Star Odyssey Chapter 3903: Why don’t you dare



The entire Seventh Pillar is silent. People are very sensitive and can sometimes detect indescribable crises.


Especially the beasts of tomorrow under the earth, when they woke up, they didn’t dare to move or turn over.


Beside the Xiaozhu, the wide lake ripples from time to time, and the bottom of the lake is full of life and calm with swimming fish passing by. There is an old man fishing, and he is surprised to find that the ripples on the lake are getting more and more, and I don’t know where it came from.


In the blink of an eye, another half an hour passed, Wise shook and Jue Rou appeared.


Lu Yin looked.


“Five people propose, Eastern Region, Nanshan City, and King Wen Jun.”


“Southern Region, Love Sea, Immortal Immortal.”


“Western Regions, Tibetan Heaven City, Lord of Yan City.”


“Northern Region, Jiumu.”


“And there was once a disciple of the **** of the moon, Yuebei.”


“On the basis of these five people’s proposal to restart Tianyuan and transfer the spiritualized universe practitioners to Tianyuan universe, they have won the approval of the God of Xingfan Xiayu, and they are in charge. Now the God of Xingfan Xiayu and Yuebei are waiting in shock. Bird Terrace.”


Not far away, Jing Lian was surprised: “What? Restart the Tianyuan universe?” He knew why Lu Yin broke out with such a big murderous intention.


Wei Heng is indifferent: “These people have heard of it, they all accept spiritual cultivation and become a great success in overcoming adversity. They have no strength, but they are very famous.”


The Lonely Duanke wondered: “How can these few do such a high-profile thing? They can become a great success in overcoming adversity, and luck accounts for most of them. In terms of real strength, their real strength is not comparable to that of ordinary self-breakers to the level of overcoming adversity. Killing cultivators, one by one adhering to the principle of the mean, is equivalent to old age, and now you are in the early stage?”


Lu Yin closed his eyes: “Is there any more?”


Juerou shook his head: “No, that, my second sister asked me to tell you that this matter must be the decision of the God of Xingfan Xia Yu, those few are actually an introduction, without them, Xing Fan Xia Yu would also be If you can find other people to propose and give her a legitimate reason to report to the imperial court, I advise you not to be too impulsive, it would be bad to ruin your reputation for these few people.”


Lu Yin opened his eyes: “I see, thank you.” After speaking, he ended the conversation.


Just as he was about to put away Wise, Wise shook again, it was Lu Siyu’s contact.


Lu Yin didn’t pick it up, let out a breath, and looked at Jingque Terrace: “The tree wants to be quiet, but the wind doesn’t stop, let’s see how far I will kill in this Jiuxiao.”


Gu Duanke and their hearts sank, it’s not good, they’re going to shoot.


Jing Lian said, “Don’t be impulsive, you.” Before the words were finished, Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and an indescribable sense of terror surrounded himself, and with a bang, he dispersed, killing Jing Lian, Wei Heng, and even Gu Duan. Kedu shook back: “This matter has nothing to do with you, just pretend you didn’t see it.”


After speaking, the majestic consciousness one after another, headed towards Jingque Terrace.


Consciousness is visible to the naked eye and transformed into a magnificent beam of light, which instantly disappears into the starry sky.


At this moment, the practitioners of the Seventh Night Pillar all looked up and felt the boundless depression. Then, the scope expanded. The entire Eastern Region looked towards the mother tree and above the canopy, seeing Lu Yin’s consciousness. Going towards Jingque Terrace, what is it?


In the boundless star dome, a line appeared, connecting the seventh night pillar and the tree crown. It was consciousness, a majestic consciousness.


At the same time, four Three Cang Sword Intent came out from the Seventh Night Pillar, like fireworks scattered, heading towards four directions.


East Region, Nanshan City, the luxurious palace is full of laughter, singing and dancing, hundreds of beautiful women wandering around, in the middle is a middle-aged man, holding a beauty, warm fragrance and nephrite, suddenly, the middle-aged man’s expression changed dramatically, Looking up, he saw the terrifying consciousness one after another, and then, the power of consciousness pressed against the sky, his face was pale and his body trembled: “Lu Yin, that’s Lu Yin’s consciousness, he didn’t leave?”


