Star Odyssey Chapter 3796: Si Lin sword head



Lu Jing and Lu Bi descended from Jianpan, and Lu Fei Shen faced Lu Si Zhan: “I really want to know how the defect of Feixing’s head will be broken in the beginning.”


Lu Sizhan shook his head: “You can directly use the second move.”


Lel Fei raised his eyebrows: “That person has never seen my second move.”


Lu Sizhan exhaled: “He, the deduction has come.


“Impossible.” Lu Fei Shen’s expression changed for the first time.


Above the high platform, the old man and Ming Juo of Si Lin Jianmen changed their expressions. It was deduced that it was the control of the superior over the inferior, and the gap had to be large enough, otherwise it would not be possible.


Ming Zhuo believes that his cultivation is amazing, but it is impossible to deduce the second move of Lu Fei Shen. No, even if Lu Si Zhan is the sword intent of the beginning, he cannot deduce it.


If you want to deduce the second trick of killing the flying and sinking, if you can’t do the great perfection of overcoming adversity, could it be the realm of eternal life?


Lel Feishen doesn’t believe it, anyone who hears it doesn’t believe it, even Lu Sizhan doesn’t believe it himself, he doesn’t know what the second trick of Lu Feishen is, the hope from the heart is not what Lu Yin deduced, otherwise Lu Yin was too terrifying.


Lu Fei took a deep breath and looked solemn: “Do you really believe that he deduced my second move?”


Lu Sizhan was calm: “I don’t know.”


Lel Fei nodded: “Okay, I want to see if he really deduced the second move. If it is true, this person’s swordsmanship is the best in the world.” Greeting the head, the splendid sword skills are like falling stars, and at the same time, the sword edge turns: “Mo Huanchao.”


Ming Zhuo leans forward and is good at swordsmanship.


Everyone was attracted by this sword, and their body and mind were immersed in it, as if this sword was not slashing at Lu Sizhan, but at them, slashing everything, and it would definitely cut everything.


Lu Sizhan stared blankly at this sword. Once, he had seen Feixing meet his head and had no power to fight back. His sword means Hundred Retreat. There is no flying star to meet the head, but at this moment, he is not shocked by the flying star, but Mo Huanchao.


Mo Huanchao is exactly the same as Lu Yin’s deduction.


At this moment, Lu Sizhan’s heart sank completely.


There is someone who can deduce the second trick to kill Feifei Shen, that person is terrifying, why would such a person come to Silinyu? Why is it involved with Siyu, he understands why this person can be favored by Qinglian Shangyu.


It happens that such people act recklessly.


Jian Shen Xingyun, Mo Huanchao, since the seventh night pillar, no one has ever asked Lu Feishen to use this second move. Even if he competed for the head of the Silin sword, he did not intend to use it. It is only used to challenge the masters of Jiuxiao’s top swordsmanship after becoming the head of the Silin Sword, and to use the sword to bring Silinyu to the top of Jiuxiao.


Since you want to see it, I’ll let you see why the person who shot it dared to deduce the second move.


Lu Si Zhan stood still, even if the sword came down and the chill was terrifying, he didn’t move.


Three breaths, one, two, three.


At the end of the third breath, Lu Sizhan raised his sword and fell.


A soft sound of pong, a very ordinary vertical slash, is like a child who has just raised his sword and let his own strength slash down, like a blacksmith tempering and shooting sparks.


This is the simplest slashing sword, cutting off the oncoming slaughtering sword.


It is clear that Lu Sizhan can’t see this sword, and it is clear that this sword’s real magic has not yet been revealed, but it was cut off by a sword.


Slaughter Fei looked sluggishly and started to cut off the sword, how, possible?


This is not only his question, but also everyone’s question. Even Ming Zhuo’s eyes widened, because even he couldn’t find the weakness of Mo Huanchao’s swordsmanship in an instant and find the right time to cut it. Down.


If Lu Feishen’s swordsmanship was so easy to break, Silin Sword Gate would have long since existed.


Between heaven and earth, any martial arts has flaws. Master also said that cause and effect also have flaws, and it depends on whether they can be caught.


Seize all flaws, you can defeat all methods.


And at this moment, he saw in Lu Sizhan, no, it was another person, that person hidden behind Lu Sizhan, that person, not only deduced the second trick of Lu Fei Shen, but also saw through the first The second move allowed Lu Sizhan to seize the flaw.


What a horrible person.


Coolness washed over everyone’s forehead.


No one expected such an incredible scene to happen.


The sword of Lu Sizhan cut off not only the sword move of Lu Fei Shen, but also the persistence of all kendo masters in the Four Lin Sword Gate, and even Jiuxiao today.


Xianding doubts life, his master Tai Cang Jianzun does not have this ability.


Lao Le was shocked and made up his mind to ask his uncle to help him find that person. The person behind him has enormous strength.


Lu Siyu’s face was pale, and he could actually do such a thing. How strong is that Lu Yin? Does the master know something? They don’t know this guy at all.


Jian Pan fell into a dead silence at this moment.


Lu Sizhan slowly raised his sword and pointed at Lu Fei: “You are defeated.”


Lu Fei Shen looked at Lu Si Zhan, let go of the hilt of the sword, fell to the ground and made a soft sound, he smiled, smiling happily, without the bitterness of being defeated at all: “Hahahaha, there really is such a person, I have deduced and seen through my sword intent, I will not waste this life, I will not waste my life.” He looked around and saluted deeply: “Slay Fei Shen, thank you for the trick, it is my honor to be able to deduce the sword intent in my lifetime.”


