Star Odyssey Chapter 4164: Candidates


Chapter 4164 candidates

Zaitian Yongsheng said in disgust: “The Qibao Tianchan clan is selfish, arrogant, despicable, cowardly but unscrupulous, logically, there is no need to deal with such creatures, but they have an advantage, and this advantage makes them can be with them.” The only channel for other civilizations to communicate.”

“Integrity.” Lu Yin interfaced.

Jiantian Yongsheng said: “Yes, honesty.”

“There is no communication between civilizations, but there is a game between civilizations. One civilization will always encounter the other civilization. If the two civilizations are close in combat power, it is impossible to be immortal. There are also compromises and avoidances. The game The premise is honesty.”

“The Qibao Tianchan clan has all kinds of character flaws that make people disgusted. If they don’t even have integrity, they will be wiped out long ago. The only thing they don’t need is fishing civilization, but the Qibao Tianchan clan is not a fishing civilization. , they don’t want to destroy all civilizations they see, they have their purpose.”

Qinglian Shangyu nodded: “Integrity is a platform for the Qibao Tianchan clan to communicate, understandable.”

Lu Yin thought of Xing Toad, that dead toad, misfortune is a business, the more you do, the better, even if it is a worthless star source, it will buy and sell, other things aside, There is no problem with Toad’s integrity, the most is to use the trading rules to take advantage of loopholes.

If it weren’t for this, it would have died long ago when humans fought with the Eternal Race in the initial space.

Humans hire it to deal with the Eternals, and the Eternals hire it to deal with humans, and the fight is whoever hires first.

It also relies on its own integrity.

“It seems that we should go on this trip to the Seven Treasures Sky Toad. Since the other party invited me, as long as I return the Star Toad, our human civilization will lose a strong enemy.” Qinglian went up and said.

The emperor on the blood tower nodded.

Lu Yin also agrees, if it is not necessary, who would like to provoke a strong enemy.

The old monster of the Qibao Tianchan family is clearly ruthless, using a token to prop itself up, and also human civilization, to fight if you don’t accept the invitation, what is unknowable, what is bound by cause and effect, is upheld The dignity of the token weighed down.

This is forcing both sides.

It also represents the strong self-confidence of the other party.

That old monster is terrifyingly strong.

The question now is, who will go?

“I’ll go, I’ll take the token.” Said the blood tower.

Master Ku Deng said: “Let the old man go, it’s just an inch away.”

“I’ll go.” Lu Yin said.

Several people looked at him.

The blood tower said: “How can you go, don’t be kidding.”

Master Ku Deng said: “Mr. Lu is the hope of my human civilization, so no accidents can happen.”

Qinglian Shangyu also said: “Yes, anyone can go, but you can’t.”

Lu Yin shook his head: “It’s only suitable for me to go.” Facing the puzzled eyes of several people, he looked at Master Ku Deng: “Senior, can you bargain?”

Master Ku Deng bowed and retreated silently.

Lu Yin looked at the Blood Pagoda Shangyu again: “Maybe the senior swallowed his anger?”

Rolling his eyes on the blood tower, forbearance? Just kidding, so what if the old monster is powerful? At worst, die in battle.

Lu Yin finally looked at Qinglian Shangyu: “Can human civilization be separated from seniors?”

Qinglian Shangyu looked deeply at Lu Yin: “But your value in human civilization is not inferior to mine.”

“There is teleportation, the probability of accidents for the younger generation is very low, and the Qibao Tianchan clan is unlikely to directly attack me, a non-eternal life, not to mention that we have mutual enemies, we don’t know.”

“It’s a bit of a risk to take the risk, but if you can exchange this risk for an ally who faces the unknown, it’s worth it.” Lu Yin said.

Seeing that the three of them were still hesitant, he told the story of the fight against the Eternal Clan in the Tianyuan Universe: “The younger generation is too familiar with this kind of thing, and the Qibao Tianchan is not stupid, even if he doesn’t ally with us , will also keep us in control of the unknown, and the existence of the unknowable is a threat to us, but as long as they exist for a day, the Seven Treasure Heavenly Toad will not threaten us.”

“And the younger generation is not alone.”

Qinglian Shangyu was surprised: “You are not the only one?”

If anyone is qualified to accompany Lu Yin to the Qibao Tianchan Clan, it must be eternal life, but if the eternal life is gone, why would Lu Yin go?

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, and he looked at Zaitian Yongsheng.

Then, Qinglian Shangyu and the others all looked at Zaitian Yongsheng with amazement, it?

Carrying the sky and eternal life immediately became furious, screaming: “I won’t go.”

Lu Yin said: “It’s not you, it’s the fairy master.”

“Fairy Lord?”

“Immortal Lord?” Several people were surprised.

Lu Yin said with a smile: “Before we didn’t think about the conditions for releasing Luo Chan immediately in exchange for the fairy master. Now the condition has come, let the fairy master accompany me to the Qibao Tianchan clan, so it will be safe.”

Qinglian Shangyu smiled: “So that’s how it is. Use the fairy master to draw the old monster’s gaze, so that the Qibao Tianchan clan can focus on it, and you can retreat at any time.”

Lu Yin nodded: “If nothing happens, the Immortal Lord is a guardian. If something happens, the Qibao Tianchan clan will deal with it first. They don’t care about the junior at all. The junior has a chance to use teleportation to leave for a moment. Believe it or not No matter how powerful that old monster Qibao Tianchan is, he wouldn’t have expected teleportation.”

