Rise From Doomsday Chapter 1894: 、Entry


Yuan Xiaoyuan was born in the “Palace of Divine Swords” and possesses many unique skills. When he returned to “Dragon Bird City”, it only took two days for his injuries to be fully recovered. Apart from his complexion, he still looked a little… Very pale and unable to move.

Jian Er, Yan Qishuang, and Kong Buming returned one after another and achieved great results. After this sorting out, as long as no changes occur deep in the forest, there will be no major problems in the major cities under Liu Wei’an. .

The current wave of Warcraft is not a disaster for the Ping An Army, but a resource. It is a resource delivered to the door. Power seeds and meat sacs are treasures, except for a few such as dead wood knot insects, iron needle dry mosquitoes, and three-eyed cockroaches. In addition to several kinds of monsters, the more the better, the other monsters are all meat!

Hearing that Liu Wei’an was going to send Feng Yiqing back to the Feng family, Yuan Xiaoyuan volunteered to go with him and see more. The Shen Dao Palace also had a relationship with the Feng family. There were several disciples of the Feng family in the Shen Dao Palace. Learn art.

The Feng family is in the Central Plains, and the journey is far away. Under the strong suggestions of Tang Dingdong and Yang Yu’er, Liu Wei’an brought Nie Pohu, Hunjiang Niu, Luo Tuo Xiangzi, and then Yuan Xiaoyuan, plus Feng Yiqing , Fu Jianhu, a group of seven people passed through Baili Pass and entered the pass.

“It seems to be warmer.” Nie Pohu said.

“There is a Hengduan Mountain Range in the north of the Central Plains, which blocks the cold air from the north. The temperature in the Central Plains is higher than the temperature in the frontier wilderness.” Luo Tuo Xiangzi spent time in the Central Plains when he was young. He did not return to the Central Plains for many years. In his eyes, With memories and nostalgia in mind.

“No wonder, the weeds on the roadside look softer.” Hunjiang Niu had never been out of the borderland in his life, and he was very excited. He rode the Taoyunqing Niu, and ran ahead to explore the road for a while, and then ran back again. Talking to Nie Pohu makes you feel like you haven’t grown up yet.

Perhaps due to the influence of Baili Longlong, the Ping An Army has a special liking for the Cloud-Taking Blue Bull. As long as they see half of it, they are reluctant to kill it. They have to find a way to tame it. Before, they tamed the Cloud-Taking Blue Bull. It is extremely difficult. After all, it is a fifth-level monster. However, with the improvement of the strength of the Ping An Army, especially after the addition of super masters such as Jian Er and Yan Qishuang, the taming speed has accelerated. So far, the number of tamed Cloud-Stepping Blue Bulls has been There are more than 100. Compared with the huge Ping An Army, this number is still too small, but if it is only used by high-level officials, it is barely enough.

Feng Yiqing and Fu Jianhu were sitting in the carriage. They were girls and it was not good for them to appear in public.

After entering the customs, Liu Wei’an realized how remote the border wilderness was. He drove for three days and three nights before he saw an unknown town. It was not suitable to be called a town because it was too small. It is said that the village is too small, with only fifty or sixty households, but it has all kinds of inns, restaurants, shops, etc.

“This place was a town that spontaneously formed when business travelers rested. Because it was the last town to leave the customs, everyone called it Guan Town. There are very few people on weekdays, and it only becomes lively when business travelers pass by.” Luotuo Xiangzi road.

“When I passed by last time, I met several caravans with a lot of people.” Yuan Xiaoyuan interjected.

“Why didn’t I see any business travelers entering the customs?” Liu Wei’an was surprised.

“The town is actually at the center of a three-way intersection. Three roads lead to the Central Plains, and the other two lead to the two border wildernesses, the third wilderness and the fourth wilderness. The wilderness you are in, we It’s called the Third Wilderness, because it’s right next to the crack in the seal and has the largest number of monsters. It’s so dangerous that all the businessmen have diverted to the Fourth Wilderness,” Yuan Xiaoyuan said.

“You won’t be able to do business at first glance.” Hunjiang Niu snorted.

“How do you say it?” Yuan Xiaoyuan asked.

“Haven’t you heard? The bigger the storm, the more expensive the fish.” Hunjiang Niu said.

“It seems to make sense.” Yuan Xiaoyuan tilted his head and thought for a while, agreeing with Hunjiang Niu’s statement, otherwise, their brothers would not have come to the Third Wilderness.

“Businessmen seek stability when doing business and cannot take risks. Most of the risky businesses are one-time deals and will not last long. Did you see horse bandits along the way?” Luotuo Xiangzi said slowly and authentically. ,

“I didn’t see it. Is there anything wrong?” Yuan Xiaoyuan asked.

“Ask him, where do the horse bandits like to rob?” Luotuo Xiangzi pointed to the Hunjiang cattle.

“Of course it’s a place that caravans often pass by.” Hunjiang Niu grinned. He hadn’t robbed for a long time and missed his old life.

“In the past, there were many horse bandits on this road.” Luo Tuo Xiangzi said.

“They are lucky, otherwise, I will let them know what it means to be the ancestor of the Mountain King.” Hunjiang Niu hummed a few words, following Liu Wei’an’s days, he was invincible, and he would no longer take the horse bandits into his eyes. .

As they talked, they arrived at the only inn in the town. The inn has two floors, big or small. There are seventeen or eight tables on the first floor. The second floor is similar, with a wooden structure. Liu Wei’an and others went up to the second floor and stepped on the stairs, which made a creaking sound, making people worry whether the stairs would suddenly break.