“Xingfan, you lied to me, you lied to me-“


The next moment, the Sancang Sword Intent came. The middle-aged man saw it and shot, but it was useless. His body was pierced by the Sword Intent, nailed to the ground, and the palace was stained with blood.


His name is Wen Jun, and he calls himself Xianwang. He was born in a family of emperors. Because he does not compete for power, he is always the Xianwang. Even if he is successful in cultivation, he is still the Xianwang. After listening to Xingfan’s words, he thought that Lu Yin had left Jiuxiao and returned to Spiritualization. He thought that it was because of Lu Yin that the Spiritualized Universe attacked Tianmen, so he agreed to Xingfan’s proposal to restart Tianyuan. As for the lives of those in Tianyuan Universe, he didn’t care.


Just after Wen Jun’s blood stained the earth for a few breaths, a kind-hearted old man was fishing in Nanyu, Qinghai. When the residual power of consciousness appeared, the old man was unable to let go of his fishing rod, looked up blankly, and muttered to himself: “The old man just wants to restore his appearance, nothing else, why is this happening?”


“Xingfan, you said that Lu Yin was not in Jiuxiao, you lied to us, lied”, Sancang Sword Intent descended, the reefs of the sea shattered, and as the sea washed away, the fishing rod was left alone floating on the sea surface.


He is immortal, immortal, it is his wish, just because he was disfigured when he was young, it is difficult to recover, it is both a wish and a misery.


Xingfan can restore his appearance, as long as he proposes to restart Tianyuan.


He doesn’t care if Tianyuan is restarted, but only cares if Lu Yin is in Jiuxiao. Xingfan told him that Lu Yin’s command of the spiritualized universe to attack Tianmen is Lu Yin’s command. Then Lu Yin wants to negotiate conditions with Jiuxiao universe, so he is not in Jiuxiao. And this person will also be rejected by Jiuxiao, so he agreed, so he waited until this end.


In the Western Regions, Tibetan Heaven City, someone rose up into the sky, screaming frantically: “Jesus save me–, Yu’s save me–“


In the Jue clan, Jue Ling watched San Cang’s sword intent penetrate the starry sky, tearing open the man’s body, blood spilled into the sky, and he was silent.


This person is the city lord of Yan. The last city lord of Tibetan Tiancheng was supported by the Cheng clan. With the extermination of the Cheng clan, he also resigned from the position of the city lord and held a grudge against Lu Yin.


Xingfan found him and just told him that Lu Yin was not in Jiuxiao, and he agreed to the proposal, even if Lu Yin could not be killed, he would also kill the Tianyuan Universe that Lu Yin cared about most.


Juerou and Jieqing stood together, watching in shock, and still shot.


They guessed that Lu Yin might take action, and reminded them specially. Unfortunately, Lu Yin still took action, killing City Lord Yan across the east and west regions. City Lord Yan is like this, how many others? And the spooky platform? No way.


Northern Region, Jiumu is standing outside Jiuchi Garden, and in front of him is the practitioner of Death Hill in Jiuchi Garden.


With Lu Yin’s consciousness one after another, he walked towards Jingque Terrace, Jiumu raised his head and closed his eyes: “Sure enough, have you been deceived?”


“You know you’ve been deceived? Why did you propose it?” Someone appeared, and he walked out of the Jiuchi Garden.


Jiumu looked at Chaoyi: “I will be found out by you sooner or later, so I might as well give it a try, and even if I die, I can drag the Tianyuan universe into the water.”


Chao Yi stared at Jiujiu: “Yan Boheng, looting Xiu Ling, betrayed Jiu Chi Yuan on the bright side, but was actually covered by Jiu Chi Yuan, you are right, we will definitely find you, even if you don’t show up.”


In the distance, in the sky, the Three Cang Sword Intent descended, directly piercing Jiumu’s body, and stabbed his whole body into the ground.


