Spiritual Furnace Chapter 2: :Liwei


In the evening~

A small thatched hut on the west side of Feilong Peak is where all the miscellaneous disciples live. The so-called miscellaneous disciples are the disciples who are at the bottom of the cultivation base. Such disciples will be assigned some miscellaneous items. At this time, many miscellaneous disciples have done A day’s work carried a tired body and walked towards his hut.

A slightly thin figure walked into everyone’s sight, and the next moment it exploded~

“That ~ that is Chu ~ Chu Yan?”

“What? I don’t have dazzling eyes~”

“That guy is a human or a ghost~”

Everyone rubbed their eyes, and many people witnessed Chu Yan’s charred and breathless appearance that day.

Chu Yan walked into his small thatched hut under everyone’s astonished gaze.

Locking the door, Chu Yan couldn’t wait to look inside his dantian again. The light blue gaseous spiritual energy in the dantian was floating in the air, and below was a broken cyan cauldron.

The small cauldron has three legs, but the original two ears are missing. The body of the cauldron is engraved with intricate runes, and there are dozens of tiny cracks on the body of the cauldron, and some places are uneven.

“What exactly is this little cauldron? Could it be that the mysterious black beam of light was caused by this little cauldron? You survived the catastrophe and regained your spiritual roots, Dad! Mother! You must have a spirit in heaven to bless the child, Children will never fail you.”

Chu Yan has a determined look on his face. He is confident that now that he has recovered his spiritual roots, he can definitely reach the peak again with his talent.


The door was kicked open by a big foot~


The chubby body of the visitor barely squeezed into the door, and his fat body was shaking constantly, a pair of small shrimp eyes stared round, and a big fan pointed at Chu Yan, his face full of surprise, Once the word ‘you’ comes out, I can’t speak anymore.

“Don’t you have long hands? Don’t know how to knock on doors?” Seeing Chu Yan’s indifferent words, there was a sense of majesty in it.

The miscellaneous disciples are all disciples with extremely poor qualifications. Most of them are in the first tier of the Qi training period, and there are few second tiers of the Qi training period. Wang Xiong is one of them. With its brute force and the strength of the second-level Qi training period, it can be said to be a bully among the handyman disciples, and most of the handyman disciples have been bullied by him.

Of course, Chu Yan is no exception, and Chu Yan is always under the ‘care’ of Wang Xiong, because Chu Yan used to be a genius disciple at the top. Great satisfaction.

Today, Wang Xiong was sleeping in the house when he heard someone yelling. He went out and saw a large group of handyman disciples surrounding Chu Yan’s house. He heard that “Chu Yan was resurrected, turned into a ghost and returned…” Wang Xiong was dubious about Lei’s words, but when he saw Chu Yan, he immediately stood there, but when Chu Yan said these words, his shocked expression instantly turned into a tyrannical expression.

“Yo, it turns out he’s not dead! The boy is pretending to be a ghost in the daytime, is it itchy? The lord will loosen it up for you!”

Seeing Chu Yan’s shadow on the ground, and hearing Chu Yan’s voice, Wang Xiong decided that Chu Yan was not a ghost. Since he was not a ghost, there was nothing to be afraid of. Wang Xiong felt that he had lost face because of his panic. At this time, he threw his fist at Chu Yan.

“I can’t help myself~”

Chu Yan snorted coldly, and threw out his right fist without any fancy.


The fists of the two collided, and a clear sound of bone shattering came from the collision.

“This guy is really over his head, he even fights with Wang Xiong~”

“Could it be that Chu Yan was struck dumb by lightning~”

“I think it is~”

The handyman disciples in the outer view of the door naturally saw this scene and only thought that Chu Yan had broken his hand bones. However, the next scene made them suddenly dumbfounded:

“Ah~ my Lao Tzu’s hand, you broke Lao Tzu’s hand, Lao Tzu will kill you~”

Wang Xiong hissed and howled while holding his left hand.

“Fuck me~”

Chu Yan didn’t have time to listen to his howling, so he kicked Wang Xiong’s belly like electricity.

Outside the hut, handyman disciples continued to gather around, and everyone only heard a painful howl, and the next second, a chubby behemoth flew out of the hut.


