Quick Transmigration: After Villain Reaches Full Level Chapter 728: The day of the ruins (1)


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“Ho Ho Ho…”

Hua Wu opened her eyes and was face to face with a scorched body that could barely be seen to be a human figure.

A disgusting stench lingers in the tip of the nose.

A scorched black arm stretched in from the gap in the iron door, and a hand that had exposed bones grabbed her clothes in the void, and the other party was trying to drag her out.


What the **** is this!

Why did she have to face such a disgusting thing as soon as she opened her eyes!

Hua Wu silently closed her eyes, unwilling to face it.

“Ho ho!!”

“Ho **** ho **** ho…”

The thing holding Hua Wu is still exerting force, she already feels that she is moving, if this continues, she will be pulled over.

Even through the iron gate, if it scratches it, it will be enough.

Hua Wu was forced to open her eyes and face the reality.

There is a wall behind her, and there is almost no room for movement. It seems that the door is pressed against the wall, and she is in the small space between the iron door and the wall.

Hua Wu groped around, but there was nothing except a fist-sized stone.


Hua Wu stroked the broken hair on his forehead with his still moving hands.

As a heroine, nothing can stop me!

“Stop pulling!” Hua Wu yelled at the other party angrily.

However, when the other party heard the voice, she became more and more excited, and the other hand wanted to reach in and grab her.

Hua Wu managed to suppress a smile, adjusted her posture, and kicked over.


The iron gate fell to the ground.

The scorched creature was also held down by the iron gate.

Hua Wu got up and stepped on it directly to prevent the opponent from getting up again.

The other party couldn’t feel any pain, and stubbornly stretched out his hand from the gap in the iron door.

Hua Wu was about to step on the opponent’s hand when she heard a ‘ho ho’ sound from behind.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw countless scorched creatures running crookedly out of the factory building behind, heading straight for her.


Hua Wu cursed and jumped down the iron gate, and ran outside.

This script is about ten years after the apocalypse, the heroine accidentally obtains a system, which starts the story of farming in the apocalypse.

The reborn female supporting role, Ding Xiangxue, felt that she should be the protagonist.

So she tried to **** the heroine’s system, but after finding that she couldn’t **** it, she planned to kill the heroine.

It’s probably the kind of mentality that others can’t get what she can’t get.

The heroine’s system is also a scam, it can’t provide her with force value, it’s just a simple farming system.

No…not pure.

It’s a scam.

If it is not completed within the time it stipulates, the host will also be punished.

The heroine is weak in the early stage, unable to complete many tasks, and is often tossed by the system.

Obviously not all the mothers of the heroines are real mothers, and they may also be stepmothers who specialize in torturing the heroine.

So the heroine faced a rebirth once, and Ding Xiangxue, who knew the following plot, was quickly punished miserably.

After the death of the heroine, Ding Xiangxue turned the whole world into a mess by relying on the various news she learned in advance.

The major bases that had been peacefully coexisting once again set off a war.

Ding Xiangxue’s ambitions are very lofty, and she feels that even if she doesn’t rely on the heroine’s system, she can still become a savior like the heroine in her previous life.

[1. Solve the Reborn Lilac Snow]

【2. Complete the pure land of the heroine’s obsession】

Huawu: “…”

Very well, this group of heroines has started to take an inexplicable route instead of going too far.

Hua Wu is now in a small broken house.

She managed to get rid of the enthusiastic crowd behind her just now, and found such a house with intact doors and windows.

The furniture in the room was turned over in a mess, and the ground was mottled with dark brown marks.

There is still a white bone in the corner, and unknown weeds grow on it, desolate and desolate.

It is the tenth year of the last days.

Ten years ago, two suns suddenly appeared in the sky, and an unknown virus began to spread.

People turned into bloodthirsty monsters.

They bite all living things around them.

Once you are scratched or bitten by them, you will become like them, a zombie like a walking dead.

In just a few days, the whole world fell.

The surviving people hope that there will be a vaccine to save the world.

But they didn’t get anything.

Gradually, the survivors established a base, and they began to survive in this gradually desolate world.

The original host was Ye Fu, a very ordinary girl.

When the end came, she separated from her parents and never saw her parents again.

She managed to survive until she was eighteen in a small base.

However, just when she was about to continue living, the small base was destroyed by zombies.

She and a few lucky ones run out, looking for supplies and a new base that will receive them.

On the way, the original owner obtained the system in a dangerous situation.

The system cannot provide her with any help, it will only make trouble and force her to farm.

She is running for her life, so she has no time to farm.

It is conceivable how difficult the heroine’s life was during that time.

The time of Ding Xiangxue’s rebirth happened to be shortly after the heroine obtained the system.

Ding Xiangxue approached the original owner on the way, planning to **** it.

But after repeated testing, Ding Xiangxue was sure that the system could not be robbed.

So she started planning to kill the original owner.

In the previous few times, the heroine’s aura was still in effect, and she escaped with great luck.

But now she is here alone…

Because Ding Xiangxue ran away with others, she was left here alone.

The factory she was in just now was full of zombies.

The zombies were scorched black all over, and the factory building also showed signs of being burned. Someone should have burned them with fire.

It’s a pity that those fires didn’t kill them.

Although the heroine ran out in the end, she was unfortunately scratched by the zombies.

The virus ten years later is not as powerful as it was ten years ago, and it will not turn into a zombie in a few hours.

The incubation period of the virus has become much longer.

Some scratches can take as long as half a year to change.

After the heroine was scratched, although she didn’t turn into a zombie, her health was getting worse day by day, and she had no time to complete the system’s tasks.

Not only to be tortured by viruses, but also by bad systems.

Until she met Ding Xiangxue again and died tragically.


Hua Wu looked at the dilapidated house~IndoMTL.com~ and looked at the poor corpse in the corner for a moment.

Beside the bones is an old cabinet with a mirror inlaid on it.

Hua Wu went over and wiped the mirror, and looked at the people in the mirror first.

The dirty person in the mirror looks like a tomboy crawling out of a garbage dump, with extremely short hair.

Wearing ill-fitting clothes with several patches.

Hua Wu touched her dirty face, and finally couldn’t stand it anymore, turned her head and left.

In the base where the original owner lives, there are very few women, so she can only be safe by dressing like this.

Hua Wu checked her body again to make sure she was not scratched, so she breathed a sigh of relief.


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