Spiritual Furnace Chapter 1: : come back to life


Duancang Mountains.

In the south of Yizhou, the main vein winds for more than a million miles, the back is connected to the sky and the ground, more than a hundred mountain peaks tower into the sky, and the branches are inexhaustible. There are waterfalls and rapids, cliffs and abyss, and thousands of cliffs are more than between mountains and mountains.

The Blessed Land of Lingyuan is mostly a wonderful place for immortals. The Yuhua Sect, the first immortal sect of Yizhou Zhengdao, is located here.

Feilong Peak is one of the nine main peaks of the Ascension Sect. The structure of the peak is astonishing. It is surrounded by clouds and mist all year round. name.

Next to the cliff on the south side, there are two lonely little bumpkins. Chu Changtian, the previous master of Feilong Peak, and his wife were buried in this inconspicuous place.

Chu Yan knelt in front of the grave. Although his face was a little immature, his pair of Mu gave people a sense of vicissitudes. Two rough wooden tombstones were inserted into the tomb, standing in front of him like that.

“Father, the tomb of Chu Changtian. Mother, the tomb of Wang Qingrou.”

The handwriting is deep in the wood, and there is a faint trace of dried blood on it. The two tombs were built by Chu Yan for his parents three years ago.

“The No. 1 Cultivation Genius of Feilong Peak? Top Ten Talented Disciples of Ascension Sect? Haha~”

Chu Yan’s smile was extremely cold. He once surrounded himself with countless halos, but now he has become a useless waste, and he has to survive by pretending to be crazy.

“Father, mother, the child is unfilial~”

The resolute face is full of guilt. For three years, in order to avenge the revenge of his parents, Chu Yan endured the humiliation and shouldered the burden, and tried his best to cultivate every day. restore its former glory.

Three months, and three months to go until June 15th, and to the peak assessment every five years, the disciples who have not reached the third level of the Qi training period will be expelled from the sect, and they cannot emerge. Sect disciples walk the world by themselves.

The Qi training period is the first realm faced by cultivators who step into the ranks of cultivating immortals. There are thirteen levels, and every four levels is a stage, which is divided into pre, middle and late stages. The thirteenth level is the Great Perfection. . Chu Yan, not to mention the third floor now, since the accident three years ago, Chu Yan has lost all his cultivation, and can no longer find the sense of qi, and it is still difficult for him to step into the first floor of the qi training period after three years of hard work.

What kind of irony is that the former cultivation genius, the proud only son of Chu Changtian, the master of Feilong Peak, is now expelled from the peak?

“Until the last moment, I will never give up~”

There was a resolute look on that resolute face, and a secret determination in his heart. The three-year low has made Chu Yan fully grown. At the age of sixteen, his mind is no less than that of an adult.

“This is ~”

The two tombstones on the tomb trembled, and Chu Yan felt the ground shake a little~


Suddenly, the sky was densely covered with dark clouds, lightning flashes and thunder, and the earth began to shake violently. Sand and rocks flew away, and cobweb-like cracks spread on the ground. Chu Changtian’s tomb was located on the cliff on the south side of Feilong Peak. On the side, the ground beneath Chu Yan’s feet suddenly broke apart. He didn’t have time to react at all, and fell into the abyss along with his parents’ graves and the earth and stones under his feet.

“Father and mother, is this your wish? If you have children, you will avenge you!”

Chu Yan was in the midst of a rapid fall, with deep unwillingness in his eyes, at this moment:

Suddenly in the sky, the void suddenly burst, and the hurricane between the cracks in the dark void was fierce~



A black beam of light burst out from it at a very high speed, slashed vertically, and slammed into Chu Yan’s body. Chu Yan’s eyes widened and he instantly lost consciousness. The black beam of light continued to take Chu Yan’s body. It smashed directly on the ground, and suddenly the earth and stones flew up, the sand and dust filled the air, and a hemispherical deep pit with a diameter of about ten meters appeared on the ground.

Three days later~

The fact that a waste person died, or was struck by lightning, has spread all over Feilongfeng. Originally, the life and death of such an unimportant person would not attract everyone’s attention, but this person is Chu Yan, a former cultivation genius, and the son of the former peak master. It is inevitable that people will sigh.

Flying Dragon Peak, Random Grave Mounds~

The mass grave site is located in a wilderness on the western edge of Feilong Peak. Some insignificant disciples in Feilong Peak will be buried here casually when they die. There are small lumps on top of the mass grave mound. This is the so-called tomb of those poor disciples. .

