Star Odyssey Chapter 5085: Life and Death



The invisible wind passed by.

Lu Yin suddenly stared at Sin Cang. For a moment, the void was shattered like a mirror, and the stars in the universe seemed to be upside down. The indescribable feeling made everyone suffocate.

Although it was only for a moment, it was also terrifying.

The power of domination. “Caught it.” Jiang Qi grabbed the Karma Brand pulled out from Sin Cang’s body and was very excited. He had been nervous just now, for fear that he wouldn’t be able to catch it and run away. Fortunately, Hun Ji stopped in time when he pulled it out, otherwise he would never live forever. I can’t even grasp the situation


Lu Yin looked at the Karma Brand in Jiang Qi’s hand. After it was pulled out, there was a ball of Karma, which was like cotton in Jiang Qi’s hand.

“Jiang Qi, don’t move.” Lu Yin shouted.

Jiang Qi didn’t dare to move and looked at the causal brand in his hand.

“How does it feel?”

About the seventh time: “No, I don’t feel it.”

“Not afraid?”

“I was afraid when it was inside the body, but I am no longer afraid when I pull it out.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. Could it be that after he pulled it out, it was controlled by the Master of Result?

It’s strange. The mark in the body of the master clan creature that was captured by Qi before can be given to others and can be recycled repeatedly. Why can’t this work?

Could it be that the suffocation just for a moment was the feeling that this imprint was separated from cause and effect and constructed the entire frame of the distance?

“Changed, changed.” Jiang Qi exclaimed.

Lu Yin watched as the causal brand in his hand changed from soft and void to solid, and finally turned into a fruit.

The fruit of cause and effect.

This is the fruit of cause and effect within the realm of Karma.

He suddenly looked at Sin Cang: “You have lost your cultivation of cause and effect.”

Sui Cang was shocked, yes, it had lost its causal cultivation. That human actually removed his Karma cultivation from his body, but isn’t that the mark of the master?

Causal cultivation, causal imprint.

Lu Yin understood that the mastery of cause and effect was really a powerful method. Any creature that uses it to practice cause and effect can either be deprived of cause and effect, transfer cause and effect directly to others, or counterattack through cause and effect. The cause and effect in those living beings is equivalent to the power of cause and effect, and their every move

Every movement can be controlled.

The more creatures that use the Karma Master to cultivate the power of Karma, the more creatures the Karma Master can control.

It’s terrible. How many creatures in the seventy-two realms have cultivated the power of cause and effect? This is true even for Zuicang, not to mention other creatures.

It is equivalent to saying that as long as the Lord of Karma is willing, he can instantly deprive all the Karma-cultivating creatures in the entire seventy-two realms of their Karma power, and then transfer it to the creatures it is willing to give power to.

This is not control, this is a miracle.

This is a miracle that is incomprehensible to all living beings.

They will call the existence with such means–god.

Even to those who are strong in the Three Laws, he is a god.

Every master is a god.

This is the Lord’s absolute control over the inner and outer heavens. What if one day this control spreads to the entire square inch?

Lu Yin looked up at the stars. Perhaps the masters built the framework of the universe not just for control, but also to achieve this effect, so that the entire universe would regard them as gods.

Any miracle or method can be explained, but most creatures cannot be explained.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Yin looked at Jiang Qi, but why could he crack this method?

If I hadn’t been to the Land of Destiny, I wouldn’t be able to understand the meaning of this fruit.

But for Jiang Qi, just capture him.

What does Jiang Qi represent?

“Who are you? Why can you deprive me of my cultivation? Who are you?” Zui Cang roared, trying to rush towards Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi was startled and quickly retreated.

“You are the master. Only the master can deprive me of my causal cultivation. You are the master, right?”

“Why? Why do you want to help humans?”

“Lord, I have no selfish intentions towards you. How long have I followed you? You closed the ascending passage and deprived me of my cultivation. Why?”

“This is all fake, why? Why?”

Sui Cang’s roar resounded across the starry sky.

The masters around me have complicated eyes. If they reach the level of Zuicang, can their cultivation be deprived of them? So what exactly is cultivation?

“Why? I am loyal to you, why? Why.” Suddenly, Sin Cang’s body cracked. Originally, its surface was covered with dense cracks. At this moment, it was like it was being split in another dimension.

The entire shackles shattered in an instant and disappeared into thin air.

In just an instant, Sin Cang completely disappeared from the universe.

It’s dead.

It wasn’t Lu Yin and the others who killed him, but it was from the Lord of Cause and Effect.

That mark is a signal of death. Once the mark disappears, it must die. This is the means by which the master of cause and effect remains in its body. No matter the reason, if the mark disappears, you will die.

Looking at this scene, everyone’s scalp was numb.

Sui Cang was an extremely expert, so he died like this? Who can stand in the way of the Lord?

Jiang Qi kept retreating in fear, hiding in the quilt and shivering.

Lu Yin slowly clenched his fist. He originally wanted to learn about the master of cause and effect through Sui Cang, and also wanted to tell Sui Cang what happened in the sin world, increase the law of cause and effect, and harvest death through Sui Cang, but unfortunately it was all gone.

He couldn’t even understand how Zui Cang died.

What is that crushing feeling like another space?

At this moment, everyone felt cold in their hearts, without the joy of victory in the war.

“This is the power of cause and effect.” Qinglian Shangyu’s voice came out, with a solemn expression.