There are no guests on the first floor, but there is only one table of guests on the second floor. They are a couple. The man has a sallow complexion, is ill, and coughs from time to time. The woman is average-looking, with dark skin, but she is in good shape and slim. Plump, if you don’t look at the front and only look at the back, it will definitely seduce many people.

“If you open an inn in this place, you will starve to death.” Hunjiang Niu said, at noon, there were only two tables of guests, and the couple only ordered two dishes. How can they make money?

After ordering, Hunjiang Niu immediately put away what he had said.

“Sir, the total is 380 gold coins. Who will pay the bill?” The waiter is thin but has a sharp mouth and speaks very fast, but it is not difficult to hear.

“Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? We only ordered 8 dishes, and the ingredients are only first-level monsters.” Nie Pohu stared at the waiter, suspecting that he was cheating money.

“Sir, my calculation is absolutely correct. Guan Town is located in a remote area and the ingredients are scarce, so the price is a little more expensive.” The waiter explained.

“You are not expensive at all. Also, don’t you pay after you are full? What do you mean by paying now? Are you afraid that we can’t afford the money?” Hunjiang Niu said with a loud voice. , giving people the feeling of a quarrel, the couple glanced at each other, saw the fierce look of Hunjiang Niu, and hurriedly lowered their heads to eat.

“I’m sorry, sir, this is the rule of the small shop. All customers must pay first and then serve their food.” The waiter has obviously seen this kind of customer before, and he is very skilled in dealing with it, with a smile on his face. The smile was always maintained.

“Dogs look down on people, are you–” Hunjiang Newton was furious, stood up suddenly, and was about to get angry, Liu Wei’an glanced at him, and immediately felt like a mouse meeting a cat, and his neck He shrunk, sat down, and hummed, “I just want you to see, sir, I’m not short of money.”

Took out three small bags, counted 20 gold coins from one of the small bags, and then threw them to the waiter. The bags were specially sorted and each bag was worth 100 gold coins.

There are no banknotes in Bianhuang. Although there are space equipment, it is still a little inconvenient to pay certain amounts.

“Please wait a moment, distinguished guests. The food will be served soon.” The waiter nodded and bowed. From the beginning to the end, there was no fear or uneasiness on his face.

A huge team was approaching Guan Town from a distance. Soon, the team was in front of them. Strong men were escorting ragged slaves. The big men were riding horses. The slaves were barefoot, but they had to He followed the horse’s footsteps at a trot, and fell behind slightly when the whip came down.


There is a **** mark on the slave’s body. The force of the whip is so strong that the slave staggers. The slave grits his teeth and does not dare to make a sound. The slave knows that these big men have twisted minds. The more you scream, The happier he was, the more he would continue to whip. A weak slave screamed and was beaten to death because he couldn’t help but scream.

“This is a slave trader, specializing in selling slaves.” The waiter who brought the dishes explained when Liu Wei’an and others were curious.

“Do slave traders come here often?” Liu Wei’an asked.

“There used to be a lot of people. Since the Cao Gang appeared, others have not dared to come here.” The waiter said.

“Where are slaves usually sent?” Liu Wei’an asked again.

“In the past, I would give it away to both the third and fourth famines, but now I only give it to the fourth famine,” the waiter said.

“Why?” Liu Wei’an was surprised.

“I’m not sure. It seems that minerals were discovered in the Fourth Wilderness and a lot of slaves were needed.” The waiter was not sure.

After the waiter delivered the dishes, he hurried downstairs. When Cao Gang came, it was a big deal and the whole inn had to be busy.

“I did a rough count and found that the number of slaves is around 22,800.” Nie Pohu said.

“Do you know this Cao Gang?” Liu Wei’an looked at Luo Tuo Xiangzi.

“Never heard of it.” Luotuo Xiangzi shook his head.

“I think I heard my senior brother mention that the leader of the Cao Clan is from Shitou Ridge.” Yuan Xiaoyuan interjected.

“Shitou Ridge?” Fu Jianhu frowned~Soverse.com~I heard my grandfather say that Shitou Ridge is scary. ”

“Shitou Ridge is a forbidden area.” Feng Yiqing said rarely.

“What is a forbidden area?” Hunjiang Niu looked surprised.

“The forbidden land of the human race, the place where the human race cannot set foot.” Feng Yiqing said.

“Is there such a place?” Hunjiang Niu was greatly surprised, “Is it amazing?”

“There really is such a place. My master said that there are several places that he dare not go to.” Yuan Xiaoyuan said.

As several people were talking, the Cao Gang had arrived at the inn. The slaves had their hands tied and their feet shackled. They were left outside like this. Except for some big men who were guarding them, the others entered the inn. Suddenly, there was a sudden rush downstairs. As the atmosphere became lively, footsteps came from the stairs, and a dozen burly men went up to the second floor. They should be the top brass of the Cao Gang.

The leader had a black beard on his face and a leopard head with eyes. His glance gave people a burning feeling. His eyes paused for a moment on Liu Wei’an and walked to an empty table. Sit down.

“Servant, let’s serve a few jugs of good wine and some appetizers, and then we’ll have a tooth ceremony. We’ll run all the way with birds in our mouths.” The one-eyed dragon who followed the leader shouted at the top of his lungs.

The sound of hoofbeats sounded from a distance. The first sound was just faint. In an instant, thunder exploded. A team of seven or eight people appeared in front of them. Everyone upstairs was surprised. It was so fast.


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