Zhao Yi looked at the scarlet ground and let out a breath. The reason why Death Mound sealed Jiu Chi Yuan was this person who was waiting. Now, Jiu Chi Yuan is completely over, and it was because of Lu Yin.


However, his move was too impulsive. Why did these four people stay in Eternal Heaven and Earth and didn’t go to Jingque Terrace? It was Xingfan who left him to kill, and what awaited him would be the hatred and jealousy of more people in Jiuxiao Universe.


Murder across the four domains, who is not afraid of Jiuxiao Universe?


He raised his head and looked at the consciousness in the sky, Lu Yin, what else do you want to do? Are you going to take action on Jingquetai? It is not as simple as impulse.


Jingquetai is high above the ground and belongs to the land of the upper emperor. Ordinary practitioners can’t do it even if they want to get close to Jingquetai.


At this moment, the consciousness connected to the heaven and the earth and touched the Jingque Terrace, and after the consciousness, there were two swords of the Three Cang Swords, and the two figures standing under the huge portal were cut straight. North, one, is Xingfan.


When Lu Yin’s consciousness touched Jingque Terrace, Xingfan and Yuebei noticed it at the same time, and looked into the distance in awe, how could it be possible? How could someone be so presumptuous, dare to take action against Jingquetai?


On the seventh night pillar, Lu Yin looked up at the dome of the stars, towards the supremely majestic land of the upper imperial palace, yes, he shot.


The Xianwang Wenjun, Bu Laoxian, Yan City Lord, and Jiumu are just introductions, Xingfan’s introduction to Shangyu, and Xingfan’s introduction to Lu Yin’s shot. If that’s the case, let’s make a move, but it’s not enough. , these few wastes will kill him if they are killed, not enough to quell his anger, and not enough to make this Jiuxiao universe, completely no one dares to fight the idea of ​​Tianyuan universe.


Today, Lu Yin will be capricious once, and he will kill the Jingque Terrace to see how the Jingmen Shangyu will be on the top.


See what this Universe of Nine Heavens will look like.


Look at this world to see if there is any place for him to live.


Although people live in the world, although they carry heavy luggage and take care of the overall situation, there is always a breath in their hearts, and the world is mighty.


At this moment, Lu Yin didn’t want to think too much. Maybe this move would make Jiuxiao Universe hate him, or it might attract Jingmen Shangyu’s shot, so what? Swallowing your voice may not get what you want. The people of Tianyuan Universe want to integrate into the overall situation of the human race, but they are standing, not kneeling.


Thinking that a friend is a friend, not afraid of all enemies, sometimes you can’t think about the consequences when you act, thinking that you will be fine if you hide in Jingquetai? Lu Yin asked himself, the first person under immortality, why did he not dare to take action so far?


At this moment, Lu Yin suddenly felt very relaxed and relieved, as if the pressure of so many years had suddenly disappeared. The earth is blooming with green grass, flowers, and more vitality.


This scene looks sluggish, is this?


At the same time, on the Jingque Platform, two Sancang swords suddenly fell, slashing towards Xingfan and Yuebei.


Yuebei was shocked and immediately hid behind Xingfan: “Senior save me.”


Xingfan raised his head, revealing a beautiful face, but it was extremely cold. He raised his hand, and the snow-white palm flashed. Nine days of change, he took a step forward, and at the same time, a needle appeared in his palm, piercing the sword intent of Sancang, Day by day.


Lu Yin, I used someone else’s body to use the Heavenly Needle Jutsu to be easily broken by you. Do you really think the Heavenly Needle Needle Jutsu is as simple as that?


Xingfan stared at San Cang’s sword intent falling, the first sword slashed to the sky with a single needle.


The needle, shattered, Xingfan’s pupils shrank sharply, hurriedly shifted sideways, the sword edge penetrated the shoulder and slashed into the ground, at the same time, the second Sancang Sword Intent fell, slashing the north of the moon.


Yuebei was horrified. He didn’t expect Xingfan’s body to be penetrated. Before he could react, the sword intent didn’t enter his head, nailing him to the ground, and the blood donation flowed along the ground.


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