Quick Transmigration: After Villain Reaches Full Level Chapter 727: The villain’s little wife is not quite right (end)


Latest URL: After dinner, Hua Wu and Su Xuan went out, and happened to witness the scene of Li Enning crying and chasing Yin Bei in the corridor.

Hua Wu raised her eyebrows, it seems that today’s meal was not very happy.

Li Enning’s life was unsatisfactory, Huawu felt very happy, so she didn’t care about Su Xuan’s decision to take her to the company to work overtime.

But for Su Xuan’s way of working overtime…

Isn’t it appropriate to add it to her?

Obviously her opinion at this time is not important, Su Xuan will not listen at all.

Another month.

Hua Wu learned from other people that Li Enning was kicked out by the Yin family.

Yin Bei didn’t speak for Li Enning this time. It is said that Yin Bei and Li Enning turned over old disputes. In short, the two had a big fight.

Yin Bei was already having a headache because of a lot of things in the company, and Li Enning was still making noise at the side, how could he have the patience to coax her.

Adding that Mrs. Yin was helping the flames, Yin Bei felt that Li Enning was making trouble for no reason.

“I heard that it was Miss Li who touched Mrs. Yin… Mrs. Yin almost…”

Shen Wu made a disappointed expression.

“Unfortunately, I was bumped into by Yin Bei.”

“Although Mrs. Yin has a bad reputation in the circle, Yin Bei is very filial to her. Seeing his mother being bullied by Li Enning with his own eyes, how can he bear it.”

Shen Wu talked about that scene as if he was there.

Hua Wu doesn’t know if Shen Wu has added fuel to the picture, but Li Enning’s expulsion must have touched Yin Bei’s bottom line.

It seems that Mrs. Yin is doing very well.

“Li Enning didn’t continue to make trouble?”

Shen Wu spread his hands: “What’s the use of making trouble, Yin Bei has been so busy recently that he has no time to see her.”

Hua Wu was thoughtful, and felt that it was necessary to arrange a Plan A.

After Li Enning came out of Yin’s house, he looked for Yin Bei many times.

But she didn’t even meet Yin Bei.

She didn’t even have a chance to defend herself.

Li Enning haggarded a lot during this time, she lost a lot of weight, and her eye sockets were black and blue.

She couldn’t see Yin Bei, she was in a bad mood, and drank a few glasses of wine at the bar.

It was already late when I came out of the bar, and there were no pedestrians on the street.

The cold wind was bleak, Li Enning wrapped his clothes tightly and walked forward.

The place where Li Enning lives is not far from here, she plans to walk back directly.

It may be the effect of alcohol, Li Enning feels that his body is not in control, his feet are fluttering, and he has to stop for a while after walking.

I walked for a while, but didn’t go far.

At this moment, Li Enning suddenly heard strange footsteps behind him.

She didn’t pay attention at first.

But the footsteps are always there, she is fast, the footsteps are fast, she is slow, the footsteps are also slow.

When the biting cold wind blew, Li Enning’s drowsy mind suddenly cleared up a lot.

Someone is following you?

So late… could it be outlaws?

Li Enning’s heart beat faster, she looked back frequently, but only saw a lonely street light, and nothing else.

Li Enning shook her head, she drank too much and had hallucinations?


Not an illusion.

She did hear footsteps.

The uneasiness in his heart urged Li Enning to leave quickly, go home, it would be safe to go back.

She couldn’t help speeding up, and finally ran.

Under the dim street lights, only her shadow was moving rapidly.

At this moment, Li Enning stopped.

She looked at the road ahead, and the street lights over there were not turned on for some reason, and it was dark at this moment.

“Papa papa…”

Footsteps are heard from behind.

Every sound is like stepping on Li Enning’s chest.

The sound was getting closer and closer, Li Enning gritted her teeth and ran over there quickly until the darkness swallowed her up.

“Where did you go?”

As soon as Hua Wu entered the door, she was taken aback by Su Xuan who was blocking the door.

“Go out for a stroll.” Hua Wu looked normal, “What are you doing standing here? Didn’t you say you won’t be back today?”

Su Xuan raised her wrist and asked her to check the time, “It’s so late, strolling?”

If he hadn’t come back, he wouldn’t know she wasn’t at home.

Where did you go in the middle of the night?

Hua Wu said haha, “The moonlight is just right.”

Su Xuan looked out the window.

In the cloudy sky, not to mention the moonlight, not a single star can be seen.

Huawu: “…”

Su Xuan: “…”

Hua Wu coughed lightly, buried her head and walked inside, Su Xuan grabbed her back, pressed her against the wall next to her and kissed her.

Hua Wu didn’t want to say where she went, so Su Xuan didn’t ask further.

It’s just that Huawu paid a certain price.

The next day when Su Xuan got up, he found a little blood on Hua Wu’s sleeve. He silently looked at the sleeping person, and took out the clothes she wore yesterday.

When Huawu woke up, Su Xuan was no longer at home.

She looked around the bed, but couldn’t find any clothes. She thought Su Xuan had thrown the clothes into the washing machine, but after she finished washing, she found that there were no clothes in the washing machine.


He won’t have nowhere to get angry, and he will start with the clothes?

After that day, Hua Wu never saw her outfit again.

Afterwards, she reflected on it, and thought that something should have been stained on her clothes, and Su Xuan saw it.

But Su Xuan didn’t mention it, so Hua Wu tacitly didn’t ask.

Yin Bei failed to compete for several projects, and could only watch Su Xuan become more and more prosperous and the company grow bigger and bigger.

And the Mrs. Su next to him is even more enviable.

If he showed up with them now, he would be the one to be ridiculed.

When Yin Bei came back to his senses, he realized that he hadn’t heard from Li Enning for a long time.

Yin Bei asked casually, only to find out that Li Enning was hospitalized.

The reason is that she drank herself and fell herself. After freezing all night in the winter, her legs were directly necrotic, and she probably won’t be able to stand up in the future.

Yin Bei couldn’t bear to hear this.

He has already arrived at the hospital, ready to see Li Enning.

Before they entered, they heard Li Enning losing his temper inside.

Seeing Li Enning’s appearance through the glass, he suddenly lost the desire to go in, turned around and left.

After that, Yin Bei never heard from Li Enning again.

After all, the Yin family still has some background. Su Xuan and Yin Bei are fighting each other, and they will not be able to destroy the Yin family in a short time.

After that, Yin Bei adjusted his strategy ~IndoMTL.com~ no longer confronting Su Xuan head-on.

Yin Bei took the initiative to back down, and Hua Wu didn’t do anything to him.

As long as Su Xuan doesn’t suddenly drop his wisdom, Yin Bei can’t help him.

It may be that the heroine’s needs are a bit strange. Hua Wu waited for a long time before receiving the notification from Mie Meng, saying that all tasks have been completed.

The matter of her marriage to Su Xuan did not affect the task determination.

It seems that the freedom of the heroine should only be spiritual freedom.

In the next year, Hua Wu lived comfortably.

Except for the occasional unreasonableness of Su Xuan, the rest of the time is still very easy to talk, and did not cause her trouble.

On the day of leaving, Hua Wu still walked very gracefully.


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