Rise From Doomsday Chapter 2105: It’s just a joke


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The entire battlefield was silent for an instant. Four yakshas with five claws and four wings were trying to exterminate humanity? All the masters set their sights on the Lion King and the Spear Saint, but there were still two left. If the Lion King hadn’t wanted to punish Liu Wei’an, the Sword Demon could be one of them, but now it would be nice if the Sword Demon didn’t hold him back.

When the five-clawed and four-winged Yaksha rushed out of the crack, the masters within dozens of miles around felt the pressure like a mountain, the air became heavy, and every move required several times more strength than before.

The Gunslinger’s eyes were solemn, and he subconsciously looked at the Lion King, and whispered: “Why don’t you… deal with Yasha first?” The Lion King’s face was watery and he said nothing.

“Lion King, is face more important or is it more important?” The swordsman shouted loudly. The Lion King’s eyelids twitched, and the strong murderous aura faded away like a tide. He looked at Liu Wei’an and said, “Let’s put the punishment on hold for the time being. Fight. We’ll figure it out later.”

Chu Xundun snorted lightly, his eyes showing a hint of ridicule, but he sensibly did not speak. Liu Wei’an didn’t pay attention to the kindness shown by the Lion King. He glanced at Junior Sister Ziqin. Junior Sister Ziqin understood, and the two of them rose into the sky.

The Lion King and the Spear Saint both wondered why it was Junior Sister Ziqin and not the Sword Demon. However, they had no time to think about it. The five-clawed and four-winged Yaksha had already reached their heads. One of them had a gun and the other appeared in the air with bare hands. After stopping a five-clawed and four-winged Yaksha, the battle instantly became intense.

The strength of the five-clawed and four-winged yaksha is at the ceiling level among the yakshas. A single strike can destroy the world. The Spear Saint and the Lion King are both the top masters among humans, but against The five-clawed and four-winged yaksha must also concentrate on it and not dare to be careless in the slightest.

When the two of them were fighting the five-clawed and four-winged Yaksha, Liu Wei’an and Junior Sister Ziqin also launched their attacks, both of which were ‘Yuxu Mysteries’. Junior Sister Ziqin’s was a torrent of sword intent, like a bursting river. , plummeting thousands of miles, Liu Wei’an used the Great Judgment Fist, the thunder light shone, and the power of heaven descended.


A deafening loud noise resounded across the ground. Everyone looked up in shock. They saw that the five-clawed and four-winged yaksha suddenly turned transparent. Even the bones could be seen clearly. The five-clawed and four-winged yaksha had not been exposed to x-rays. , otherwise he would know what he looked like now. In the next moment, all the light disappeared. Between the bright and dim light, the five-clawed and four-winged yaksha exploded, and the minced meat shot out in all directions. Hundreds of five-clawed yakshas were getting closer. It instantly became a sieve.

Almost at the same time, another five-clawed and four-winged Yaksha was pierced by the endless sword intent. It was riddled with holes and its life was extinct. The body fell from the sky. Liu Wei’an moved his figure, wrapped his arms around him, and hugged him. Junior sister Ziqin fainted.

Her personal strength was still a bit low. Although she had broken through, she was still very reluctant to deal with the five-clawed and four-winged yaksha. In order to achieve the effect of killing with one hit, she used all her strength and successfully killed the five-clawed and four-winged yaksha. But I also fainted because of my overdraft.

In an instant, two five-clawed and four-winged yakshas died. Since the beginning of the war, there has never been such a success. This scene deeply shocked everyone, whether they knew Liu Wei’an or not. This scene For a moment, the faces looking at him changed. The faces of the Spear Saint and the Lion King in the battle also changed. The two were close to each other, and they could best feel the terrifying destructive power of the Great Judgment Fist. The **** blocked the killing god, and the Buddha Block and kill the Buddha and suppress everything in the world.

The two of them looked at each other and saw the disbelief in each other’s eyes. They were still thinking about sanctioning Liu Wei’an, but they found that his strength was not something that the two of them could compete with. The so-called sanctions were a joke. Liu Wei’an restrained himself from taking action on the spot to save face for them.

Neither of them spoke, their hearts were in turmoil. They had both seen Liu Wei’an before, and it was clear that he was not so powerful before. Did Liu Wei’an have reservations before? Or did he have a breakthrough in this short period of time? No matter which possibility it is, it is a shocking thing.

Compared with the two people’s incomprehension of Liu Wei’an, the girl Xiaoxiao in the distance felt much stronger, and the fighting spirit in her eyes was obviously weaker. She thought that after unlocking the power in her body, she could suppress Liu Wei’an. He was in danger, but after seeing Liu Wei’an’s punch, he realized that there seemed to be… a distance between him and Liu Wei’an.

“How did he do it?” Si Yuansui’s eyes were bright, and veins appeared on the hand holding the weapon. As a young master, he believed that he was the one who stood out from the crowd, not only because he was always first-rate. His family background is also because he is the proud son of the emperor. From childhood to adulthood, he has had a smooth journey and has the full support of his family. He never needs to worry about resources such as skills and elixirs. Things that others need to rely on adventure to obtain, with him, It is a basic operation.

He has eaten two of these heavenly and earthly treasures like Zhu Guo. Is there anyone in the world who can be as luxurious as him? This was the source of his confidence. Find Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan.com. However, Liu Wei’an’s punch shattered all the auras hovering on his forehead. For a moment, he felt like a clown.

“She is Ziqin?! Did that young man use Yuxu Mysticism?” Among the Xiaoxiao girl’s team, there were several old men who stared at Liu Wei’an and Ziqin without blinking. If Ziqin Junior Sister Qin looked over and could definitely recognize them. They were the elders of the Yuxu Sect, three senior uncles and two senior uncles. Her master was not among them, and he did not know where he had gone.

“It must be Ziqin, but how can her Yuxu Mystery be so powerful? It seems…even more powerful than the master’s junior brother’s!” The oldest old man looked puzzled.

“Why did that young man also use the ‘Yuxu Mysticism’? Did Ziqin teach him? Doesn’t Ziqin know that this is against dogma?” The Yuxu sect is not monolithic. The uncle who spoke and The relationship between Ziqin and his master was not very harmonious.

“Impossible. Even the master brother can’t teach the ‘Yuxu Secret’. How can Ziqin do it? Even if we can’t understand it, it’s impossible for outsiders to learn the ‘Yuxu Secret’.” Another uncle immediately retorted. , the tone is affirmative.

“Do you dare to say that there is no trace of the ‘Yuxu Mystery’ in this person’s boxing skills?”

The other uncle stopped talking. Although they were far apart, they were all the pillars of the Yuxu Sect. They knew the ‘Yuxu Mysteries’ better than anyone else. They could see the meaning contained in Liu Wei’an’s boxing technique at a glance. The power has a strong aura of “Yu Xu Mystery”. Although it is different from what they understand, it is definitely “Yu Xu Mystery”. This is unmistakable.

However, how can outsiders learn the ‘Profound Truth of Yuxu’? Several elders of the Yuxu Sect could not understand this.

“Mighty, Liu Wei’an, so handsome!” Taishi Chugong was probably the only excited person present, shouting like no one else.

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