Star Odyssey Chapter 4398: Treasure


Helping the fairy master to eliminate the hidden danger of being tracked by Xianling is to let the fairy master bear the consequences of killing Mingyu. The fairy master knows this, but he doesn’t say it.

It is equivalent to taking the initiative to give yourself a favor and let yourself remember it.

Also, the fairy master didn’t pay homage to the sacred tree, even if it was missing, it was because of Lu Yin.

This favor should also be remembered.

The two favors represent the fairy lord’s goodwill towards Lu Yin. Of course, it is also because it doesn’t know if there is a Dao sword in its body, and whether it will be buried in the future.

Determining cause and effect, burying the sword, the immortal body will be the deepest, so that it doesn’t even believe in the unknowable rules, and just wants Lu Yin not to attack it.

This is no longer as simple as the elimination of grievances and grievances, but a certain degree of inclination towards Lu Yin.

However, its tendency cannot restore the past of the Lost Race.

“I understand, you can stay at Zhizong at ease.” After Lu Yin finished speaking, he exited.

The trace was silent, and the fairy master looked at the sacred tree in a hanging coffin.

No one is more afraid of Lu Yin than it, breaking cause and effect, burying Dao sword, and killing Xianling, the impact on it is too great.

It has been many years, but it can’t get rid of Xianling, but it seems easy for Lu Yin.

Obviously Luo Chan got teleportation, but it didn’t, so Lu Yin got it as a human.

One by one, one by one, let it almost equate Lu Yin and Xianling, Lu Yin gives it a feeling of omnipotence, and it has a deeper understanding than anyone else.

That’s why it has this kindness. Now it wants to complete the unknowable task. With the task reward, please ask Ba Se to see if there is any Dao sword in his body. Only by completely eliminating hidden dangers can he be himself.

But no matter what, it doesn’t want to have any more conflicts with Lu Yin, it really doesn’t want to.

At the same time, Lu Yin kept teleporting and found the coordinates of the fairy master.

This location is extremely far away from the three universes. It can be said that it is impossible to take the Great Elder Shan Gu and the others to escape to the Tianyuan Universe with a single Gobi. Even if the card can reach it, the Great Elder Shan Gu and the others would have died long ago up.

They are not immortal.

But it didn’t take long from the defeat of the Lost Clan to the escape to Tianyuan Universe.

How did you do it?

Looking around, Lu Yin saw no trace of the existence of the universe.

He suddenly thought that when he fought Changdou, the universe of consciousness was transferred to the universe of the three, and the teleportation of Changdou was blocked. Could this be related?

Taking out the single Gobi, Lu Yin stared at it in a daze.

Not long after, he teleported to the red-clothed civilization under the stars and asked if he knew about the third barrier.

Jiu asked helplessly: “When I was young, I didn’t even know the third barrier, let alone the second barrier.”

Lu Yin can only return to Tianyuan Universe, go to the Lost Clan, and find Great Elder Shan Gu.

“See Lord Lu.”

“See Lord Lu…”

Countless people from the lost family visit the shrine.

Lu Yin excused everyone and met with Elder Shan Gu alone.

Elder Shan Gu was excited, he had wanted to find Lu Yin for a long time, but there were too many things happening one after another, so that he couldn’t find him.

Lu Yin’s arrival this time surprised him, but it was also an opportunity.

“Senior, is there nothing wrong with the lost family recently?” Lu Yin asked.

Elder Shan Gu respectfully said: “The family is fine, thank you Lord Lu for your concern.”

Lu Yin sighed: “Xian Ling attacked, and many people were affected, so I came to see the lost family, as long as nothing happened.”

Next, he chatted with Great Elder Shan Gu, and did not directly ask about the situation of the third barrier, mainly because he needed to check the causal past of Great Elder Shan Gu, which is a bit hard to say.

This is too much to ask for anyone.

Although Lu Yin is in charge of Tianyuan Universe, he must respect everyone.

If it didn’t involve the third barrier, he would have let go of this matter.

But the third barrier is too important, especially he has a guess about the disappearance of the universe of the third barrier, if he can get the answer from Great Elder Shan Gu, it will be perfect.

While speaking, the great elder Shan Gu suddenly knelt down: “Lord Lu, the lost family has something to ask for.”

Surprised, Lu Yin hurriedly supported the elder: “Senior, you don’t have to be so straightforward if you have something to say.”

Great Elder Shan Gu looked at Lu Yin with a pleading expression: “We want to go home.”

Lu Yin paused and looked at Elder Shan Gu: “Go home?”

Elder Shan Gu nodded and looked at Lu Yin: “Shan Gobi took us to escape to Tianyuan Universe, but our home is in the third barrier, so I want to ask Master Lu to help us go home.”

“I know this request is too much. After all, we don’t know where the third barrier is, and we need to find it. However, I still want to be cheeky and ask Land Lord once.”

“I beg Master Lu to help us go home.”

Go home? This request is not excessive.

Lu Yin felt a little guilty about the lost clan. At the beginning when he suppressed the Immortal Lord, he didn’t even ask where the third barrier was. , are ashamed of the lost family.

If he was born in the Lost Clan, he would definitely kill the Immortal Lord for revenge without hesitation.