Wang Xiong’s plump body fell heavily to the ground, and everyone turned their attention to the door of the hut.

Chu Yan walked out slowly under the astonished gazes of everyone, his face was calm, and there was no trace of emotional fluctuations.

“I didn’t expect that Chu Yan didn’t die~”

“He~ He can actually cultivate~”

“However, he still only has the same Qi training period as us. He actually defeated Wang Xiong. How is this possible?”

Chu Yan heard the discussion beside him, his sword brows were slightly wrinkled, his eyes were extremely cold, those miscellaneous disciples immediately felt a cold current hit Chu Yan’s eyes, and it was difficult to speak.

“Boy, look at the lord, I peeled your skin today~”

Wang Xiong had blood hanging from the corners of his mouth, and he climbed up from the ground with a smirk. A pair of casserole-sized fists were covered by a layer of khaki light. The next moment, a light thorn condensed by the khaki light appeared on Wang Xiong. in front of the bear.

This is Wang Xiong’s trump card, the low-level one-strike spell: Xuantu thorn. He has already seen Chu Yan’s cultivation level in the first-level Qi training period. Although he does not know why Chu Yan’s physical strength is so powerful now, he I firmly believe that he absolutely cannot resist the spells released by the second-level cultivation base of his Qi training period.

Chu Yan didn’t say a word. Today happened to be Wang Xiong Liwei, and he won’t be disturbed by these handyman disciples in the future. These are all hopeless people, and Chu Yan’s goal is the internal assessment in March.

A ray of light blue spiritual power appeared on Chu Yan’s right hand, and the next moment the light blue spiritual power was radiant and turned into a water ball.

Chu Yan clenched his hands tightly, and the water polo was instantly compressed by half.


Chu Yan let out a low roar, and the water polo flew out of his hands and flew towards Wang Xiong with extreme speed.

Low-level one-strike spell: water burst


In Wang Xiong’s astonished eyes, the mysterious earth thorn shattered like a thorn, and the water ball gradually grew larger in Wang Xiong’s eyes, and finally slammed into his right face and burst open.

These handyman disciples are all extremely poor in aptitude. They have time to hurry up and improve their cultivation, and they have almost never practiced spells. Moreover, cultivating spells requires a strong ability to comprehend and apply them. Even though a few have tried, they have not succeeded in the end. Today, seeing Chu Yan release this powerful spell, he stood on the spot.

Three years ago, Chu Yan, who was only thirteen years old, had the eighth level of Qi training, and the title of the ‘Top Ten Talented Disciples of the Ascension Sect’ was not a false name. Because Chu Yan’s spiritual root is a water spiritual root, he can only practice water attribute spells, and Chu Yan can easily learn from low-level one-pattern to eight-pattern water-type spells. At this time, it is also a low-level one-pattern spell. The power is several times that of the king bear.


Half of Wang Xiong’s face was blown to pieces~IndoMTL.com~ He roared in pain.

Chu Yan walked in front of Wang Xiong step by step, grabbed his collar with one hand with his left hand, and lifted the chubby body three or four times his size up to everyone’s astonished eyes.

“Chu, Chu Yan, get around me, get around me, I was wrong before~you~”

Wang Xiongxuan deeply felt the horror of Chu Yan in the mid-air, and he no longer looked arrogant and begged for mercy.

With an expressionless face, Chu Yan turned to the crowd and said lightly, “If anyone disturbs me in the future, I will end up like this.”

As he said that, Chu Yan’s right fist slammed into Wang Xiong’s thigh, only to hear a crisp “click”, Wang Xiong’s leg bone was broken in response, and the next moment Wang Xiong was thrown out by Chu Yan.

Wang Xiong’s fat body slammed to the ground again, and everyone was shocked, and everyone looked at Chu Yan with horror in their eyes.

Cultivation of immortals is all about the weak and the strong, and the weak can only be bullied by others. Chu Yan’s methods can be said to be very gentle. The door was slammed shut.

Chu Yan didn’t know that there was a trace of resentment in the eyes of a young girl in green behind a tree in the distance.

As soon as Chu Yan walked into the room, the small blue cauldron in his dantian suddenly vibrated violently.

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