Quick Transmigration: After Villain Reaches Full Level Chapter 1: After being forced to become the top stream (1)


Flower Mist is dead, but not completely dead.

She was forcibly recruited as an employee by an organization called ‘Time and Space Alliance Co., Ltd.’.

The mission of Space-Time Alliance Co., Ltd. is to maintain world peace.

There are countless small worlds in the universe.

Time and Space Alliance Co., Ltd. is responsible for maintaining the normal operation of these small worlds, eliminating any factors that are harmful to the small world, and preventing problems in the small world.

The company is divided into two main businesses: the real world and the virtual world.

The real world is well understood.

And virtual worlds do not mean that they do not exist, they are worlds constructed from novels, words, images, etc.

These worlds will gradually develop into new small worlds due to the will of the audience and fans.

The connection between the real world and the virtual world has become closer and closer, leading to the constant wearing of characters in the virtual world, the sudden awakening of self-consciousness, and rebirth.

Their mission is to get rid of these people and restore peace to the world.

And they, the company employees, can get paid – to live again in the real world, and to receive a lifetime pension.

It doesn’t matter if she lives or not, mainly because Hua Wu, who has been laid off for many years, feels that her life should bloom again, so she decides to challenge this new job.

As a result, Hua Wu, who was employed, was assigned by the company to the role-playing department of the villain in the virtual world in a perfunctory way of drawing lots.

She has done a good job in this department and achieved remarkable results. She is a man of influence in the villain world, an industry benchmark, and an industry leader.

Was selected as the best villain outstanding employee every year.

Who knows why the company suddenly went crazy, and without asking her the opinion of this excellent employee, she was directly transferred to the female lead department.

Before Hua Wu became troubled, the company told her that the female lead’s position was very good, and the pension was doubled. She could choose her retirement residence in any small world, and if she was tired of living, she could change to a small world.

It doesn’t matter if you double or not, the main thing is to have the courage to challenge new jobs and give you a variety of choices in life.

Where to work is not a part-time job, she is an excellent employee and doesn’t care about that.

So Hua Wu happily went to work and tried to select the best heroine.

The gray sky pressed against the mountains not far away, and it seemed that thousands of troops were galloping in the clouds.

From time to time, lightning strikes the mountains, and the deafening roar of the waves washes away.

Just below the mountains, stands an abandoned castle that looks old and covered with withered vines.

Lightning streaks across the sky, leaping from the window into the castle, illuminating the scene inside.

Seven or eight young men and women, tied with hands and feet.

Some were lying on the ground crying, while others were shivering with blood.

There was only fear and despair on those young faces.

In front of them, stood a burly man with scars on his face and arms, wearing a tight leather jacket, and the fierceness between his brows, in the gloomy light, even more frightening.

His facial features are three-dimensional, with a Western face.

And the men and women who were **** were all oriental faces.

At this time, the man looked frantically at a girl.

The girl had disheveled hair and was wearing an off-white skirt, and the fluffy skirt was dirty.

She stepped on the ground barefoot, her snow-white jade feet in stark contrast to the dark ground.

Although the girl’s hands are tied, she has a weapon in her hand, and the black muzzle is aimed at the man.

The man was not worried at all, even provocative: “Can you shoot? Do you dare?”

I speak English and are foreigners.

The man pointed to his chest, laughed and encouraged the girl: “Come on, hit here, can you aim? Would you like me to teach you hahahaha…”

He believed that the girl would not dare to shoot the first time.

So don’t be afraid at all.


The bullet passed between the eyebrows of the somewhat arrogant man, the mockery and arrogance in his eyes were frozen, and his body slowly fell backwards.

The lead-grey sky covered his entire pupil, and it was endlessly suppressed.

The man’s body on the ground twitched a few times, and the color of his eyes gradually faded.


Deathly silence.

The girl who fired the gun licked her chapped lips, and glanced at the surprised and shocked men and women around her, her lips slightly opened: “He made me shoot.”

Everyone: “!!!”

Why do you say such things so calmly!

Murder! !

“Song Mi…” A girl called her in a trembling voice: “Kill… kill, you kill.”

The girl looked at the girl calmly, “I am in self-defense, he is not dead, we all have to die.”

As soon as these words came out, no one refuted them.

Someone looks to the other side.

Over there lay a young man about the same age as them, with a large piece of blood splattered under him, forming a small pool of blood.

They had just seen the murderer kill their comrade.

He would really kill them…

In the chaos of the murderer killing their colleagues just now, Song Mi somehow grabbed the gun dropped by the murderer…

Song Mi is none other than Hua Wu.

Hua Wu felt that the other party invited her to do it, and it would be a fool not to do it.

And she doesn’t like being a fool.

Huawu’s first script got the stereotyped entertainment stand-in terrier.

The main story is about Song Mi, who is the heroine, who is used by the hero as Bai Yueguang’s stand-in. The heroine is repeatedly abused by the hero, and continues to transform and grow. In the end, she has a good harvest in her career and love, and she is in love with the hero. The ending showbiz love story.

The problem now is that the male protagonist’s white moonlight has been worn.

Bai Yueguang, who could only be a tool man~IndoMTL.com~, wants to hug the male protagonist’s thigh and eat back.

So the female protagonist’s stand-in is miserable.

Not only was abused by the male lead, but also abused by Bai Yueguang.

Huawu’s expression is probably the same as the old man in the subway looking at his mobile phone.

Then came out her first thought – being a heroine is so dangerous!

Her name is Song Mi now. She is a professional actress. She is currently hovering in the 18th line and is expected to enter the 17th line.

This time I was filming abroad, but I didn’t expect to meet two murderers, hijack their car, and bring them to this abandoned castle.

One of the murderers was in a state of madness, and he took pleasure in torturing them without money.

In the original plot, Song Mi, the heroine, will naturally not die, but several of her colleagues will die.

She survived by luck, but after returning, she became the center of public opinion.

It was said that she survived, in exchange for other people’s lives, all kinds of rumors spread.

The shadow of the death of her peers, and facing these public opinions, made Song Mi dare not face the camera again, and even going out became a difficult thing.

And the planner of the whole thing is Bai Yueguang, the male protagonist.

Bai Yueguang made the heroine nervous, and kept fighting, causing the hero and heroine to have a quarrel, and finally succeeded in eating the grass.

The heroine finally got old and miserable.

The male protagonist is gone, his career is gone, and the whole person is gone.

————Written in front of the words————

1. Kuai Chuanwen, the heroine.

2. The plot is only for the heroine and has no logic. Please click the cross automatically when you see your own thunder.

3. Please don’t point fingers at my character.

4. Those who like it are welcome, and those who don’t like it are destined to see you again, please don’t hurt.


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