Lu Yin looked at him.

He shook his head: “It’s a pity that we can’t understand it.”

“Connect life and death as cause and effect.” Chang Zhuo spoke, and he kept staring at the Diantai Hell.

Lu Yin looked at him: “Life and death are connected?” Chang Zhu nodded: “I once talked about cause and effect with Mr. Zizi. He said that in his understanding, the limit that cause and effect can reach is to connect life and death, because No matter what the laws of the universe are, the beginning of everything is life, and the end of everything is death.

, if you can connect life and death, you can control all things and become the master of the universe. ”

“He guessed that if there are living beings who can stand in the highest realm of cause and effect, they must have mastered this method.”

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze, life or death?

No matter how you look at it, this life and death are the supreme secrets of cause and effect, but there is not only a killing path, but also a calculation path. What he walked was actually a calculation path, and the one who walked on Qinglian was the one who walked. Kill together.

“Mr. Zi Zai also practices cause and effect?” Qinglian Shangyu asked. This sentence may have made him more emotional than Lu Yin.

Hunji said: “He knows everything. God knows whether he has practiced or not.”

“Okay, don’t talk about him, hello? Then come and pull it out for me again. I feel a lot looser.”

Jiang Qi was still hiding in the quilt and shivering.

Hun Ji shouted twice more, but he didn’t come out.

Lu Yin said: “Senior, let him take it easy.”

Hun Ji was helpless and glanced at everyone. He was so embarrassed before. Anyone who dared to mention it would kill him.

In the end, all eyes turned to Dianjiangtai Hell, where there was still a holy **** left.

Shengji continues to add cause and effect to Lu Yin.

In the distance, the world war is still falling, covering a large area.

But in the eyes of everyone, it was ironic that this world war had helped them.

After a while, the increase in the cause and effect of heaven ended, and Lu Yin took Shengji out.

Chang Chu’s eyes widened sharply, staring at the **** in Dijiangtai.

The holy **** was thrown out, and he was in a terrible state, and his aura was extremely weak.

Lu Yin took everyone back to Xiangcheng and left Shengji with Chang Shu.

“Your Excellency Lu Yin, can you let us leave?” the old blind man asked immediately after returning to Xiangcheng. The master of the other courtyard behind him was also waiting.

This battle refreshed their understanding of this human civilization.

It can only be said that it is too strong.

Even without them, humans can still win this battle, but they will have to pay a greater price.

Lu Yin nodded: “You and I don’t owe each other, you can go.”

The old blind man coughed: “Well, can you send us back to another hospital?”

This place is too far away from the other courtyard. The speed of the Zhan Gu Combination is eight hundred years. This is not even going to the other courtyard. At their speed, it will take at least a thousand years to get there.

A thousand years is not a long time, but it would be better if we could use teleportation.

“Wait a moment, I’ll take you back.” Lu Yin didn’t embarrass them. They really helped a lot in this battle. Otherwise, if you want to resist the Zhan Gu combination, even one Qinglian Shangyu would not be enough. There must be sacrifices.

“By the way, where is that storyteller?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

In the beginning, the storyteller was the one who helped Bao and Biao fight against Suicang, but soon the storyteller disappeared, and it was Hun Ji who faced off against Suicang.

The old blind man shook his head: “We never ask about its whereabouts. If you can’t find it, we will never find it.”

“This is the truth.” The dean of the other courtyard interjected, for fear that Lu Yin would not believe it.

The most important thing about this battle is not winning, but being able to catch the imprint left by the Master of Cause and Effect in Sui Cang’s body. Not only Sui Cang doesn’t understand this kind of thing, no one else can understand it.

That involves the power of domination.

In its view, this force of human civilization still has not been clearly seen, and it cannot be provoked, let alone offended.

Lu Yin believed it: “You two rest for a while, I will send you back, don’t worry.”

Of course the old blind man and the others couldn’t rush him, so they agreed, but they would not wander around Xiangcheng.

Immediately afterwards, Lu Yin opened up his resources to increase the overall combat power of human civilization as much as possible.

Many of these resources come from the realm of Karma, and some were obtained from this war, which are enough to bring the overall strength of the people in Xiangcheng to a higher level.

Although it has not reached the level of immortality like flowing water like that of the Dominator clan, it is getting closer.

Not long after, Chang Chu came back, found Lu Yin, and bowed deeply.

Lu Yin hurriedly helped him: “Senior, you don’t have to be like this.”

Chang Zhu’s face turned a little pale, “Now I understand why you didn’t let me duel Shengji. Thousand Eyes Banner, what a cruel method.”

Lu Yin knew that Shengji would tell him, and the only way to make Chang Jue get over it was to let him face Shengji himself.

It would be strange not to speak out with Shengji’s viciousness.

“If I had a fight with Shengji, there would be no way I could win. Thank you, you not only saved the fourth barrier, but also saved me.” Chang Chu seemed to have aged a lot all of a sudden.

It is clear that the knot in the heart has been resolved, but sometimes the knot in the heart is also the driving force that supports a person.

Lu Yin was worried: “Senior, it’s okay.” Chang Zhu smiled, “I feel much more relaxed. You don’t have to worry about me. It’s not that easy to die. Even if you die, at least you should pass on the legacy of Covering the Sky with One Hand. .” After saying that, he left.


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