Two young men in gray linen carried a corpse covered in bruises and wounds into the burial mound.

One of the disciples said with a sullen face: “Da Niu, you said that this work is always done by the two of us. When I think of which brother’s arms and legs are under my feet, I feel terrified~”

The young man named Da Niu’s face became a little ugly, “Be content, at least we are still panting. I don’t know how many unlucky guys were tortured to death by Elder Zhao. Remember the dog. We are only Elder Zhao’s dog, don’t treat yourself as a human being, or we will not be far from death.”

Hearing this, Li Gou-left’s face changed slightly and said, “Brother, Chu Yan was clearly still breathing a few days ago, I~”


Chen Daniu slapped Li Gouyu’s face with a slap and said viciously: “You idiot, please remember to Lao Tzu, Elder Zhao said that it was a dead person, we buried a dead person, how can a dead person have breath, Zhao You know the elders’ methods, if you want to die, don’t drag Lao Tzu.”


Li Gouyu covered his swollen face, nodded, and the two threw the corpse into a dirt pit.

“bang bang”

A small grave in the distance vibrated inexplicably, and countless light blue light spots in the sky converged towards it.

“Big~ Big Brother, this grave has caused a change in the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and there must be treasures in it!”

Seeing this scene, Li Gouyu’s face suddenly showed ecstasy.

“Why does this seem to be the place where Chu Yan was buried yesterday? We searched all over at that time, but there was not a single good thing on him!”

Chen Daniu had a look of doubt on his face.

“Maybe we still have some omissions. Don’t think about it too much. Big brother, let’s dig it quickly. If we attract others, we will lose our brother’s share.”


Wealth is at risk, not to mention that the waste material Chu Yan is already a dead person, Chen Daniu nodded under the persuasion of Li Gouyu.

The two took out a black shovel from their savings bag, which was their special tool for digging holes and burying corpses.

The two of them were very careful when digging, fearing that they might have damaged the treasure.

In a moment, the grave was dug up, and a ‘corpse’ in the appearance of a teenager was dug out.

In the sky, there are still light blue light spots that continue to gather, all of which are drilled into the heavenly cover of the ‘corpse’.

“Could it be that this guy died with the treasure in his mouth?”

“I pried his mouth open to see what the treasure was!”

Chen Daniu threw the shovel aside, took out a dagger from his arms, and stabbed at the face of the ‘corpse’, but the next moment he felt a chill all over his body:

I saw that the corpse suddenly opened its eyes, and his left hand grabbed Chen Daniu’s wrist holding the dagger.


Feeling the powerful force at the wrist that was hard to break free, Chen Daniu felt extremely frightened in his heart. At that time, Chu Yan only had one breath left. How could he still be alive after being buried for three days in this yin-rich place? And the power of this waste material~ As soon as he thought of this, a cold voice sounded in his ear:


Chu Yan’s left hand was instantly enveloped by a light blue spiritual force, and the next moment it was directly inserted into Chen Daniu’s heart.

“Spirit ~ spiritual power, how can it be~”

Chen Daniu’s eyes were filled with incredible color, and then they lost their brilliance.

Throwing Chen Daniu’s body aside, Chu Yan walked towards Li Gouzu, who was already paralyzed on the ground in fright.

“Ah~ don’t come here~ IndoMTL.com~ Elder Zhao asked us to bury you, not me, not me~”

Li Gouzu has always been cowardly, but now he has regarded Chu Yan as a ghost. Seeing Chu Yan walking towards him step by step, Li Gouzu was so frightened that his body kept moving backwards, and his lower body was wet.


A fist wrapped in pale blue light shattered his throat.

“The sky will never stop me~”

Feeling the light blue gaseous spiritual power floating in the dantian, Chu Yan’s frosty face flashed a smile for the first time in three years.

For the past three days, Chu Yan’s consciousness was blurred, but he clearly felt that his body was recovering rapidly, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth continued to gather towards him. Under the surprise, Chu Yan ran the “Mysterious Heavy Water Art”. “, at the last moment today finally broke through to the first level of the Qi training period.

Of course, Chu Yan heard all the conversations between the two. The two of them were only at the first level of the Qi training period. Although Chu Yan was only at the first level of the Qi training period at this time, his physical strength was sufficient. At the level of the third-level cultivator during the Qi training period, he could easily kill two people.

Finally, I was able to practice. On the first floor of the Qi training period, I actually stepped into the first floor of the Qi training period!

Not only that, but what shocked Chu Yan even more was that there was a somewhat broken cyan cauldron floating in his dantian. Is this?

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