Reborn into Young Master Huo’s Little Fairy Chapter 1: The nemesis gave her life



Wen Ruan died at the age of twenty-two.


She was disfigured, her legs were broken, and she was imprisoned in the basement for a year.


I was abused and tortured every day, and when I died, I was bony and beyond recognition.


She was thrown into the barren mountains, where she would not rest until someone found her day and night.


A man in a black coat walked like a shooting star from the dark and gloomy jungle.


His face was hidden in the shadows of the night, Wen Ruan couldn’t see his appearance, but the aura emanating from him was unique and daunting.


He bowed, one slender leg bent down at the knee.


He knelt in front of the stinking corpse, his slender hands with distinct phalanges, stroking the face whose original appearance was no longer visible inch by inch.


Wen Ruan’s soul was close to the man, and his eyes slowly looked up from his bulging Adam’s apple.


It was a face so handsome that it was impossible to pick out any flaws, the features were deep and three-dimensional, and the outline was like a heavenly craftsmanship.


Wen Ruan looked at the man in disbelief.


Huo Hannian!


Her rival in high school!


Wen Ruan never imagined that he would come to collect her corpse!


In those days her ignorance had caused indelible damage to him, she thought, he hated her so much!


The man’s dark and deep narrow eyes stared at her gradually swollen and rotten face for a long time, and suddenly his long arms stretched out and hugged her horizontally.


He took her to an island where birds sing and flowers fragrant, which was Wen Ruan’s favorite vacation spot, Yunmeng Island.


I heard that it was later bought privately and is no longer open to the public.


Coming here again, there is no liveliness of the past. In front of a luxurious villa, there are lilies and sunflowers that she liked during her lifetime.


The tall and straight man walked straight into the villa with a corpse that she dared not even look at herself.


After hesitating for a moment, Wen Ruan followed.


A news is playing on the large LCD screen in the living room.


【On June 20, 2020, at 10:00 a.m., there was an explosion in St. Peter’s Church, and the bridegroom Huo Jingxiu and the bride Ye Wanwan were killed on the spot. After investigation, the police identified the suspect as the newly appointed member of the world’s richest Spone family. On the young master Huo Hannian…]


【It is rumored that the new young master suffers from severe depression, his temperament is ruthless and cruel, paranoid and irritable…]


Hearing that Huo Jingxiu and Ye Wanwan were killed by the bomb, Wen Ruan was trembling all over, her fingertips digging into her palm, and the monstrous resentment accumulated in her chest, because of the excitement and joy of getting revenge for her great revenge, suddenly dissipated a lot !


The pair of dog men and women who ruined her family and tortured her to death finally got their retribution!


They’re long overdue!


Just, is it really Huo Hannian’s hand?


Wen Ruan heard movement from the basement, she walked towards the basement.


Huo Hannian took off his black coat and wore a neat black shirt with two loose collar buttons. He was bending over to change and comb her hair in the crystal coffin.


Due to the movement of bending over, the shirt on his back is tight, which outlines the lines of his stern, tall and straight body.


After graduating from high school, Wen Ruan never saw Huo Hannian again.


Looking at his slender and clean fingers, she slowly looked at her withered and knotted hair, her eyes turned red, and her lips trembled slightly, “Why didn’t you break me when I treated you like that? Thousands of corpses?”


The man couldn’t hear her.


After taking care of everything for her, he took out a blue porcelain vase and tilted his smooth, sharp jaw slightly.


Wen Yuan smelled that the porcelain bottle contained a highly poisonous poison. Her eyes showed panic and disbelief, “Huo Hannian, what are you doing?”


“What is there for me to deserve your revenge for me, and you want to go to Huangquan with me?”


“Huo Hannian, you are not allowed to drink, do you hear me?”


No matter how much she stops, screams, shouts, it doesn’t help!


The man drank the liquid in the porcelain bottle in one go, and his slender and tall body slowly lay down.


Narrow eyes that were as dark as the abyss looked at her, the big palms with sharp joints held her already rotten hand, the thin lips were close to her auricle, and the voice was low and hoarse, “Girl, I have fulfilled my promise. “


Fuck promises, when did she ever make a promise to him?


Looking at the blood slowly dripping from the corner of the man’s mouth, Wen Ruan’s mind seemed to have something to explode, her heart twisted together, she shouted like a trapped beast, “Huo Hannian!”


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