Rise From Doomsday Chapter 2106: , Return


As night falls, the temperature in Mogu Mountain drops suddenly, and the number of people also decreases. The grass market, which was crowded with people a few minutes ago, turns into a ghost in the blink of an eye. There are three or two kittens in a hurry, heading towards the stone house. Rushing, without the stone house, basically choose to go offline.

Liu Wei’an did not choose to go offline or go to the stone house. His stone house was occupied by others because he did not pay the fee. Even Steward Hai couldn’t remember which room was his. He wanted to see Sun Yat-sen’s house. You can’t see whether Lingzhi has left a message, but with the noise he made, Sun Lingzhi will definitely know about it as soon as he comes online, so there is no rush.

In the only shop, he spent all the gold coins to buy power seeds. When he left, the shop was closed. The night in Mogu Mountain was too dangerous. If it was not a large business, the shops would not be willing to accept this business. .

Entering the back mountain, he disappeared in the blink of an eye. Behind him, about fifty meters away, two sneaky players looked at each other in shock when they saw him disappearing into the back hill.

Are you looking for death if you go to the back mountain in this temperature? I couldn’t stand it in the front mountain, so I went to the back mountain. If not both of them saw it, they would have thought it was a spectacle. After just a few seconds of hesitation, both of them felt their bodies stiffen, as if they were about to turn into popsicles. They looked at each other, quickly retreated, and ran towards the front mountain. After eight o’clock, the temperature dropped sharply. The two of them ran as fast as they could, but they still felt that their bodies were getting colder and colder. Their breath turned directly into ice slag, and the hair and body were covered with more and more white. When they rushed When I entered the stone house, I had no feeling in my fingers.

There were only a few companions in the stone house, and Su Guowen had already waited impatiently to log off.

Cultivation in the Bamboo Shoot Array for one night is as good as practicing in other places for ten days. However, the consumption is ten times that of other places. At daybreak, the practice is over. The layer of ashes on the ground is the ashes left after burning the talisman.

Liu Wei’an had just crossed the Falling Immortal River when he saw Su Guowen rushing towards him with a group of people. Everyone looked happy when they saw him, and before Liu Wei’an could react, they had already surrounded him. The people who were rushing around saw this and were so frightened that they quickly stayed away from the area.

“Boy, you can’t believe it.” Su Guowen smiled sinisterly.

“What do you want to do?” Liu Wei’an was very calm, at least there was no change in his face.

“What are you doing?” Su Guowen laughed out loud, “Give back the “Grand Herbal Sutra” that you stole from me.”

“Steal?” Liu Wei’an showed a puzzled expression.

“The Great Grass and Trees Sutra was given to the young master by our family for his cultivation. If anyone else takes it, they will steal it. I order you to return it immediately, otherwise you will be working against the Su family.” An errand boy explained.

“I heard that you used the “Great Grass and Trees Classic” to trick many players. I guess this is the method you used.” Liu Wei’an blinked.

“Fuck you, what is a trap? This is called beating someone willing to suffer.” The errand boy scolded.

“Okay, I’ll give you the Great Grass and Trees Sutra, and give me back my equipment.” Liu Wei’an said calmly.

“Repay?” the errand runner said fiercely: “This is interest, do you understand? Interest, this is the interest for lending you the Great Herbal Sutra for one night to meditate on.”

Liu Wei’an finally understood why there were many family forces in Mogu Mountain, but no one paid attention to the “Great Grass and Trees Scripture”. He was still thinking last night that a secret book of this level would actually get his turn. Come to get, even if it is only half of the broken scroll, it is not something he can get, because the Su family will not take action at all. Now he finally knows the reason, and thinking of this, there is no psychological burden.

“You chose to wait for me here to kill me, right?”

“If you know the truth, I can spare your life. However, you dared to insult me ​​yesterday. You must kneel down and kowtow to me three times to save your life.” After Su Guowen said this, he saw a Silver light flashed across his field of vision, and before he could understand what was going on, his consciousness began to fade away.


When dozens of errand runners saw Su Guowen’s eyebrows explode, an unusually dull sound of vibrating bowstrings also sounded in their ears. Just as they were about to take action, a heartbreaking pain came. When they lowered their heads and looked, their hearts A hole the size of a finger appeared in the area, and bright red blood spurted out.


More than 20 people had their mouths open, their faces full of fear and despair, and they fell straight to the ground. There was only one sound from more than 20 people.

Liu Wei’an was the first to take off Su Guowen’s space ring. He opened it and breathed a sigh of relief. Many of the equipment sold yesterday were lying quietly in the space, and there were many more. Although the level is not high, quantity is the best. It seems that Su Guowen did a lot of bad things with the Su family’s tiger skin.

Proficiently disarming the errand boy’s weapons and equipment, he touched the corpse to the point where he could touch it cleanly with his eyes closed. It took only two minutes for more than two dozen people to do it, leaving behind The disheveled corpses on the ground walked away. Several people watching in the distance were stunned. They waited until Liu Wei’an’s back disappeared before blinking, still a little unbelievable.