In the distance, Lu Yin appreciates it, and it’s not bad to be near Jianmen.


“Fei Shen, what nonsense are you talking about? Pick up your sword, Lu Sizhan can defeat you Mo Huanchao, but he can’t defeat your other sword intents. You can defeat him with the most common sword intent.” The old man of Jianmen shouted.


Other people looked at Lu Fei Shen, which is good. Lu Si Zhan was only taught to see through the flaws between Feixing Yingshou and Mo Huanchao, but it did not mean that he had this ability. , Lu Sizhan could not be an opponent.


Lel Fei shook his head, and exhaled deeply: “Silin Jianmen is for Silin Jianmen, not my northern Jianmen.”


“My sword intent has been completely seen through. That person is by no means my enemy, but he is different.” He looked at Lu Sizhan, and Lu Sizhan also looked at him.


“Lu Sizhan, has he played against you?”


Lu Sizhan frowned: “I haven’t played yet.”


Lel Fei smiled: “Yes, this man is arrogant and arrogant and doesn’t look down on you, and he has not yet fought with you. You are the only one among us who may defeat him by surprise. The four swords are united, and the transformation of the head of the four approaching swords can be achieved, only then can we fight against one.”


“Si Lin sword head, you are the only one.”


On the high platform, the old man in the north of Jianmen wanted to say something, but he opened his mouth and didn’t say a word.


There are some things that Lu Fei Shen didn’t say.


The man secretly defeated the three sect masters. The only one who didn’t defeat was Lu Sizhan. Of course, it’s not that he was incapable, but he didn’t like it, but no matter what, to the outside world, Lu Sizhan never lost. Now he has defeated the other three gates, and he has become the head of the Silin Sword, which is a fig leaf to keep the face of the Silin Sword.


He never failed, he never failed, for whatever reason.


These four pronged sword heads, only Lu Sizhan can do it.


Lu Sizhan and Lu Feishen looked at each other deeply: “I understand.”


“Are you going to fight him?” asked Lu Fei Shen.


Lu Sizhan didn’t answer, and walked to the center of Jianpan step by step: “Four sword meanings, one.”


When the voice fell, Lu Fei raised his hand and pointed at Lu Si Zhan. At the same time, Lu Bi and Lu Jing did not hesitate and made the same move.


This is the practice method of the ancestors who created the four swordsmen. It is practiced separately from the four swords, each of which cultivates a sword, and finally the four swords are combined to form a transformation.


In all directions, countless people’s eyes are fixed on Lu Sizhan. This generation’s Silin sword head is beyond everyone’s expectations. Who would have thought that Lu Sizhan turned out to be the Silin sword head.


The news immediately spread far and wide, spreading all over the universe of Jiuxiao, causing an uproar among countless people.


Especially those who were thinking about the rain were stunned, which disrupted their rhythm.


Lu Sizhan became the head of the Silin Sword, and Lu Siyu’s identity was even more different. She had the entire Silin Sword Sect with her back, plus the identity of the Seven Fairies, if she wanted to propose a marriage, the price would be different.


“Add, keep adding, add me to the sky.”


“Old guy, is it worth it? Just to marry a Lu Siyu, I took out my family.”


“You know the shit, Lu Siyu has Silin Jianmen, there are seven fairies, and even Qinglian Shangyu, marry her, and your ancestral grave will smoke.”


“You’re not dead yet.”




“This is a good thing. Lu Sizhan has no ambition, acts upright, and ignores the darkness. Such a person can’t even enter into misery. He will definitely become the weakest sword head in the history of Silin Jianmen. Humph, You don’t need to care about the Silinjianmen.”


“But the person who guided him from behind?”


“Don’t worry, it must be one of Qinglian Shangyu’s named disciples, maybe even Qinglian Shangyu himself, the Seven Fairies, who are really favored.”


“It does, it seems, the conditions have to be changed.”


Silin Sword Gate lives in a corner. Although he is a slasher, he is introverted. The birth of Silin Sword Head may have changed the status quo and affected part of the pattern of Jiuxiao Universe, but outsiders know Lu Sizhan too well. It would be fine if he didn’t take the Silinyu to hide.


Such a person will not change anything.


In the distance of Jianpan, Lu Yin watched Lu Sizhan absorb the sword intent, and his eyes were amazed. It was similar to the method of nine clones, but this was a sword intent clone, and the ancestors of Silin Jianmen had a bit of a whimsical idea.


Dividing sword intent is not a big threat to the outside world. If there is an accident, you can also integrate sword intent, which is interesting.


For half a day, the four swords were united, everyone waited, and the same was true for Mingjuo. This was a respect for the forthcoming Silin sword head.


As a sword intent pierced into the sky, the sky above Silinyu seemed to be cut open. At this time, whoever dared to cross the sky above Silinyu would be unlucky.


Lu Yin looked up, this sword intent was quite good, it only took half a day to completely integrate the sword intent.


At this moment, Lu Sizhan has transformed. He not only has his own sword intent, but also masters the sword intents of Lubi, Lujing and Lufeishen. If he challenges Lufeishen in his current state, even if he does not Help him find out Mo Huanchao’s flaws, and he will be able to win, because of him, he will also Mo Huanchao.


Theoretically, there is no absolute strength gap between the Beginning Realm and the Transcendence, but the realm is different. Of course, someone who breaks through to the Transcendence level will increase their strength. It happens that the other three sect masters are such people, so they do not Take Lu Sizhan as a threat.


Now, that gap has been bridged.


Really made up.


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