PUBG – Ultimate Upgrade System Chapter 1: Kill the upgrade system


When she woke up, Su Nan became one of countless transmigrators.

Traveling to this parallel world, I feel very familiar, similar to the world I lived in before, but many details have changed.

Many celebrities and stars in my memory are not the same, but some well-known companies and products, such as Coca-Cola, are still the same.

All in all, this is a world that is both familiar and unfamiliar.

“Why don’t I just play the game for a while, what about it?”

It’s been a few days since I came to this world, and now I think about the things I’ve transmigrated, and I’m still confused and have a headache.

Okay, why did you pass through?

Picking up a mirror that she would not normally use, Su Nan glanced at this unfamiliar face. To be honest, it was quite handsome. Men would want to know men, let alone women.

Su Nan from another world dreamed of such looks, but now that she has it, she doesn’t feel excited, but a little melancholy.

Because the owner of this body is nothing but handsome.

After the journey, Su Nan’s memory merged with him. Naturally, Su Nan knew what happened before.

This person is also called Su Nan. The two have the same name. Perhaps this is also an invisible fate.

His grades are quite average. He was admitted to a third-class university. He is honest and responsible. His father failed in business and owed a lot of foreign debts.

There is another younger sister who is going to school. He has been going to college in recent years with student loans. Although there is no interest, he has to pay it back after graduation.

What’s more unfortunate is that, just a few days after I found a new job, I had a car accident. I was hit by a food delivery motorcycle on a motorcycle. I was driving without a license.

That is, when there was a car accident that day, something unexpected happened, and Su Nan also crossed over to him.

It cost thousands of yuan for examination and treatment in the hospital, and it was borrowed by a good friend. Otherwise, where would Su Nan get the money, it is not easy to live alone.

The company didn’t give him such a long leave, so he was fired directly, and he didn’t even get paid, because he had not officially signed a labor contract.

In other words, Su Nan is now unemployed, relying on his few savings, sitting on the mountain.

The key point is that his legs and feet have not fully recovered, and he still has some inconvenience to move, and he cannot go out to find work.

“Hey, Xiao Su, do you still plan to rent my house?”

Suddenly, the old cell phone rang, and when I saw that the caller ID was the landlord’s number, I had a headache.

The rent was due yesterday, but Su Nan didn’t have the money to pay it. Obviously, this was a phone call to urge the rent.

Su Nan can only explain: “Landlord, my salary has not been paid yet. Please give me two days of grace, and I will give you these two days.”

“Alright then, I’ll give you two more days, and it’s not easy to see you come out to work.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Nan was really sad, and it was another place where money was needed. It was really hard to have no money.

“It’s hard, can you send it back to me, I beg you, I promise not to play games in the future, and be a good person.”

Su Nan sighed, the beginning of this time-travel was simply hellish difficulty.

It’s too difficult to travel to a person who has no house, no savings, no woman.

The key still has a large amount of foreign debt, and he is unable to work for a short period of time, which is indeed a headache.

To put it bluntly, I still have no money. If I live a good life, I will cross over.

Before Su Nan was in another world, she was not considered a rich second-generation, but she also had no worries about food and clothing. Her parents worked in public institutions, with stable jobs and good benefits.

At least he has a house, a car, and everything at home, and his work can be arranged for him. It’s just that he is lazy, likes to play games, and has never been doing his job properly.

Thinking about it now, I was really in the midst of blessings and didn’t know my blessings. Now, are I going to punish myself?

Su Nan also accepted the fact of the time-travel. At the same time, he also knew that since he came, he might not be able to go back.

After all, traversal is a small probability event, it is quite difficult to appear once, how can it continue to appear.

And with Su Nan in this world, the soul and body have been perfectly integrated, and Su Nan must live well.

The top priority is to make money as soon as possible. Ordinary jobs are definitely not good. He has no work experience and earns two or three thousand dollars a month.

This is a common phenomenon, and it is not a charity that runs a company.

I don’t know if there is a place like the White Horse Club in this world, but I’ll look back and ask. With such a good face and a good figure, a rich woman might like this type.

But the inconvenience of legs and feet affects the ability to do things, and I am afraid that people will not be satisfied.

“Te Niang’s, someone who has crossed over is either a rich second generation, or has a system, or his woman can’t afford to offend anyone. What the **** is wrong with me, I don’t play like this.”

Su Nan spit out.

After crossing, doesn’t it all mean that it’s a great start?

“PUBG Mobile’s kill upgrade system is being bound…”

“Fuck, who???”

Su Nan was startled. Who is talking? It was a woman’s voice. It sounded like the same thing.

I’ve been single for a long time, and when I hear a woman’s voice, I feel pretty.

“PUBG Mobile’s kill upgrade system is being bound…”

The voice is still repeating in my mind, and it sounds more Nan is sure that something unexpected happened, and there is such a thing as a system. It seems that this thing is really It’s standard for traversers.

Su Nan, who was already mentally broken down, suddenly rekindled hope for the future. Anyway, with the system, it should not be bad.

Before I crossed, I didn’t read novels less often. With the addition of the system, I heard that trash can take off. In the future, any beautiful school flowers will not be able to get money, fame and fortune.

“The PUBG Kill upgrade system is successfully bound!”

The binding process is not very fast, it took several minutes before the binding was successful.

Su Nan waited for a while, and then became a little speechless, thinking what the **** is this system, the binding is successful, why is there no sound, and I hope it will communicate with it.

At the very least, let me know what is the use of your system.

“System, system…”

Su Nan shouted twice, like a rock sinking into the sea, no one answered.

At this moment, in front of Su Nan, an attribute panel appeared, full of technology.

Host: Su Nan

Age: 22

Level: 0

Experience: 0/100

Items: None

Account Balance: 0

Taking a look at the properties panel, I found that the data on it is a bit embarrassing, most of which are zero.

The key is that he started at level 0. According to his experience in playing games, he also had to start at level 1 in black. This is indeed a bit worrying.

A half-understood view of the properties panel does not give detailed instructions.

However, Su Nan also knows that since the name of the system carries PUBG, it must have something to do with this relatively popular game.


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