The Su family is so arrogant, but now they are being slaughtered like dogs. More than twenty people, including Su Guowen, the core disciple, were slaughtered in an instant without even saying hello.

After a while, these people came to their senses and hurriedly left the place. They had a premonition that a storm would be caused by Su Guowen’s death.

In the Cao Market, Liu Wei’an thought he came very early. After all, Su Guowen was only delayed for more than ten minutes. Unexpectedly, when he came to the Cao Market, there were almost no seats. They were all occupied, so he had no choice but to continue to choose black noodles. God’s booth, although this guy is useless, his ferocious face can still scare many people, and no one dares to take his position.

The people around him were dumbfounded when they saw that the equipment he took out was exactly the same as yesterday. When did the equipment come into a complete set? However, someone soon discovered that something was wrong. There were equipment with exactly the same attributes, but one of the silverware was stained with mud in the same position as yesterday, so it couldn’t have been produced in a complete set. It was clearly the same piece.

As soon as it was set up, someone appeared in front of the stall. Liu Wei’an looked up and was stunned for a moment. His cold eyes turned happy after seeing the other person.

Yan Kaifu and Yan’er.

“Sir!” Yan’er shouted timidly, her eyes a little red.

“After the Black Dragon City was destroyed, I accidentally met Yan’er, so I took her with me. I heard you were online yesterday and sent her here early this morning.” Yan Kaifu said.

“Thank you!” Liu Wei’an thanked her sincerely. He was indeed worried about Yan’er, but there was no way to find her in the vast sea of ​​people, and he was helpless. Yan Kaifu found Yan’er and put an end to his worries.

“It’s just a little effort.” Yan Kaifu said with a smile, but he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. He really didn’t expect that the expulsion of Liu Wei’an in order not to offend Qian Haosen turned out to be the most failed investment in his life. ,none of them.

“Shopkeeper Yan didn’t just send Yan’er here, right?” Liu Wei’an’s expression was very dull, showing no emotion or anger.

“This…equipment…that…” Yan Kaifu looked a little embarrassed.

“Make a price. As long as the price is right, I will give it to you. I will only accept the power seeds.” Liu Wei’an said calmly. In the past, he would rather suffer a loss than sell to Yan Kaifu, but Yan Kaifu sold Yan’er After it was sent back, I still had to express it to some extent.

“No problem, the price guarantees your satisfaction.” Yan Kaifu said quickly.

After the transaction was completed, Yan Kaifu also wanted to buy a shield and a flame charm. However, Liu Wei’an had no time to make them recently and refused directly. Yan Kaifu was a little unwilling but did not dare to offend him. He then thought of the large amount of equipment in this transaction and immediately Be happy.

During the war, food prices rose first, followed by weapons and equipment, and then drugs. Now is the peak period of the beast tide, and good equipment is extremely popular. The equipment sold by Liu Wei’an are all sophisticated weapons. By changing hands, the Black Dragon Chamber of Commerce can immediately make a small profit. Making money is secondary. The key is that these weapons can alleviate the problem of insufficient inventory of the Black Dragon Chamber of Commerce.

Feeling the return of Yan’er, Liu Wei’an did not hide his secrets this time. He went to Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan.com and sold all the items except a few gold and platinum items.

Take Yan’er and sweep around the grass market. I bought all the arrows. I originally wanted to buy talisman paper, cinnabar and other items, but it turned out that no one was selling these things in the grass market. Only one person was selling one kind. An animal called a red-eyed chicken is a type of chicken. It is as big as a dog and has a ferocious temperament. It is a type of monster. The meat of this kind of chicken is delicious and has been captured by many players.

Liu Wei’an bought three, and then went to the grocery store to buy talisman paper, cinnabar, etc. The price is horrifyingly expensive, three times that of the previous Black Dragon City, and the quality is not that good. He originally wanted to buy a bronze shield, but after seeing the price, he gave up the idea. It was too outrageous. With his current worth, he couldn’t even afford many black iron-level shields.

Now I understand why Yan Kaifu kept such a low voice. The price of equipment has indeed increased.

I found Guanshi Hai and rented a stone house. It was in a remote location and the space was small. It was too small for one person to live in, but Liu Wei’an couldn’t tolerate being picky. Even this small room was one of the last ones. .

On the way, Liu Wei’an also learned about Yan’er’s experience during this period. Her life was relatively miserable. She had no fighting ability and little social experience. She basically lived in a rental house and went online several times. It was only after he was almost bitten to death by a monster and met Yan Kaifu for the last time that he finally ended his life of fear. Yan Kaifu treated her well, at least better than before. Not only did he not arrange any work for her, but he also treated her well and entertained her. However, all of this was for Liu Wei’an’s sake.

Killing chickens, taking blood, mixing cinnabar… Liu Wei’an did all this skillfully, took out arrows and began to draw talismans. Yan’er watched behind him, and a familiar feeling emerged spontaneously. Mobile phone users please browse to watch The Rise of Doom for a better user experience.


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