient city, what are those giant beasts, and why does the king disarm Going back to swaddling too…these are unsolvable secrets.”

Laplace: “No, it can be answered.”

Anger looked at Laplace in puzzlement. Laplace didn’t speak, but stretched out his finger and tapped the illusion released by Angel.

Angol could feel a new energy injected into the illusion of these six murals.

This force is very unfamiliar, but it does not carry any maliciousness. It has entered the illusion node with a cool feeling like water.

Although this power feels very gentle, what it does is not gentle at all, it is robbing Angel of the control of illusion.

Angol glanced at Laplace and said nothing, silently giving up control of the illusion node.

As Angel let go, Laplace successfully controlled the illusion, and then, the illusion began to change very quickly.

The six murals themselves have not changed, but next to the murals, rows of text have been added.

These texts are all Abyssal Devil texts, and they are also variants.

Angol also saw these words next to the mural before, but because he didn’t know it, he didn’t care.

Now, Laplace put all these words out, Angel looked carefully… still didn’t recognize it.

Laplace: “As long as these words can be translated, the content in the murals will surely find the answer.”

Angel: Isn’t this nonsense.

“…But who can unravel these words?” Angel looked at Laplace.

And coincidentally, Laplace also turned his head to look at Angel, and the two looked at each other.

In Laplace’s eyes, Angel saw a glimmer of expectation. Angel froze for a moment, hesitated for a moment, stretched out his finger, and pointed at himself: “You mean… me?”

Laplace nodded: “If you can crack the frescoes, you will also be able to solve the mystery of the text.”

Angel only felt that his head was full of question marks.

What logic is this? If I crack the changes, will I be able to solve the mystery of words?

This is like the logic that if you step on an ant, you will surely step on an elephant. There is no analogy at all!

“I didn’t want to come this time, but Gleipnir suggested I come, and her hunch proved right.”

Angol: …and then what? If he doesn’t know this character, he doesn’t know it. If he doesn’t know a character, can he still comprehend it?

“Just before, I disclosed the situation of the mural to Gleipnir; and at that time, Gleipnir happened to get a piece of information and was looking for me.” Laplace said that this was the day After a while: “And this is a symptom.”

At this point, Angel already understood Laplace’s logic.

Started to engage in the “over-interpretation” thing again.

Angel is not saying that over-interpretation is wrong. When analyzing inspiration, some reasonable or excessive interpretation is indeed needed.

However, this interpretation is too taken for granted.

He doesn’t know these abyss demon texts, how can he interpret these texts?

Seeing Laplace looking at him expectantly, Angel reluctantly said what was in his heart.

Laplace thought for a moment: “What if this wasn’t a demon script, but a mural-like puzzle?”

Angol: “…If it was a riddle, the wise master would have solved it long ago, so how could it be my turn.”

The Lord of the Wise may be a little careful, but if Laplace really wants to ask, Angel believes that the Lord of the Wise will still tell Laplace the truth.

The Lord of the Wise may have solved the puzzle of the murals, but in terms of text, Angel still thinks that the Lord of the Wise may not be able to do anything.

Laplace seemed to have something to say, Angel sighed in his heart: “I said before, I know a lot of friends from the abyss, I may be able to find helpers to decipher these words, but Now, I can’t solve the mysteries of these words.”

Angle paused for a while and continued: “Let’s put an end to the mural for now. Ms. Laplace said that Gleipnir has received a piece of information. I don’t know what it is?”

Although Angel is also a little curious about the murals, he still cares more about things related to himself than these unintelligible murals.

Although Laplace still remembers the devil’s words, she also understands that what Angel is saying is true. Maybe it is as Angel said that he can only get it after he finds a friend in the abyss. real answer.

“Gleipnir’s information was obtained from the Charles Palace.”

Angres: “Charles Palace?”

Laplace nodded and briefly introduced the Charles Palace.

Charles Palace is a special mirror space, its special point is that it has a reality to rely on.

The reality mirror corresponding to the Charles Palace is a strategic alchemy tool called “Myitsone Mirror”. Laplace doesn’t know the specific function of this alchemy tool, but it makes an analogy. It is probably like the mirror world created by Jing Ji. Once there is reality, its stability will be extremely high. As long as it is not done, the mirror space will not be broken.

However, because of the reality, the aggregate energy possessed by the Charles Palace is extremely thin. Generally speaking, creatures in the mirror are unwilling to live in such a place.

It is like the world in the mirror of the barbaric cave. It is said to be the world in the mirror, but in fact it has completely adhered to the laws of the wizarding world, and there is not even a little aggregation energy in it. Therefore, the world in the mirror can no longer be regarded as the mirror domain. territory.

And the Charles Palace is barely within the Mirror Realm, but it is also between the cracks.

The reason why there are still creatures in the mirror in the Charles Palace is very simple, they are enshrined by the younger generation in reality.

“There are juniors in reality? Is it similar to the one-eyed family?” Angel wondered.

Laplace shook his head: “No, the people living in the Charles Palace are a group of former humans. It’s just that they became the mirror grudges after death, and after some special transformation, they now become the guardian spirits of the Charles Palace. “

“It is an acquired transformation of the creatures in the Therefore, their mastery of the aggregation energy is not as strong as that of other native creatures in the mirror. The degree of dependence is relatively low.”

“These are all digressions, but back to the point. Charles I, Charles II, and Charles XIII lived in the Charles Palace. In fact, there were some descendants of Charles in the middle, who wanted to enter the Mirror Realm, but they were all transformed in the end. Failure, only these three survive.”

“Among them, Charles I and Charles II spent more time in the Mirror Field than me, and Charles XIII was about the same as me.”

It is precisely because the people in the Charles Palace are old antiques from the Mirror Realm. Even if they stay in the Charles Palace all the year round, their strength is not very good, but at least they live longer and have more knowledge.

That’s why Gleipnir went to Charles Palace.

At Charlie’s Palace, Gleipnir learned an interesting piece of information from these three special “mirror grudges”.

They all stopped dreaming at about the same time.

Before this, they dreamed very frequently.


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