Reborn into Young Master Huo’s Little Fairy Chapter 2: return to high school


Huo Hannian! ! !

Wen Ruan grabbed the man’s hand tightly, her nails were so strong that they seemed to dig deep into his skin, she burst into tears, her throat seemed to be burnt, astringent and hoarse—

“Huo Hannian, don’t die for me, it’s not worth it!”

The hand that was tightly grasped by her suddenly pulled back, and a cold voice came from her ear, “I’m sick.”

Wen Ruan abruptly opened her eyes, her long, slender and curled eyelashes trembled, and tears fell uncontrollably from the corners of her eyes.

A trace of confusion flashed through her eyes as clear as a deer, and she turned her head slowly. The teenager sitting next to her had already got up and walked outside the classroom, leaving only a tall, thin, cold and arrogant figure.

It wasn’t until the young man disappeared that Wen Ruan slowly retracted his gaze.

As if thinking of something, the deer’s eyes filled with water mist widen slightly, full of shock and absurdity!

“Sister Ruan, what did you just dream about? Why are you still holding your nemesis’s hand and saying that he didn’t deserve to die for you?” The boy in the front row with fluffy hair and a loose T-shirt looked back at Wen Ruan and saw her Her eyes were flushed, her lips were trembling, she was startled by her appearance, “Sister Ruan, are you alright, won’t you be possessed by ghosts?”

Wen Ruan blinked and said hesitantly, “Da Chuan?”

“Sister Ruan, you’re really not right, don’t scare me!”

The golden sun shines into the classroom through the glass window, and the boy with a pimple on his face is looking at himself——

Everything in front of her, familiar and unfamiliar, is her memory many years ago.

Wen Ruan pinched herself under the table. Seeing the pain hit, she blinked, crying and laughing, “It’s not a dream!”

She is back in 2016, September 20.

This year, she was eighteen years old and in her third year of high school.

Wen Ruan stood up from the chair, looked down at her fair and slender legs, and touched her intact face. After confirming that it was not a dream, the blood in her body returned.

Her heart suddenly beat violently.

“Sister Ruan, you must have gone out to smoke at the same table, Wen Yin has gone to call the dean! This time you will definitely be able to kick him out of class ten!”

Wen Ruan was shocked when she heard Shen Chuan’s words.

This scene is so familiar…

Huo Hannian was transferred to Isa Noble Academy as a transfer student this semester. When he came, he caused a sensation in the whole school.

With a stunning face and a gloomy and cold temperament, the school grass directly changed from Huo Jingxiu to Huo Hannian.

And Wen Ruan, from the first year of high school, has been Huo Jingxiu’s brainless admirer!

Whoever dares to steal Huo Jingxiu’s honor, she will find someone desperately!

At this time, the Wen family was still a well-known big family in Yuncheng, and she was a little Jiaojiao held in the palm of Mrs. Wen’s hand, so that she was arrogant and domineering, and she was the famous little witch of Isa College.

Since Huo Hannian entered Class 10, she had threatened to drive him out, and let him know the fate of taking away Huo Jingxiu’s honor!

Before the dean caught him smoking today, she had done a lot of hateful and stupid things to him!

“Sister Ruan, don’t worry, the dean hates the student who smokes the most, if he catches Huo Hannian——”

“Shut up!” Wen Ruan kicked away the chair, opened her slender legs, and ran out of the classroom.

Although I don’t know what the promise Huo Hannian made in his previous life when he died, he avenged her, collected the corpse, and went to Huangquan together. For these three points alone, she already owed her He is many!

It was also reported in the news that he suffered from severe depression, she must help him, find the source of his illness, and rescue him from the abyss!



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