Quick Transmigration: After Villain Reaches Full Level Chapter 2: After being forced to become a top streamer (2)


I figured out the background, but Hua Wu, who had no experience as a heroine, was a little lost at this time. What should I do next?

Didn’t the company say to give her a novice system?

She is an old employee, and of course she disdains any novice system guidance – she thinks it was sent by the company to monitor her, but she has no evidence.

Is it okay for this novice system to be late for work?

The current system is so arrogant?

Just as Huawu condemned the late novice system, a strange and cute electronic sound suddenly appeared in my mind.

[Hello little cute, I am your novice guide system, Miemeng. ]

Huawu, who only used the novice system when she first entered the industry: “?? Does the current system have a name?”

Her novice system at that time was still in the form of 00X.

[Yes, the Alliance is a very humane company. ]

“…Huh.” Hua Wu snorted coldly, letting him understand, “Why don’t you call Miemen?”

[The company said that it does not conform to the principle of civility and friendship. 】Miemeng’s voice is a little helpless.

“???” You really thought about it! This system is a bit wild! “Are you late for your first day at work?”

[…Cough, I went to load the manual, I was a little late. ]


Huawu feels that this system is not only a little wild, but also a little unreliable.

[You can rest assured, little cute, I will definitely make you the best heroine. 】Miemeng has already jumped into the next process, but his tone is very perfunctory, as if he is reciting lines, 【Let us go to the peak of glory together and become a legend. ]


“Let the legend go first, what should I do now?”

[Let me see…] Then there is no more, and there is no sound.


It is better to rely on yourself than to rely on others.

Hua Wu emptied her head, worried about her new career for a moment, and went to check the murderer with a gun.

Others: “…”

In that position, who can live! !

And what are you talking to yourself! !

They are panicking now.

After confirming that the murderer was out of breath, Hua Wu searched the murderer again.

Mr. Murderer, his pocket is as clean as a little white face, and he doesn’t even have a chocolate bar.

Hua Wu turned her head in disappointment to look at the group of men and women who were **** and their faces turned pale.


At the same time, everyone felt an unprecedented pressure, as if their familiar companion was possessed by the murderer.

I’ve never seen her perform so well when she’s acting! !

She was carrying the gun like a perverted killer, planning to send them on their way.

“Song… Song Mi… Would you like to let us go first?” A man trembled and said.

Hua Wu rubbed the muzzle against her chin, with an expression of sudden realization, “Oh, yes, I should save you.”


Or do you really plan to kill us? ! !

After the group of people were freed, they stood together in unison, isolating Hua Wu, still with a little vigilance and panic on their faces.

They don’t know what happened to Song Mi.

No one dared to speak, for fear of saying the wrong thing and irritating her, she explained it directly here.

Huawu doesn’t care either, the villain doesn’t need to form a gang… No, I seem to be the heroine now.

Well, the heroine only needs to be beautiful by herself.

“Song Mi, you… why don’t you put that down first, what do you do?” Finally, someone was pushed out as a representative, and he said tremblingly, “He has an accomplice, let’s call the police first…”

“From the old forest in the deep mountains, call the police? Do you need to call?” Hua Wu wanted to pin the gun to her waist, but found that the skirt she was wearing was quite exaggerated, so she had to carry it, “You might as well ask God to come faster.”


They were hijacked by murderers on the road.

The murderer drove the driver for a long time to get them here.

This is a foreign country, and they are not familiar with it.

So they have absolutely no idea where this is.

The mobile phone and other items on his body have long been thrown away.

The murderer’s body has been searched by Huawu just now, but there is nothing.

In the wild mountains and mountains, there is really no way to call the police.

“What if his companion comes back? We have to get out of here quickly, that person also has a gun!” Someone thought that there was another gangster, and they felt cold on the soles of their feet and sweat on their heads.


Although everyone desperately wants to get out of here.

But looking at the flower fog dangling around with the weapon, they didn’t dare to move.

For fear that they would move around, bullets without long eyes came.

Another person said: “We run out like this, what if we hit the gangster who came back?”

“Yes…” This gangster also has a companion!

“Then you will spend your time here.” Hua Wu stepped on Mr. Murderer as a footstool, tied her loose shoelaces and **** her messy hair under the terrified eyes of the crowd: “Maybe it can be given to Small animals for snacks.”

As if to confirm her words, in the roar of thunder, they vaguely heard the roar of some kind of beast.


Small and small animals shouldn’t be called that!

The people who were overly frightened suddenly gained strength.

“Then… what about Ah Jin?” Someone pointed at the companion who was out of breath on the ground, and asked with trembling lips.

Hua Wu has just determined that no one can be saved~IndoMTL.com~Stay here, wait for the police to collect…carry it back. Otherwise, you still want to carry the dead body on your way? Are you so physically fit? “

After speaking, Hua Wu seemed to be really curious about his physical strength and looked him up and down.

The man being looked at: “…” Why do you feel humiliated?

Huawu didn’t wait for them to decide, and walked directly to the door.


“She seems to be gone…”

“I don’t want to be here anymore.”


“Follow up.”

Several people supported each other and quickly followed Huawu.

The sky was thundering, and the dark clouds seemed to overwhelm the mountains in the distance.

The gloomy castle is like the old lich’s lair in some fantasy dramas.

They are the poor worms who have strayed into their nests.

“Song Mi, wait for us.”

“Song Mi…”

They didn’t dare to shout, they suppressed their voices and kept begging Hua Wu to try to make her slow down.

“Song Mi, how do we get out of here?” Someone caught up with Hua Wu.

“Go out.”

“Go… go out?” The man swallowed, how long did it take to go?

In addition to Song Mi, there are two other artists. The rest are either assistants or crew members.

These people are not physical athletes. Everyone was born in a peaceful era and was pampered.

With their little physical strength, can they walk to places where there are people on their feet?

They also have bad luck with this car.

Obviously they set out together, but something went wrong and stopped by the roadside to repair the car.

Just so right, two outlaws sprang out.

The desperadoes don’t rob money or cars, but directly rob people…

It’s bad luck to think about it.


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