Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2555: A cold snap



Two hours later.


All the 100,000 Jagged Brothers fighters were assembled, and old Jones came to the stage to explain.


“The fighting method of the blood snake is to attack with venom. There are three moves. The first one is to spray a group of poisonous poison, which causes your soul to become stiff. Whether it is the release of magic power or physical movement, it will be delayed very slowly. , the restraint is to use the antidote I gave you before the battle…”


“The second attack method of the blood snake is the bone knife. The bone knife on the arm is very sharp. Don’t use your body to resist it. You must use armor of rank seven or above to block the bones of the monarch blood snake. Knife…”


“The third trick is blood explosion. Once they face the situation of death, they may self-destruct and contaminate your body with poisonous blood…”



Lu Yang watched Old Jones explain for a while and then left, leaving only a clone to continue listening. His body entered the Void Hall.




As soon as he entered the door, Lu Yang couldn’t help shivering from the cold air blowing in his face. He looked at the walls and ground of the Void Hall in surprise, and there was a thick layer of ice, and the ice fog even poured Filled the entire void hall.


At the very center of the thick fog, the lovely queen, Chu Xiao, was sitting cross-legged on the ground, her whole body frozen into a huge block of ice, and all the cold air was released from this ice block.


Malthus was hiding, and when he saw Lu Yang coming, he flew over and said, “This girl is not low-caliber. I thought she would need 60 years in the Void Palace to break through the demigods, but I didn’t expect that she was only 30 years old. In 2018, it has reached the critical point of breakthrough, and can be promoted to demigod at any time.”


Lu Yang was a little surprised and said, “Is the talent special?”


The Blazing Demon God said in his consciousness: “No, this girl chose to fuse with the ice spirit and became an elemental body, which can break through in a short period of time, but there is a price, and the highest achievement in her life is the A lower god.”


Lu Yang sighed. Each of these brothers in his family is making sacrifices for others. Obviously, Chu Xiao made such a choice because he was anxious to improve his strength.


He didn’t want these sacrifices to be worthless and asked, “Is there a way for her to have a demon body like me?”


The Blazing Demon God said: “The Ice Elf will not allow her to change the body of the Demon God, but there is something in the Extreme Cold Palace that can make her Ice Elf advance to a high-level Ice Elf, but the Extreme Cold Palace is above the Extreme Cold Star. , it will not be possible in the short term.”


“Just go when you have the chance.” Lu Yang said firmly.




Cracks suddenly appeared in the ice on Chu Xiao’s body, and then the cracks became bigger and bigger, and finally became a spider web-like crack. The pure white Chu Xiao jumped in front of Lu Yang and said excitedly, “Boss, I’ve turned white, it’s natural white, and I don’t have to worry about getting tanned anymore.”


Lu Yang rolled his eyes speechlessly, rubbed her hair, and said, “Well done, come back with me, we’re going to prepare for the attack.”


“Well.” Chu Xiao doesn’t seem to care about his promotion to a demigod at all. Perhaps for girls, whiteness is their lifelong pursuit!


The light flickers.


Lu Yang led Chu Xiao back to the forest, took out two tenth-order ice magic crystals from his backpack and handed them over to Chu Xiao and said, “This is what we grabbed while we were on the road, let’s grab it. Study how to get a cold snap out.”


If the 10th-order ice magic energy crystal is used to create a blizzard, there will be a lot of magical aura inside. Once this blizzard falls in Gui City, the blood snake will definitely know that someone is attacking.


With the 100,000-strong family of the Jagged Brotherhood, the strength is still at the lord level to the monarch level. It is impossible to win against the onslaught of the army of millions of blood snakes, and it is even possible that the entire army will be wiped out.


One more thing, if it is a strong blizzard that falls on Gui City, the Blood Spirit Snake Emperor may relocate to other places with all his clansmen, and the blizzard will be meaningless, especially if it is a few hundred kilometers south to Beihai, If he crosses the sea again, he will reach Hainan Island. Therefore, the best way for Lu Yang to create this big blizzard is to activate the world’s magic crystals in this blizzard area, and then use the Siberian cold current to blow it to Gui City.


It stands to reason that this method does not work, because the Siberian cold current gradually weakens after passing through the mountains along the way, so the temperature in Gui City rarely drops to zero in winter in previous years, but there are two tenth-order ice demons. Nengjing, as well as the air legion of the Jagged Brotherhood, as well as 3,000 monarch-level ice-type mages and Chu Xiao, an ice-type demigod, plus various air units, there is a way to achieve it.


The Blazing Demon God said: “You want to lock the cold current with the ice magic crystal, and then use the wind magician to blow the cold current to a higher height to prevent the blocking of the mountains, and then float to Gui City, right? .”


Lu Yang nodded and said, “That’s right. This is the best way I can think of to minimize battle losses.”


If you just use the three thousand ice mages and Chu Xiao to make a big snowstorm outside Gui City, there is still a danger of being discovered. If you use this method, it is the safest.


Chu smiled and said: “My ice elf told me that he is capable of implementing this method, but the speed will be much slower. If it passes through with a large cold current, it may take half a Enough Use it, we will start preparing now.” Lu Yang led Chu Xiao to an open area and found two tenth-order magic crystals on the ground.


The ice elf and Malthus helped Chu Xiao draw a tenth-order ice formation. This is the simplest formation, because it is not difficult to simply lower the temperature.


It just so happens that today is the outbreak of the cold wave. A large swath of cold currents in the sky passed by. When the tenth-order ice formation was activated, the cold current of hundreds of kilometers in a radius was controlled, and it slowly climbed to a higher level. In the sky, and the ice aura in the tenth-order magic energy crystal quickly filled the cold current.


For half a month, Lu Yang and Chu Xiao did not know how much cold current they absorbed, but the temperature of the cold current in the sky had dropped to about minus 150 degrees.


Lu Yang felt that it was almost the same. He ordered Chu Xiao to fly into the air and control the cold current to fly to the south. He returned to the forest, opened Bandarsburg, and let the 100,000 brothers walk in quickly. After entering, he also flew into the air, and followed Chu Xiao to the Gui city area.


Under normal circumstances, a cold current from Siberia will first reach the Xiaoxing’an Mountains, then be blocked by the Yanshan Mountains all the way to the south, then encounter the Taihang Mountains, and then pass through the Dabie Mountains to the Nanling Mountains.


During the period, there will be warm currents constantly approaching, but Lu Yang used the strength of the lower **** of fire to burn all the warm currents into water vapor in advance, and only the cold wind slammed into the cold current, although it will increase the cold current. temperature, but the increase is limited.


Because Lu Yang and Chu Xiao had raised the height of the cold current before, and Chu Xiao could avoid the peaks of these mountains, so after half a month, after several cold currents arrived in Gui City, Chu Xiao The cold snap brought by the smile has also arrived.


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