PUBG – Ultimate Upgrade System Chapter 2: Airport landing



Of course, he is no stranger to the game PUBG Mobile, also known as eating chicken. In another world, he is addicted to this game and cannot extricate himself from it.


This world also has this game, and it is very popular. It is a national-level game. Men, women and children are playing it. Compared with another world, it is much more popular.


But in this world, the professional players, popular streamers, etc. that Su Nan knew before, no longer exist.


Like someone who dropped the arrow and picked up the 98K GodV, the popular player 17shou, and the 29 people who killed chickens are all gone.


It was replaced by others. Su Nan was a very unfamiliar professional player and a popular streamer. All in all, they were basically the same.


There are still plug-ins. To a certain extent, it affects everyone’s enthusiasm for the game, but it can’t stop the popularity of this game.


However, according to his memory, Su Nan in this world has hardly played games. He and Su Nan in another world are two extremes.


At present, I have nothing, and the role of the system does not seem to be displayed.


Su Nan felt that she had to try it out. When she played the game, she might know the specific use of this system.


The problem is that to play games, you have to go to places like Internet cafes.


I only own a laptop. When I bought it, it cost more than 3,000 yuan. The configuration is quite general, and I bought it when I was in college. It has been several years. Chicken up.


As we all know, the game PUBG Mobile has high requirements for computer performance.


Su Nan also doesn’t have the money to buy a high-end computer, so he can only go to an Internet cafe to play a couple of them. Now that he is in a poor situation, he has to think twice about going to an Internet cafe.


He has been in this world for a few days, and he has never played games. He was so confused and in a bad situation when he first came to this world that he was not in the mood to play games.


Now that the system is added, in order to quickly know the function of the system, Su Nan must act.


Su Nan is also quite clear that if he wants to change his destiny, then he must use this system. After all, it is a system, and it should not be garbage.


I went to the Internet cafe, and I paid 30 yuan to a member, and 20 yuan was given away, and the member surfed the Internet for 5 yuan for an hour.


Generally speaking, the world’s price level and income level are similar to the one I was in before. No matter in all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation, the housing prices are also surprisingly high.


After turning on a computer, Su Nan found out that he didn’t even have a game account, so he had to spend money to buy it, so he could only pay 98 yuan through gritted teeth.


For the current Su Nan, this is already a huge sum of money.


Log in to the game, get an ID for yourself, Su Nan quickly matches, and the single-player mode quickly enters the Quality Plaza.


The first game I played was the familiar island map. This map was the one that Su Nan played the most.


For the first one, look for the feel first, so as not to fall into a box.


The noise in the quality square became a mess:


“If it’s sold out, it’s sold out, don’t need 998, just 98, and you’ll be happy at home.”


“If you sell it, kill the horse first, and use the whole family hearse to drift.”


“With all due respect, everyone in this room is trash. If you have one, just jump at the airport and just shoot with me, and you will be called the king of guns.”


“A group of mentally retarded people, let’s see how Dad abuses you later.”




It was really boring to listen to, so Su Nan turned off all the voices, and boarded the plane to parachute after dozens of seconds.


After researching the route, it happened to be a route that just passed the airport and flew through the middle of the airport.


The airport, also known as the military base, is a very popular place in the game, and it is also a big resource point. The resources inside are very rich, and it has always been a battleground for military strategists.


Even if it is not a route close to the airport, there are probably many people, not to mention the route that just happened to pass through.


I don’t really like Su Nan’s style before


Su Nan generally avoids places with many people such as airports, P city, and schools.


It’s not bad to adopt a vulgar development method, find a remote place to play wild, and be a quiet Voldemort or something. If you are lucky, you can make it to the finals all the way.


The main reason is that the level is poor. If you jump to a place with many people, it is estimated that it will easily fall into a box.


Many times, it’s a skydiving game.


However, she just came to this world, and Su Nan intends to practice her hand and play wildly.


If you kill one, you will get your money back, if you kill two, you will earn money. If you kill one, you will quit the game, without wasting time.


Not to mention, Su Nan’s hand speed in exiting the game is simply unparalleled.


Facing the map, when she felt about the same, Su Nan pressed the F key, jumped out of the plane, and flew towards the yellow dot he marked.


Even if he jumped the parachute so many times, Su Nan’s distance control was not very good. When he landed quickly, he found that many people had already landed.


Su Nan’s goal was Building C, but now there are people on the top of the building, and there are more than one.


People picked up the gun first. No matter how strong your skills are, it is useless. Luck is also important.


So Su Nan made a decisive decision, landed directly, pushed the door and rushed into a building, and went straight to the second floor. Su Nan estimated that there were people in this building.


This route is too close to the airport, and there are too many people jumping here. Su Nan glanced at it casually. There were about a dozen parachutes flying during the skydive, and the sky was pitch black.




Just as I was going upstairs, I heard the sound of bullets being fired. I am afraid that the battle outside is still relatively fierce, and there are dangers everywhere.


Went upstairs to the first room and found a green hat, no matter what, just pick it up on your and five bandages.


“Yes, I finally have a gun.”


In this room, Su Nan finally found a gun, a shotgun S686, known as the equality of all living beings.


The existence of melee is very buggy, and there is even a bit of metaphysics. Sometimes you wear a third-level armor, maybe you will be taken away in an instant.


Anyway, as long as you let me be close to you, I will be shot twice. If you hit you, you will die. If you miss it, then I will die.


By the way, I picked up the 12-caliber bullet on the ground and started to load and pull the bolt. If you have a gun, you will have a lot of confidence.


Continue the search in the next room. Luckily, I found an AKM with 30 rounds of 7.62mm bullets, as well as submachine gun clips and the like, which are useless.


Su Nan doesn’t like the AKM gun very much. He always feels that the bullets are erratic. To put it bluntly, the gun pressing technique is not in place.


Anything is better than nothing. After picking it up, it can be regarded as having two guns in hand, with a certain ability to kill.




At this moment, Su Nan heard footsteps. He was not at his level, but the sound of footsteps was so obvious that he definitely knew someone was coming.


At the end of the stairs, a man rushed up, with a fancy second-level head on his head, and Su Nan happened to see it.


Su Nan directly raised his hand with AK, opened the scope to aim, gave no chance at all, and shot with a burst of fire, there was no problem in hitting at such a close distance.


“Sunan666 used AKM to kill bajidakuangfeng.”


In the upper right corner of the game, a line of tips begins to appear.


At the same time, on Su Nan’s system interface, a line of small words flashed “Congratulations to the host, killing ordinary players and gaining 100 experience points.”



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