Star Odyssey Chapter 5154: Don’t look for trouble


Lu Yin kept staring at them. They could not see as far away as Lu Yin and could not detect him at all.

But the moment Kou’s momentum burst out, the entire Lanqiong world was shaken.

The Lord of the Third Palace suddenly looked towards the direction in which Kou was rushing. There were three regular auras, who?

“Coming to us.” Pu said. It is the main sequence of Qi Luck. It is ordered by the Qi Luck Master clan to cooperate with the Lord of the Three Palaces to find Bu Yan. There is also a creature from the Qi Luck Lord clan named Yunzhen. .

The starry sky was pushed sideways, and Kou almost rushed forward with a momentum that overturned everything, squeezing the entire void towards the Third Palace Lord and the others.

Pu immediately took action, and the destiny of the sky covered the starry sky in purple and hit the void.

With a loud bang, the Lanqiong world was distorted. Countless creatures looked at the direction of the collision and saw the two terrifying forces colliding, and they were horrified.

Pu took a step back, secretly shocked, what a strong force.

As one of the Four Extreme Sins, Kou once fought his way out of the camp. He has been in the Luo Realm for countless years. Like the other Four Extreme Sins, he has extremely strong endurance and iron-blooded will. Their absolute combat power is inferior to that of the Lifeless Ones. There are restrictions on the strong, but except for those strong, no one dares to fight.

Pu faced Kou and was immediately repulsed by his murderous aura.

The Lord of the Third Palace stepped forward, staring into the distance with his big eyes, watching the twisted void gradually become clearer, and then a voice came: “Finally found it.”

When the void is completely calmed down.

See each other.

The Lord of the Third Palace’s eyes widened and he looked ahead in surprise: “Isn’t it dark?”

Pu and Yun Zhen looked at each other in surprise. The Bu An they had been looking for for so long appeared, but what did it mean?

On the opposite side, Lu Yin sat high on Kou’s back, and appeared behind him, facing the three palace masters and them: “There are two luck tips, but they are a bit prickly, eh? Isn’t this Pu? Why are you here? This? ”

Pu is the main sequence of luck, Buyan is the sequence, it is normal for them to know each other.

It was because of their acquaintance that Pu was sent to assist the Lord of the Third Palace.

It never expected that they were the ones looking for Bu’an, but in turn they were found by Bu’an. And what did that mean? Two good luck tips? difficult to handle?

Lu Yin looked down at the front, his voice filled with arrogance: “Buyan, do you know me?”

Bu’an quickly said: “I know, it’s called Pu, and it’s the main sequence of luck. No wonder there is a luck kit, and the clan that dominates luck also has a luck kit.”

“That’s just right, take both of them together.”

“Well, Pu is a strong master of the Three Laws, so it’s not easy to attack.”

Lu Yin didn’t care: “I felt the collision just now. This guy is no match for Kou, right, Kou.”

Kou grinned: “I’ll take care of it.”

On the opposite side, the Lord of the Third Palace was stunned and didn’t even realize what it meant, and it was ignored.

Pu shouted: “Bu’an, what are you doing? Are you trying to steal the luck bag? Who are they?”

Lu Yin stared at Pu: “What’s wrong with your eyes? Didn’t you see that I’m a human being? Those who injured us wanted to run away, hiding one by one like turtles. Do you really think you can’t find them?”

Pu looked at Lu Yin, and then at Kou under him. Kou, isn’t that the Four Extremes Sin? If this gong does not have the strength of the three laws, it still thinks so, it is a gong, it is called a bandit, it is still a three laws, it is obviously a four-pole sin.

How powerful are the four extreme sins? A human being can use the four extreme sins as a mount. Which human being is that?

“Your Excellency, are you Lu Yin?” The Lord of the Third Palace spoke up and asked directly.

Pu stared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at it: “It has some knowledge, it’s just a clone. Who are you?”

The Lord of the Third Palace did not expect that it was Lu Yin. He was the strongest person in the inner and outer world today. He killed the Jingshan Monster with five arrows and intimidated the entire Lord. He forced the Lord to agree that the strongest person would not take action. This extreme human being fear. Especially in his unscrupulous behavior, during the free period of war, he gradually allowed Xiangcheng to gain a foothold in the inner and outer world, and his methods were extremely bold.

If the people in Xiangcheng are the ones that Dajie Palace does not want to mess with, then Lu Yin is the one that Dajie Palace absolutely does not want to get close to.

“Great World Palace, Lord of the Third Palace.”

“Oh? Are you the Palace Master of the Great Realm Palace? I am very interested in your Great Realm Palace. Looking for a chance to chat?”

The master of the third palace felt numb and said hurriedly: “If the Great Realm Palace does not participate in the battle between the inner and outer heavens, why is Your Excellency Lu Yin here?”

Lu Yin said: “Grab some luck tips and help my people avenge themselves.”

“Senior Changtu is a senior I respect, but he was crippled by fate and prevented from being treated. I have to settle this account.”

The luck master of the fate-dominated clan kept retreating, not daring to interrupt at all. I recall that once upon a time, the dominant clan of creatures were the center wherever they went, but now they are afraid of being slaughtered by Lu Yin.

The Lord of the Third Palace said politely: “I understand that you want to seek revenge with Qi Luck, but we are also looking for Bu An.”

“Can you please let us ask you a question?”

Lu Yin smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, they can’t run away anyway. Just ask, just as a face to Dajie Palace, and ask Dajie Palace to give me face in the future.”

The last sentence made the Lord of the Third Palace furious, but since it had already spoken, it had no choice but to agree.