The Lost Clan once helped him a lot, but he didn’t avenge the Lost Clan when he was able.

“Senior, if possible, I will help you go home.” Lu Yin said.

Elder Shan Gu was grateful: “Thank you, Lord Lu.”

Lu Yin forcibly helped him up: “I am ashamed of the lost family.”

Elder Shan Gu was confused: “What does Master Lu mean by this?”

Lu Yin will tell the matter with the Immortal Lord: “At the beginning when the Lost Clan gave me Shan Gobi, I promised to take over the hatred and avenge the Lost Clan, but I didn’t do it even though I was capable. Ashamed of the lost family.”

Elder Shan Gu tightly grasped Lu Yin’s arm, excited: “Lord Lu, this old man knows that it is not easy to survive at a distance of an inch, and he knows how Master Lu survived wars. Although he doesn’t understand the specific process, but The existence of the Immortal Lord must have brought you help, Lord Lu.”

“That’s enough, really enough.”

Lu Yin wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Elder Shan Gu: “The existence of my lost clan depends entirely on the land lord. Our hatred and our hatred are not as important as you, the land lord. How is the civilization of the insect nest? How, it’s not just as simple as revenge, we all understand.”

Speaking, he took a few steps back and bowed deeply to Lu Yin: “Old man Dangu, representing the lost family, please take care of Lu Lord.”

Outside the door, one after another voices sounded: “I beg Lu Lord to take care of you.”

“I hope Lord Lu will take care of you.”

“I beg Lu Lord to cherish…”

Everyone has seen what Lu Yin has done these years. His schemes and calculations have been given to the enemy, while his protection has been given to his own people.

No matter what he does, everyone now unconditionally supports him, hates him, and wants to repay the lost family, but compared with Lu Yin’s safety, it is not worth mentioning.

“The land lord once helped my lost tribe destroy the hive civilization once. The worm masters, especially Shan Xiao and Shan You, are all revenge given to us by the land lord. Enough, land lord, really Enough.” Great Elder Shan Gu said deeply.

Looking at the crowd, Lu Yin breathed out, and the scruples he had before coming suddenly disappeared.

The lost family has no reservations about him, so why should he think about it.

Letting everyone back down, Lu Yin said to Elder Shan Gu: “Senior, I had a conversation with the Immortal Master about the third barrier.”

Shan Gu’s body shook, and he looked at Lu Yin with hope, but more apprehension.

Because Lu Yin just said that he would take them home as much as possible, the meaning of this sentence is that it can’t be done now, but they have already had a conversation with the fairy master, they don’t know where their home is, how could the fairy master not Know.

In this way, it is equivalent to saying that the home is gone.

Looking at the Great Elder Shan Gu, Lu Yin said the words of the Immortal Lord, and the Great Elder Shan Gu couldn’t believe it: “Impossible, how could the third barrier not be the universe? Impossible.”

Lu Yin said: “I can’t believe it either, so I’m actually here to see if you can find anything through your causal past, Great Elder.”

Great Elder Shan Gu opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t say it.

Lu Yin knew what he meant: “The Immortal Lord will not lie to me, don’t worry, at least it is impossible to lie to me now, the third barrier is meaningless to it, and it is useless to guard an empty universe. “

“Actually, I thought about whether the third barrier has something it wants. For example, Hui hides in the ninth barrier and always wants to get the treasure of the ninth barrier. This possibility is not entirely impossible. Of course, the possibility is not very high. First of all, the immortal should know that there is a treasure in the third barrier, which should not be known, but I will pay attention to any possibility.”

“What needs to be verified now is whether we can find some useful information if this possibility does not exist.”

Elder Shan Gu nodded: “I understand, Lord Lu, just look at it, there is nothing worth hiding about the old past.”

Lu Yin’s eyes were heavy: “Senior, I offended you.”

Elder Shan Gu smiled: “Lord Lu did this for my third barrier, what’s the crime? It’s because I lost my clan and troubled Lord Land.”

No more politeness, Lu Yin penetrated through the Great Elder Shan Gu with cause and effect, and looked at his past.

“Senior try his best to recall the events of the third barrier back then, the more memories the better.” Lu Yin reminded.

The Great Elder Shan Gu recalled, and there was a fierce fight in the causal past, blood and fire filled the starry sky, it was the war of the third barrier, the war with the hive civilization.

If you want to say that the deepest memory of Great Elder Shan Gu is this last battle.

Lu Yin saw it, one by one the strong rushed towards the Hive civilization, and in the last scene, the lost clan was victorious, but immortality appeared

Jing Qingxian suppressed all the strong with absolute power, causing the third barrier to perish.

He saw the universe shrinking and disappearing in an instant.

It took more than half a month.

For more than half a month, Lu Yin has been watching the causal past of Great Elder Shan Gu, especially the scene of leaving at the end countless times, but he can’t see any difference in that universe.

Great Elder Shan Gu survived for so long at the third barrier and did not notice any difference.

How could a perfect universe just disappear like that?

But the fairy master shouldn’t lie to him like this, it’s too nonsense.

In the end, Lu Yin left the Lost Clan.

I didn’t see anything, but if the fairy lord lied to him, it’s useless to ask now, and I have to find a chance to use karma to check the fairy lord’s past.

Now, go to Shen Xing Universe.


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