Qinglian Shangyu hummed: “This is feasible. Luo Chan’s strength is far from yours, and it is difficult for me to catch it. Even if the old monster Qibao Tianchan is much stronger than me, you are better than Luo Chan.” The cicada is much stronger, it is not impossible to escape, and the fairy master is not easy to mess with, he is extremely powerful.”

“But the fairy master will agree?”

Lu Yin shrugged: “Just take Luo Chan with you.”

Shangyu on the Blood Tower and Master Kudeng looked at Lu Yin speechlessly. They must have a hundred eyes.

For Luo Chan, the Immortal Lord has to go if he doesn’t.

This trip is not necessary for Lu Yin, but that he really wants to go.

He is very clear that the possibility of relying on the development of human civilization to reach the level of fishing civilization and defeat the unknowable is too low. Master Qingcao has not changed his attitude so far. He has seen the real despair of the unknowable.

Lu Yin has actually seen it, even though he doesn’t want to believe it, but if each color represents an unknowable, unknowable master, it would be terrifying.

It is useless to add a few more eternal life to human civilization.

Once the unknowable strikes with all its strength, human civilization will be wiped out.

Under such circumstances, only the combination of vertical and horizontal can win the hope.

When I first saw the six doom realms, I was also very desperate. The Great Tianzun took me to see it on purpose. I still remember that feeling to this day, but why can I turn defeat into victory? Because of myself? No, it was because of the large number of people who united, and the parallel time and space united one by one to win.

Victory is never yours alone.

It is the same today, if human civilization cannot deal with it alone, then unite with other civilizations.

Although the Qibao Tianchan clan has many personality flaws and is disgusting, as long as they have a common enemy, they are still very reliable, at least they are qualified cannon fodder.

And he will never forget that in addition to the unknowable, there is also the death universe, the civilization behind the hive civilization, the springboard civilization, etc. These civilizations are not necessarily worse than the unknowable. There are more crises than imagined.

Since Qibao Tianchan asked for communication, let’s have a look, hoping to change the situation of human civilization.

Lu Yin can see clearly, and it is the most suitable place to go. Qinglian Shangyu and the others have never been able to see clearly, but they don’t want to let themselves take risks.

However, there are some dangers, as long as they stay in human civilization, it’s just a matter of time.

“If the Immortal Lord could go with you, it would be much safer, but it’s not enough.” As she said, Qinglian Shangyu took out a scab, which was still inside the karmic phenomenon, and the next moment, the karmic celestial phenomenon roared , Countless people looked up, so what?

Lu Yin looked at the causal celestial phenomenon that boiled visible to the naked eye, and then seemed to be shrinking?

“Senior, this?”

Before, in order to lure the fairy lord to take action, the celestial phenomenon of karma shrunk on purpose, exposing the Quangan universe to the outside. After Luo Chan was caught, the celestial lord retreated, and the celestial phenomenon of quangan was shrouded by the celestial phenomenon of karma again.

But this time, the celestial phenomenon of karma has really shrunk, exposing the omnisense universe again.

It’s all because of that edge scab.

Fate scab, Lu Yin got a lot, in order to increase karma and heaven, but later gave up because the increase was too little.

Looking at the scab in the causal celestial phenomenon, Lu Yin knew that this scab was completely different from the previous one, and it contained a surprising amount of cause and effect.

The scab fell and floated in front of Lu Yin.

Qinglian Shangyu was quite tired: “Take it.”

Lu Yin took it, feeling the surging cause and effect: “Senior, what is this scab?”

“It’s not a scab anymore, it’s called——Huapan.”

Lu Yin was puzzled: “Huapan?”

On the blood pagoda, said: “You can understand it as a small karmic phenomenon, which contains the karma of senior Qinglian, which is enough for you to protect yourself in any situation.”

Qinglian Shangyu waved her hand: “There is no attack here, Lu Yin, you have learned the sky wheel, the karma in this transformation plate is enough for you to match your own karma and heaven to play the strongest finger wheel, I hope you use it No, but if you use it, even if you face that old monster, you will have a momentary chance to escape.”

“A moment is enough.”

Lu Yin put away the transformation plate, and bowed deeply to Qinglian Shangyu: “Thank you, senior.”

The price of this transformation plate is not small, but the karma celestial phenomenon has shrunk a part. Although it is small for the entire karma celestial phenomenon, it is actually quite huge, at least surpassing his karma and heaven.

It can be seen that Qinglian Shangyu is so tired.

Qinglian Shangyu was helpless: “We are the ones who thank you for taking adventures of human civilization for me several times. Mr. Lu, I hope your trip goes well.”

Jingmenshangyu just arrived and still doesn’t understand.

Master Ku Deng told her what had happened.

Shangyu from the blood tower didn’t bother Jingmen Shangyu before receiving the token. Since the last time Jingmen Shangyu mentioned that the cosmic civilization that had seen far away had left, she hadn’t appeared, and no one had disturbed her.

Knowing that Lu Yin is going to the Qibao Tianchan clan, he frowned in shock and looked at Lu Yin: “The fairy master is not reliable, I can accompany you.”

Lu Yin shook his head: “No matter how unreliable, I will protect me for Luo Chan. It is safest for seniors to sit in Jiuxiao, and it is not safe behind the gate of all laws.”

“What happened?” asked the emperor on the blood tower.

Lu Yin told about the technological civilizations he encountered, and the faces of several people became more serious. Why are there powerful civilizations everywhere?


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