Before the Lord of the Third Palace could ask questions, Pu spoke first: “Bu’an, as a Qi Luck Sequence, you actually help human beings. You betrayed the Qi Luck Sequence.”

Bu’an snorted: “I just don’t want to help the hypocrite.”

“Luck, everything obviously depends on luck, but in fact, it does some dirty things secretly.”

“Let’s just say it clearly. At the beginning, the Qi Luck Alliance ordered a guy to blackmail the Great Realm Palace. Master of the Third Palace, you came to me to ask about this. No need to ask, I tell you, it was the Qi Luck Alliance who instigated it.”

The Lord of the Third Palace looked at Yunzhen and Pu.

Pu angrily scolded: “What nonsense are you talking about? How can this kind of thing be related to my luck?”

It doesn’t matter anymore that it’s not dark. When the Lord of the Third Palace and Pu teamed up to look for it, it knew it couldn’t go back. Now it can only focus on helping Lu Yin and find a backer in the inner and outer world. In fact, the best thing is to leave. Inner and outer heaven, stay away from this place of right and wrong.

“This is what I see. How to cover it up is your business. Over the years, you have covered up too much by luck, but I am different. I have bad luck, and I can just break you.”

“You.” Pu wanted to say something else.

Lu Yin shouted: “Okay, no more nonsense. It is normal for the weak to prey on the strong in the cultivation world. What’s wrong with me snatching your luck bag now?”

“Dajie Palace, please finish asking.”

The Lord of the Third Palace retreated silently: “I, the Great Realm Palace, will not interfere in the grievances between human civilization and the Lord. You can do whatever you want.”

“You guys from Dajie Palace have no credibility. You promised not to tell, but you still told Qiyun. It’s despicable.” Buan asked angrily.

The Lord of the Third Palace just pretended not to hear.

Lu Yin didn’t want to fall out with Dajie Palace yet. He slapped Kou and Kou rushed towards Pu. Lu Yin held a gilded sword on its back and slashed it down with one strike. The active power roared out and headed towards Pu. Press down and cooperate with Kou Er to fight one, while Bu An takes action against Yunzhen.

Yunzhen threatened, “Bu’an, do you dare to attack me?”

Buebianfamao was very scared, but there was nothing he could do about it at this point: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. If you hand over your luck bag, you’ll suffer less.”

“Here you go.” Yunzhen threw out the luck bag directly, making Bu’an confused. So decisive?

The Lord of the Third Palace is gone.

Yun Zhen is also gone.

Only Lu Yin, the others, and Pu were left.

As a main sequence of luck and a strong one of the three laws, its strength is quite strong. Even if Lu Yin and Kou join forces, they cannot easily suppress it. However, this Pu cannot escape even if he wants to. In the end, it can only get rid of it. He used his luck bag and fled to the other side.

Using Pu’s power to throw out the Luck Kit, Bu’an cannot get it, because it itself is rejected by the Luck Kit, and it is not the kind of luck that just throws it away.

Reluctantly, Lu Yin could only let Kou chase him. Naturally, Pu escaped.

But leaving behind the bag of luck and running away would be a huge insult to Pu.

Lu Yin was holding two luck tips bags, feeling comfortable.

It is of little significance to instigate the relationship between Qi Luck and the Great Realm Palace. It was just to disturb the line of sight at first. The only function is to prevent the reasonable arrangement of Ming Zuo from being overshadowed by the human side. At the same time, it can be regarded as instigating the relationship between Life and Qi Luck. A relationship.

In the following time, the Great World Palace did not do anything, and they were not qualified to do anything. However, once the inner and outer heavens returned to their previous conditions, the Great World Palace would inevitably suppress the luck.

But I don’t know if that situation will happen again.

In fact, the Lord, including all the creatures in the seventy-two realms, firmly believe that the Inner and Outer Heavens will return to their previous state, because once the Lord returns, human beings will be destroyed. What they don’t understand the most is why humans dare to stay in the Inner and Outer Heavens.

For the next time, Lu Yin rode Kou, and with Bu An leading the way, he frantically searched for the seventy-two realms of luck. Bu An had already been exposed, so he was not afraid of being exposed more thoroughly. He tried his best to search for it, and forcefully He helped Lu Yin grab dozens of them, most of them came from the fate master clan. This move made Yunshan extremely angry and questioned Mingyiyi, because Buyan had been helping Mingzuo before.

Life is directly explained by betrayal.

Nowadays, Yun Xin is the one who decides the destiny of the family, but Yun Shan cannot control Yun Xin’s thoughts and can only wait for Yun Xin to return.

In this way, a hundred years later, Yunxin came back.

Yunshan hurriedly told what happened during this period, focusing on the plot of life.

Yunxin replied: “If they want to play, just play with them.”

Then the first order it gave was to send a heart-protecting shell to Xiangcheng, and the second order was to send a hundred luck tips to Lu Yin.

These two orders immediately confused both inside and outside the world.

Xiangcheng was also confused.

Including Lu Yin, everyone was stunned. They didn’t expect that Yun Xin would play such a big role.

Is this a complete falling out with other owners? Are you obviously helping humans?

When the heart-protecting shell was delivered to Xiangcheng, Chang Shu even thought it was a trap. But after careful inspection, it turned out that the heart-protecting shell was real and could be used by Chang Tu.

Damn it.

What does the fate-dominated clan want to do? It reminded him of Qian Ji Yuan, could he really join forces with humans?

Lu Yin also received hundreds of luck tips at the same time.

It was Yunshan who came with the Qi Luck Tips. When he saw Lu Yin, he only left one sentence: “If you want to speak directly, don’t cause trouble.”

Even though Lu Yin had been planning for a long time, he didn’t know what to say at this moment.

Thank you? Something seems wrong.


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