Self-cultivation of the Exorcist Chapter 623: Memory Fragments


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[Ah? The owner is on a ghost ship? 】

Alex frowned and said: “It’s too late to explain, save him quickly, there is a scary thing that looks like a skeleton on the ghost ship, it looks like an old man, and there are five keys in his hand, it wants to kill Du Wei.”

Hearing this, Envelope trembled with anger.

【You should be talking about ghost locks, but that thing is already dead, so it is impossible for ghost locks to exist! 】

【Could it be that idiot Puton? 】

[fuck! He survived, this idiot, I’m going to kill him! 】

The idea of ​​the envelope is inexplicable.

It can be said that it comes entirely from intuition, or as a lackey, the keen intuition of other lackeys.

Alex was at a loss. She didn’t know who Puton was, and she felt that the envelope in front of her might be a little reliable.

Therefore, he hurriedly urged: “Since you know that the matter is serious, you should hurry up and save people.”

【Wait a minute, shake the envelope and help out, but you can’t beat Puton with the envelope. 】

The next second.

The envelope shook out a clown card, a dice, and coins.

The clown card representing the wish has long been abolished by Du Wei, and now only the one representing the gambling game is left.

As for dice, although they can sometimes play unexpected roles, they are useless at this time.

That is, only coins are left.

But the luck of the envelope has never been very good.

It didn’t pin its hopes on the coin, but shook again, like shaking tatters, shaking out the fragments of the evil spirit’s scalpel.

[Brother Heiying, come out! I’m the envelope, something happened to the master, don’t pretend to be dead, hurry up and save the master…]

The shards of the evil spirit’s scalpel do not respond.

Debris was scattered on the sand, letting the sea wash over it.

Alex next to him was about to die of anxiety, so he hurriedly said, “I saw that Du Wei was about to die, can’t you fly, take me there, take me to that ghost ship.”

The envelope panicked too.

【Mistress, although the envelope can fly, it can’t carry you! Only Black Shadow Brother can do it, but it was smashed into pieces, I only kept a part of it, and I don’t know if it is already GG. 】

Alex’s face turned pale with anxiety.

She suddenly felt that it might be a very stupid thing to believe in this envelope that appeared out of nowhere.

So, he gritted his teeth and said, “If you don’t go, I will go by myself.”

Speaking, Alex rushed to the sea again.

The envelope panicked, trembling uncontrollably as it surrounded the fragments of the evil spirit’s scalpel.

[Brother Heiying, I didn’t treat you right before, but I’ve come to my senses now, so don’t pretend to be dead with me, come out quickly! 】

【You come out! 】

【If you don’t come out, you’re really screwed. 】

Envelope wants to die.

At this moment, the fragments of the scalpel scattered on the sand suddenly trembled.

A trace of mist gradually spread out, and the black mist eroded the beach.

The ground turned into pitch black.

Then, in the darkness, a bloodshot eye opened.

[Damn it! Brother Heiying, you…]

Sombra only has one eye left.

During that battle, it was smashed into pieces, and many parts were scattered, and it could not even be found.

But even so.

That eye also immediately fixed on Alex in the sea water.

The fragments of the evil spirit’s scalpel were suspended.

The bloodshot eyes became a subject, stabbing at Alex in an instant.

The power of Sombra is manifested in killing people.

The more people you kill, the stronger it becomes.

The envelope was startled, and he hurriedly chased after him with the clown card, coins and dice.

【Hei Ying, are you **** crazy? That’s the hostess. If you dare to kill her, you will be finished, you know? 】

Shards of the scalpel did not stay.

With that eye, he stabbed at Alex in an instant.

But just when it is about to pierce the target’s heart.

Sombra paused.

A hint of doubt flashed in its only remaining eye.

Alex felt the approach of death, she turned her head to look at the shadow, and suddenly memory fragments appeared in her mind.


Inexplicably, Alex mentioned the black shadow, but she had never seen it before, nor understood it.

She only felt that there were countless broken pictures flashing in her mind.

Although it does not form a whole, it also makes her eyes extremely sharp.

“I need your strength.”

Alex’s voice was indifferent, and he grasped the fragment of the scalpel with his right hand. Even if his palm was pierced and blood spread out, there was no pause.

Sombra’s instinct is to kill.

But Alex gave it a kind of oppressive force, forcing its resistance to be useless.

A black mist covered Alex.

Her figure disappeared instantly.

Even with envelopes.


A huge wave hit the ghost ship.

There is fog and darkness everywhere, and the sea on a typhoon day is like a vortex that swallows life, which is more terrifying than natural disasters such as earthquakes.


Alex’s figure appeared in the midair of the ghost ship.

She was wearing a long white dress, which was already wet by sea water.


Falling down on the deck suddenly, Alex lightly relieved his strength and stepped on the deck with bare feet.

Unlike Du Wei, she was powerless before she became a hunter. As the heir of the Wittbach family, she has received a lot of training since she was a child.

One can beat Du Wei ten.

What’s more, she now has the blessing of Sombra.

Almost instinctively, he suppressed the maliciousness from Sombra in his mind.

Alex glanced around.

“Already pulled in?”

There is no shadow of Du Wei on the deck of the ghost ship, but there are traces of dragging on the ground, as well as long water stains, extending all the way into the cabin.

A closed red door stands in front of you.

Alex looked indifferent, and rushed over without saying a word.

The envelope at the back is chasing: [Mistress, calm down, that door is the door to hell, if you push the door open, you will definitely be pulled into the world inside the door. 】

It is kindly reminding.

Alex’s silver hair fluttered, and when he was about to hit the red door, his body suddenly pulled back, turned around, and kicked on the red door.


The red door was kicked directly into the cabin, and even the door rail was broken open.

The next second, Alex rushed in directly.

The envelope is already blurred.

[Can it still be like this? 】

In the cabin, there was a sound of grinning laughter.

A shriveled, skinny and strange existence like a skeleton, dragged the chain, and pulled the man who didn’t know whether he was alive or dead to him.

It’s Puton.

“Alphalia, you would never have imagined that I survived, right?”

“And I also got eternal life. Although this ghostly appearance is no longer human, what does it matter?”

Puton pinched Du Wei’s neck, and the five fingers of his other hand became long and narrow, and five different keys were formed at the end.

“Aren’t you the leader of the Vanity Sect?”

“Look at you, you don’t even have a chance to resist, how pitiful…”

“But it’s okay, I will always remember you, because you will be my first step to control the Vanity Sect, I need your body.”


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