Self-cultivation of the Exorcist: Concluding remarks


It ended in a little haste.

Du Wei’s story is not perfect.

Also thin.

This is a story of a single person. The character, IQ, etc. of this character are difficult to get into because he is too powerful, and this book is also my transformation from the first person. An attempt to write in the third person.

The result is not bad.

But it should be over and it must be over.

Write it later, unless you start practicing and change the map, otherwise there is nothing to write.

After thinking about it, it’s over…

Frankly speaking, I only wanted to finish this book in a little over a million words at the beginning, but I didn’t think that the readers would like to read it very much, so it was simply lengthened a lot.

Anyone who has read the testimonials on the shelf knows that this book was written with my friends, and I didn’t think about writing it for too long at the beginning.

There are only a few characters in the whole book who come and go.

Tom, Father Tony, Ryan, Freddy, these four are the most influential.

The map is only that big.

The timeline in the book is also very tight. When I think about it, from the beginning to the end of the book, only more than two months have passed.

Some holes that can be filled are basically filled.

I wrote everything I could.

I think it’s okay…

Anyway, I’m done, everyone can spray and praise if they want.

In short.

It has been a long time, thank you for your company along the way.


New book.

How to say this.

In fact, I don’t want to write any more books. I’m tired, and my writing style is just like that, neither cold nor cold, without too many ups and downs, only plain narration.

I rarely use words to express emotions, orgasms…

I don’t feel like writing a book.

But I can’t help bragging in the group every day, saying that the protagonist of the new book is so good and the story is so good. In fact, many of them have been in the reader group for a long time. When I wrote hundreds of thousands of words, I knew everything about this book. The plot, including the ending.

I like spoilers.

The new book does not exist, but I spoiled too much, and the readers in the group want to read it, so let’s just write it.

Actually, it’s too awesome to brag, and I can’t stop it if I don’t write.

The title of the book “My Boss Is Not Human” is oriental and supernatural.

In terms of world view, it is the world before Du Wei traveled by plane.

The protagonist of the new book…

The story of Du Wei’s cousin, an LSP.


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